How To Make Money Dropshipping On ebay STEP BY STEP 2016

Please enjoy this tutorial. If you need help with dropshipping please comment below or visit my channel for more helpful content.

Excel spreadsheet :

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Justin Castleman says:

If I have 2000 listing on eBay, that I plan on drop shipping. How can I track my inventory for listing on eBay, to make sure there available or to know if the price hasn’t went up?

GamingwithTZ says:

Hey i have a question i am trying to drop ship but i have no money in paypal? can i still start?

slav stojic says:

please answer I’m stuck on how much tax to charge i live in the US and want to dropship items from China back in the US, how does that tax play in this?

محمد القدوسي للتقنية says:

basically i want to ask if Dropshipping is still allowed on ebay? and what about labelling

Dan Harville Jr. says:

The information seems to be good… BUT… PLEASE Slow down and pronounce your words clearly… it’s exhausting listening to you slur your words and not even complete other words.

maskenmakkan says:

Lol i got “scammed” this way, I bought a thing online for 9 dollars and I was hoping it would come in like 2-3 days. After I paid everything I read the description and it says “shipping time 2-4 weeks”
I could order it for 2 dollars instead and still have the same shipping time so i am kinda pissed right now

asahel lopez says:

I need to start doing this can you help me over skype or something please

Auto Apteka says:

I think you’ve made a mistake in a spreadsheet. Fees have to be calculating from selling price not buying.

Carlos Mendoza says:

if someone buys an item from you on ebay and your buying from aliexpress all u have to do is pit the buyers addres when you buy the item from aliexpress after that how do you recieve a payment

Thai Tastic says:

spreadsheet has been deleted from server!!!!

Emmanuel Achudume says:

Hello please can any one teach me on how to make money on ebay

Erwin Alfaro says:

how can I sign in up in Google adwords if I don’t have website?

fgbowen says:

15.49 – so far this video is excellent – you’re going a little fast, but your information is outstanding!!! ( :

(as a side note – since google has messed up the comments section – I probably won’t hear back from you about my comment here – but no worries – I just wanted to say you’re doing great!!!) ( :

GrowProsper Entrepreneurs says:

so when dropping shipping will i be paying to aliexpress or does the money go direct to aliexpress

Best eBay Dropshipping Software says:

Great video, very helpful

nikolozi chikvaia says:

can i drop ship from etsy to ebay ?

wesal pardes says:

NOTE: @15:20min of your video your calculation is wrong. It needs to be calculated on sold price=(d2*0.13)+0.30 transaction charge on paypal.

Caleb AdaMs says:

do you have to have money to start doing this or do they buy it you get it in your PayPal you buy the item and ship it to there address from whatever website you buy it from?

JCingz says:

paypal asks for a shipping invoice and postage reciept but aliexpress doesn’t give it how do post the item if i cant get the funds to post it

Bogdan Caradima says:

please explain me how payment on ebay(or other) works. if somebody press “buy” , the mony will drow in my ebay account and after that i have to contact my seller, buy the “thing” and tell him to send the “thing” to my costumer addres?…

Moon Child says:

Do I need to make my paypal account a business account or personal???

Christian Angelo Nilsén says:

ePacket says 12 to 20 days, why do you say less than a week to the US?

Jordy K says:

Hey, very nice video man. One quick question. As a non-US resident living in Canada do you have to pay taxes once you reach the set amount to start paying them?

Thai Tastic says:

sell whats in demand, if you do know the product get to know it, its all about supply and demand

Vanand says:

Should I inform the seller that I will dropship their item on ebay?? Is it necesary

Swift says:

my question is if your a usa seller and you sell and item and then your having it shipped from china how do you change the shipping to China cause when I try this it won’t let me change the location to China it keeps using my location

Make Money Online From Home says:

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William Phan says:

Do you offer returns?

AmosLian says:

Wait so to ship from the website(s) to the customers you use your actual money at first? or is there a way to use their money to order it for them? idk if I make sense but thanks.

rainbowsix siege says:

i found treasure i want share it with people’s

Jason Periman says:

if I am the drop shipper and i upload a product just like you did and then someone buys it what’s the next step? I buy the product with the money received from my costumer and fill in the shippment order with the id of my costumer?

David Rusterholz says:

E-bay just recently refunded a purchase by a buyer and I tried to explain that shipping would take longer because of Christmas I listed my address as a fake US address since I was selling items in American dollars and shipping from Canada. Now I changed all my listings to Canada address so it doesn’t happen again and I will not ship through the post office again since tracking is very expensive even though I can give a good rate without it to customers. Would you recommend the following couriers for tracking such as FedEx, DHL and Purolator!?

Mark Gardner says:

good stuff

ZeroSkipps says:

So what about EBay’s/Paypal’s fund availability thing? Since the point of drop shipping is using the money a buyer sends you to turn around and purchase the product from a supplier, how can one still do this if the funds aren’t available for a certain amount of time??

H Ilyas says:

can’t access the spreadsheet?

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