How To Make Money As An Amazon Affiliate Without A Website

It is possible to make money as an Amazon Affiliate without a website. In this video, I’m going to show you exactly how that’s possible by showing how I did it myself. Don’t let not having a website be an excuse to hold you back. Be an Amazon Affiliate without a website!


Twane & Melissa To Eternity says:

Doesn’t add up to your title. You didn,t tell us how to sign up and by pass the step that asks for a website to get your account..!!!

William McCusker says:

Hi Keegan can you please give the name of the website that you mention in this video? My audio is bad and I can’t make out the name thanks

johnnielawson says:

Interesting video, I was particularly taken by your honesty in showing a small turnover for the three months. I do believe for most of us it will be small amounts but as you infer it all adds up over time. Fingers in many pies online is the way forward for me unless I suddenly find a gold mine in one of those pies.

A question for you, how did you get to be accepted as an affiliate with amazon without being able to fill in a web address in their application.


samuel Chukwuocha says:

Good video Mr. Keegan, please how can i get your email address. I need more tutorials and a few quetions i want to ask. Thanks.

Eli Laguna says:

2 questions is there a possibility to make at least $300 a week as a Amazon affiliate and does this strategy requires a lot of time from your time spending

Luis Sousa says:

Hi Keegan, great video! One question, how can you be approved on amazon affiliate program without a website? I tried and they demand a website. Any advice will be appreciated xD

Abdul Rehman says:

this is probably the first video i’ve watched about affiliate marketing that makes sense.. thanks !

Matej Slivar says:

i Got 11€ in 2days

bigbangzGaming says:

thank you for not tryng to sell us crap on here

Attitude Queen Music says:

but the affiliate form want a website… what to put in that box… the box want website URL.

Carlos Miguel says:

They don’t let me become an affiliate without a website.

Angelica Farris says:

*This really excites me to the fullest. I can’t wait to see the income rolling in huge returns [**** ]. The best so far. Thank you so much.*

Nilanjan Sen says:

Absolute crap

Viral Videos says:

I have got a very huge money in my Amazon affiliate account how will I get to transfer that money to my bank account

Matej Slivar says:

inposible you need website And alot od daly visitor i had a website And stolp Got denied because i have not enough visitor


I’m confused as to how yu don’t need a website for amazon affiliate. I didn’t realize you had to until I set it up. I just want to post links on my videos and on my social media platforms but amazon terms of secure say a website is required. please tell me how you actually get around it because you didn’t say squat on Tha.

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