How To Make Money As An Upcoming Hip-Hop Artist

Link To Blog Post ►► — Making money as an upcoming hip-hop artist is every rapper’s dream. Although it may seem complicated, it’s very simple at its core. In this video, we’re going to talk about how to make money as an upcoming hip-hop artist.

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Fancy Kingz Music says:

thanks bro

Philip Upchurch says:


Freddie Julee says:

Hey man i really enjoy your videos and i like what your doing but I have one question in regards to this one. So you said that I should make music to build my audience, not to sell the music itself. So would you not recommend buying a beat full price exclusive at a beginner stage, even if i think it may be a hit. Because say the beat is 1,000 and plus studio time and engineering and etc. I shouldn’t even try to sell it right now just allow it to be strictly for free? or maybe allow it to be like say on soundcloud and then also on a website they can buy the song as well?

Tevin Ammons says:

I don’t know if this actually helps artist learn how to make money. To me it kinda sounded like make a good product for your audience, and the rest will take care of itself. What do we do once we have the product? Do we try to get paid doing shows, sell to advertisement? How do we know where to go? Just a little more direction would’ve be useful.

Toni Hustle says:

loving the info you got my support stay in touch

Jsalmz says:

Very much appreciated! As always!

hosbenfartin says:

damn I’m broke as a joke and looking for my talent to solve that, but I just don’t know how to get to the point to monetize my audience

KT RASTA says:

I watch yo videos as a form of inspiration and to enlighten myself with the free knowledge you give out on a regular basis. Shout out from Chicago bro #Salute – KT Rasta

John Smith says:

What the fuck r u even sayin???

Bruce Wayne says:

wow dude you spoke exactly what I’ve been thinking because I want to get on and start a clothing line

Kodak Black says:

Good video

Isaiah G says:

What would you sell music on?

benjamin graham says:

Thanks for the info

Official ReyX says:

You’re a lot of help man.

Team Cpaper says:

awesome video

Dustin Taylor says:

much love as always my man!

Do It All Ent says:

been watching you since day 1… keep spreading the gospel, a lot of unsigned artist will thank you one day!!!

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