How To Make Money Drop shipping on Amazon – Earn Up To $10,000 Monthly 2016

Hi guys, I will be showing you how to earn up to $10,000 a month drop shipping on amazon. This is the best method in making money fast online if you;re new. if you are getting started making money online I would highly recommend this method, no effort at all.


Nar Hyper Game says:

Awesome video! Do I need a business permit or an LLC to do dropshipping?

KJ Just Chillin says:

Which software do you use to keep track of the stock levels with suppliers?

Teo De Jesus says:


Mohammad Khan says:

NEED HELP!! I have a question you see the example your showing for Drop shipping a fan. Lets say the fans that your sourcing through a drop shipper is not listed on Amazon then I dont think Amazon allows you to create your own listing without UPC’s (isnt it?) if not then we are pretty much left with what ever products we see we put ours under their listing through which we dont get buy box, etc. HOW do i buypass that. THANKS LOAD FOR YOUR INFORMATION BRO

David Doten says:
when amazon sees your tracking number is from china, they may shut down your account right? since the tos for amazon dropshipping is against 3rd party dropshipping right? “Examples of drop shipping that is not permitted:

Purchasing products from another online retailer and having that retailer ship directly to customers; or
Shipping orders with packing slips, invoices, or other information indicating a seller name or contact information other than your own.
Failure to comply with these requirements may result in the suspension or removal of your selling privileges.”

Ugur Sahin says:

Hi Kevin, Is Google Adwords free tool to use?

jonnyboat2 says:

How do you handle product returns from customers?

Philipp Klinkner says:

great content! Which browser plugin do you use to get more information on Amazon?


F.E.W.S Fashion says:

how do you deal with the long shipment?

Gue Thao says:

With the competitive FBA market on Amazon third party dropshipping is almost useless. Not saying that it’s not possible when you have items no one else has but with prime shipping people rarely order from non FBA listings. Just from my observation.

Vince says:

I have a some question after watching this video, I would really appreciate it if you can answer my questions

1) When I sell an item on amazon, then I have to go to aliexpress and buy that item and give them the address of the customer that bought from me on Amazon righ? But my main concern is when the customer receives the item, He/She will see that item is shipped from china with name of the aliexpress seller from China. My customer won”t see my name at all. Is that how it works?

2)Is it ok to put a Chinese Carrier tracking number on Amazon or Ebay.

Siddhant Seth says:

Hey buddy. After we find a product to sell should we sell the product by “Add a listing” or should we go to the product page and Click on “sell this item”. Please help, I’m really confused

Javier Casillas says:

i heard people get kicked off because of this how can you avoid that?

mykayla garrison says:

Great video! When you dropship on Amazon do you have to provide amazon with tracking info? I hear they are really strict. Also, do you use FBA on Amazon as well?

rondaygo says:

Hey, great video. I would like to get started in the drop shipping business, but I got a question. On Dhgate or aliexpress, it says minimum orders. How can I order just the individual order without the minium quantity? Thanks, Ron.

How TO says:

when do i dropshipping on ebay form amazon so what can i do with amazon logo and package price?

22kimita says:

Kevin, you have by far the most informative videos. I subscribed and will be back with questions. Thank you for your excellent videos!!!

Iam Dawton says:

Hey Man, if you dropship than how do you get review? Because without review its tough to compete on Amazon’ your reply is much appreciated’

Cristinamontece Cristinamontece says:

On your example with the sunglasses, and in general.. Not sure if I understood, but when the customer buys my item from my Amazon, you place the order from Aliexpress and provide your customers address?. So the item is shipped from China, am I correct?. If so… How can you trust the wholesaler from Aliexpress will actually be reliable?…

Christian Cornel says:

The sunglasses are shipped form China, aren’t they? 03:59
How long it takes?
do the products get tax import ?
Please someone explain to me.

RB says:

Hi Kevin, will you be making a course on dropshipping with shopify and aliexpress? Thanks.

Coach Frank Lind says:

Kevin, if I find a lower priced item on a Wal-mart site, and I post it on Amazon. Once someone buys it, do I have buy the product personally then ship it to my customer? Am I paying for the product? Also, does Amazon do direct deposit into my personal account?

Nitish Bhardwaj says:

hey bro can you help me getting a amazon account of USA

Minhaj Uddin says:

What do you do if say you have already sent the order out from ali express which is then dispatched and after a day or 2 the customer wants a refund?

Amy Wemmer says:

kevin, can you take questions?

Ryan Rodriguez says:

What happens if you have 1,000+ sales? Does it eat up your whole day constantly going between Shopify to Amazon? Is there a way to automate this process or cut yourself out of the equation?

TheNuke03 says:

so what happens when they actually get their package which they ordered from Amazon with Aliexpress stamp on it? People will be pissed and annoyed that they had to wait so long for shitty product which will give you fkload of negative reviews

Vibe Cool Healthy Matt says:

Thanks for video, I would like to have a duplicatable system, still not clear yet, if I can do it all on/with amazon, and then fulfilled by supplier

John West says:

so i have to pay 40$ a month on amazon for an account to sell?

Rashiqa Abdussamad says:

Great Video, and thanks for sharing the valuable information.
Question: In the example when you found the table fan of Honeywell on Amazon, you did not find the exact same but the similar close one. However you cannot put the one on DHgate under Honeywell listing, but you need to create your own new listing for the product you found on DHgate. Now when you do that, Amazon asks you a very important information which is called a UPC number without which you cannot proceed to the next step. I have checked from these seller and they do not provide you with the UPC code of the product they are selling. How do you propose to resolve this issue ?
Thanks 🙂

Mohammad Khan says:

Hi can any one tell me how to create your own listing when it comes to drop shipping, cuz amazon will only allow you to create your own listing when you have upc(unique product code) And if the same products exist then am I am only able to post under the existing products. Is there anyway?

Sunar Yadi says:

Thanks for your video,
I am new and I want to practice sell item in amazon, but I see in amazon I should pay 39.99 a month it is right?

Amy Wemmer says:

how do you handle returns?

David K says:

Where to fine items to sell when doing fba?

F.E.W.S Fashion says:

Do you have a professional account or individual?

loveandbuy again says:

i wanted to do this but i have no money to invest to send the products so sadly had to go to bonanza

K E L .L O says:

Cool video bro…quick question, are you buying inventory? or are you buying the item from the sale and having the supplier ship the product? if so when you sale on amazon what are you using for a tracking number?

Oliver Green says:

what about shipping times and packaging quality. don’t want bad revuews

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