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Kaylen Mings says:

u are so awesome and I just want a bow from u and I would wear it to school say u made it they would freakout haa

Adward says:

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Klk says:


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ben Robson says:

I love being a entrepreneur. I sold lemonade at a stand. CCCCRAZY

Dakota Stumpf says:

How old do you have to be to use opinion outpost?

Ellie Griffiths says:

Make the key ring bows

ag crazyhead says:

you’re pretty

Bj Kelly says:

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Bomb squad Gaming says:


OrreU says:

Do a video on how to make that wallets

Shaeun Smith says:

you can’t put thing in people’s mail boxes it is illegal

SImplyAprilxo says:

you made this video on my birthday

Yung Doritos says:

I like your eyes

Bomb squad Gaming says:

ur body is like the sun or my son

Faarax Shidan says:

omg how off topic you are don’t lose our time please. I couldn’t able to listen you more than 2:45 minute

Bomb squad Gaming says:

r u single and ready to mingle

Eric Clark says:

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Kaylen Mings says:

I would literally wear it every day how much is it 😉

Nick Thompson says:

How many times are u gonna touch your hair

Too Much Mouth says:

Totally sell it

Kaylen Mings says:

um can I buy a bow 🙂

Bomb squad Gaming says:

titties and beer

Colby Fowler says:

I made camouflage and pink camouflage duck tape wallets took me like 30 minutes to a hour and 2 dollars in duck tape I sold like 5 for 10 dollars and then some people started offering me like a dollar or 2 I was pissed

Wilma Meyer says:

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SquareEnixFan FF7 says:

when you do survey do you get money in cash

Kaylee says:

I do duct taping too! Haven’t seen a duct taper in a while!

Lil wolfie game's says:

thank you I’m saving for a cat my mom finally said I could get one thank you so much

jj's vlogs says:

you babysat in fith grade those are some irresponsible parents

Bryson Gibson says:

your hot

Lamesa Faruqi says:

I want the bows!!

Bomb squad Gaming says:

is it address 814 room 27 in ohio, Dayton

A.j. Kyle says:

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Becca's Editing Hacks says:

Is it safe to put my address in to opinonoutpost

Dj T says:

+Crystle_Wolf_Plays lol

chad nicks says:

dude stfu and get to the point. I thought this video had a title that wasnt about a a chick rambling about gibberish

Ross Hammel says:

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rey martinez says:

I need new knifes that’s why I’m 12 and I don’t care

Brooklyn_cake 117 says:

Gosh she talks a lot

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