How To Make Money as a Teenager in High School With An iPhone! Learn how to make money as a teenager in high school with an iPhone from a kid who make $300,000 while attending school with just his iPhone. This is great story on how to make money fast as a teenager in high school. He has appeared on, Bloomberg & Fox Business & now he shares his money making secrets to help others achieve success.

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Justin Peterson says:

Go to college! Take business finance classes! You will be much happier and won’t lose a ton of money due to lack of knowledge and scams!!
He got lucky. This is not typical. You need a real education!

Michael Parks says:

This is .. weird. Lol for serious knowledge, feel free to check put my channel or message me on IG: itsMichaelParks

KPSodalist Fire says:

First of all penny stocks are very volatile you can be next day bankrupt because they are solid companies and have a small market capital.

Naga Chand says:

*_What a facilitating system. This four percent program is quite a treasure to be desired by any online marketer who wish to make it big >>> _**_**_ . This is what I’ve been looking for all these years. Thank God I came across this._*

WolfieJoy says:

Well i am 16, and living in Oklahoma
can’t i make account by myself at this age? or do i have to be 18?

Sam Andrews says:

All you taught me was that you’re rich and got a website

Tommaso Colvara says:

Where do you trade penny stocks?

MearMan123 says:

I feel like this is one of those grow you dick commercials with that relatable story bullshit

JasonRR7 says:

For Fucks sake, is there anyone that genuinely teaches how to earn money without selling your soul?

S Singh says:

from where do you buy and sell penny stocks online?

Marc Fernando says:

I failed at stocks because I used an Android phone.

Haitham Bendania says:

isnt selling penny stocks at a high price illegal or somethn

skatersridge says:

okay come on dont be so stupid to believe these videos online. if you actually wanna learn dont learn from some highschool kid you can watch martin shkreli lessons just type “martin shkreli finance lesson 1” into youtube. also dont go into real stock market if you cant do well in virtual simulator on investopedia . com

Jayced Up says:

you got 330 k in the bank and still gotta sell courses? hmm

Max Slater says:

*Even a dummy will not pass through this system without turning to a pro in no distant time >>> **** . Thank you so much for such excellent teachings on this program. I am very much impressed.*

Afshq oiuwerh says:

what is name of the boy?

Ronda Blair says:

Generating income online is quite tough. Are you still searching for a good possibility? Google “sutu good plan” and try to discover everything that’s on their site. This website provides expert training resources to help you produce a real achievement of your online business.

Brilliant Mechanics says:

Scambag. He earns through selling his tips for $147 and $247 per month and not by trading. If he is a millionaire, then why would he ask for money to share his tips? Fucking SCAMBAG

TEST S says:

I need help I would explain everything if anyone would! I’m n bankruptcy and on the edge of becoming homeless I’ve applied for food stamps and unemployment I have yet to get any money from the government! I lost my job 2 weeks ago I’m begging really please help me anyone

KPSodalist Fire says:

Penny stocks: Buy it and the next day it’s probably gone. Good companies:Buy it and 50 years later it’s still there.

Skizzims123 says:

Each time a person clicks that link, he gets money.

Somak Sawhney says:


Gently Rustveld says:

pls kill yourself

Tyler De Tata says:

Affiliate marketing

HD Official Gamer says:

I am 15 too and this video looks very scammy.

Rip says:

Ramapo New York?

Noel Wani says:

how the fuck can you make money on penny stocks. last time i checked *it cost 2 pennies to make 1 penny*

Will Helton says:

how do you come across your stocks?

Dima 44 says:

Good thing I read the comments before watching the video. Sounds like a bunch of bs so I’m not gonna watch it.

WAW Network says:

penny stocks are illegal. why the hell would I take your advice? so I head to jail before I turn 18?

Zerox Vision says:

I’ll sub anyone, who sub me, like and comments. Thanks!

Kelly Lukeshi says:

Keep up that spirit… You can go further than that

jos vermeulen says:

With people like you I really believe that there is maybe an another way than only studying and be like my parents

Benjamin Hunter says:

Where can u buy stocks

Theo Warrender says:

As soon as he said penny stocks I immediately thought of Wolf of Wall Street.

Cooper Lee says:

Do you live in New Jersey

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