How To Make Money As A Twitch Affiliate

The Twitch Affiliate program is a great way to earn an extra side income. But how do you actually make money as a Twitch affiliate? I’m going to tell you how I earn a few thousand a month as part of Twitch’s affiliate program.





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How To Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age by Dale Carnegie

Never Eat Alone…and Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time by Keith Ferrazzi

Primal branding: Create Zealots for your Brand, Your Company, and Your Future by Patrick Hanlon



The Webaround Green Screen:
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The Webaround Demo video:

The Webaround Founder Interview:

Adobe Lightroom for photo editing:

Later Instagram Photo Scheduler:


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My name is Ashnichrist. I have livestreamed on Twitch since 2012 and was full-time for 6 months, then I jumped into YouTube in October 2017. My content centers around helping streamers learn the knowledge that I spent thousands of hours accumulating. I live in Austin TX and it’s hot af always. Also, puppies.




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DarkRoseJr- says:

I’m a starting streamer I stream fortnite my twitch is DarkkRosejr

Video Games and Other Vices says:

I am very new to twitch and I’ve been passively watching these tutorial videos. This had a lot of good info, thanks

Schmeeno 24 says:

I just started streaming today and I loved it thx sooooo much for helping me. (I’m not just in it for the money I promise)

Astral 7ight / Astral Light 911 says:

*Please Read:* When one “sells their soul”, it means that they agreed for the Illuminati to use a clone of them at the cloning centers for sex (or whatever) while they’re asleep in exchange for fame and fortune. In addition, some have “sold out” and joined the Illuminati (even YouTubers and Twitch streamers) to receive benefits at the cloning centers (e.g. being able to have sex with celebrities as clones) and/or benefits in real life (e.g. money and fame).

*Illuminati Secrets:* Human Cloning, Cloning Centers, Vril Lizards, Parasited Hosts of Vril (aka “Drones”), Chipheads and the Soulstone Microchip.

*Blog:* Astral7ight . blogspot . com *YouTube:* YouTube . com /Astral7ight *Facebook:* Facebook . com /AstralLight21 *Twitter:* Twitter . com /AstralLightDM *Instagram:* Instagram . com /Astral7ight *Tumblr:* AstralWorld . tumblr . com *Google+:* plus . google . com /u/0/112191554280296655435

J'struestories says:

I keep watching to keep me focused on that affiliate goal. You make great content!

Jephias Bushman says:

You’re awesome thank you so much

Grindhead Jim says:

THANK YOU for citing the differences between donations and tips. Thank Hew.

Sherwood football says:

Hi thanks

NeonFilmsTV says:

just started streaming like 4-5 days ago and spent 39 hours into it and i got 12 followers and friends watching my stream in the back helps ALOT. almost half of those followers are from actual people which is good. My average views are 2.22.

Keith Wheeler Books says:

Amazing content, Ashni! Dale L Roberts told me about how amazing you were and he was right!

I’d love to see a video on how to sell things on Twitch without coming off as a used car salesman. Keep up the amazing content!!!!

Davo the Sage says:

Ya know. I’ve been wanting to create an informational product or SOMETHING to sell on the side to generate a little passive income. I’m just having a hard time nailing down what knowledge I have that people would be willing to pay for lol Like I’ve got ideas, but I have no real way of knowing if there’s a market for it. Once I can figure that out I’d be more willing to buckle down and actually make a product.

make money says:

Do not waste your time in nothing,do easy tasks and win for them, I invite you to work, you will not regret, register from the link to get 3$

Katrina Smith says:

I would like tips on selling on Twitch! I love building a community, but being able to share my business passions with them is something I want to do without being “spammy” or just another sales person.

GingerPichu says:

Less Than Three YOU ALL <3

Nononom12 says:

Yall got a discord?

Attack on Games says:

I have been struggling trying to sell stuff on Twitch so I hope you do make a video about that soon <3

Anthony B says:


Adrian Charlie says:

Thanks for delivering great content!

AlbShadoW says:

I’m so excited about starting a streaming.

Nadiahardcandy says:

I’m really close to reaching affiliate thanks to the yam fam. I just need to meet my follower goal! but otherwise im almost there ^_^

KMAs Korner says:

That was funny… buy more games… yee! Nice editing there also… looks at Rook : )

btw… I would rather have 5 core community peoples than a 100 followers. Those people who stay in your community are soooooooooooo important!

TaylorSwiftUKnow says:

Hey my peeps! Help me reach affiliate!!!! If you’re interested in FPS games I’ll be doing a Bo4 Beta Giveaway @ 69 Followers & 150 Followers! Simply follow and I’ll announce the winner LIVE! Thanks guys, and if you’re streaming FPS I’ll follow back! 🙂

LightAndMagicGaming says:

Ever since I am affiliate (since summer 2016) I am having a really hard time having subscribers and then not being able to stream or give them something back because of my bad health or stressful real life. I need to watch this video 100 times to realize, deeply realize, that they do not give it for the future but for what I did already. They told me that too, but it is one thing I keep stressing myself about… to a point that I wanted to tear my affiliate contract up 10 times at least.

The Awesomeautisticgamer says:

Ya a new video as I promise here’s a comment from the steed of gameing

a sampler says:

Fucking roasties.

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