How To Make Money FAST as a Teenager Using Only Your Phone!


If you are lazy like me and need quick money FAST! Here are some quick tips for you…….

If these tips worked for you leave me a comment, and let me know if you have any other apps that are great for making money quick let me know.


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Oresh Sankar says:

*_I’m just starting with this and from what I’m seeing the future is very bright >>> _**_**_ . A great system for all online entrepreneurs._*

Hello Love says:

u expained great thanks

Nicholas san says:

Join ebates using this link and get $10.00
it’s my link so i get a little kick back on it…Thanks guy’s …. E bates is not a scam google it first. But make sure you use the link for the 10 dollars =)

Mobile Mobile says:

more videos please about money gained online

Randall Rosen says:

I’m just starting with this and from what I’m seeing the future is very bright [ ]. A great system for all online entrepreneurs.

Terragg 20 says:

Lol I made like $30 in a week by selling pencils for $3 when someone at my school asked for one.

Everything Everything says:

it’s didn’t work for me

DemonicDragon2 says:

None of these apps exist

maccow leonel says:

join recyclix make +14 of profit in 2-5 week and many more, get 20 EURO gift for free compound it and invest and just wait to withdraw stat now. LINK to sign up:

The Savage White Boi Show says:

This is nothing, check out FeaturePoints
People make up to $500 a day to $1,000 a week.

iTired_RBLX says:

Use this code on qricket! B85FED

Fredrik says:

Stop doing this bullshit, All that time you spend on this shit you can start a real business and make some real money

Jackson Amituanai says:

Is this fake

Mayerson M says:

Download app in app store. Called “easy money” it’s a purple app and when download use my refferal : TQQ07k4393

mark says:

Use my code 9BA50C to get 1000 spins on Qriket!

Rimar Navaja says: #Try this to earn money.Download to your android phone and LOGIN TO FACEBOOK OR GOOGLE

Shivam Yadav says:

give me your number

james clinton says:

earn free 0.02btc daily please visit and register

WiniPlays says:

qirket doesnt work in holland

Top Things says:

Is this real dude ?

Lynn Lavigne says:

There were lots of strategies that I’ve tried stating that it helps me generate cash online in only a few hours per day but I didn’t do well. My friends are inducing me “sutu good plan” (Google it) that ime. I am generating several hundred dollars per day! Do it now!

Deborah Cook says:

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Earn 100 USD Daily From Home says:

Earn Money Online fast & Easily. Just Search google; “Justnox mega mind profit system”

Osman Chris says:

Hey, Are you tired of searchin online ways to make god income or have you lost much money uying systems and working on them again. Try this… It is free. Just search Google for “Rex fast money system”

Dijan Chandran says:

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General Poptart says:

voice doesnt match your body…

Edwin Toevs says:

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Wendy Aguilar says:

I don’t have a PayPal card so how can I get my money

The Weekly Milo says:

Subscribe to me and I will subscribe to you with 5 different accounts. Just comment hi.

Kel Lix says:

Only works for the U.S and Canada

LoveYouTom says:

Qriket isn’t that good, even though it looks like a 50/50 chance at getting money, the cording in it makes it so that the opposite color gets chosen more often

iPhone Videography says:


invest small says:

Invest with professionals. You can make money fast with us. Make your money back in HOURS. Invest anything from a few dollars to $1000 and receive payouts WEEKLY. Text (253) 642-2813 for inquiries. Investing is open to anyone.

Mable Ferreira says:

A way of fixing your money concern is generating income online. Try to look for “zimo unique plan” on Google and just follow the simple procedure. Last week, my earnings has reached the total of $665 just because I followed zimo unique plan. You`ll be thankful that this possibility came…

Anil Mahajan says:

hii I am your fan
my whatsup no 9098873774 plz msg me

Manilal Kumer says:

*Even a dummy will not pass through this system without turning to a pro in no distant time >>> **** . Thank you so much for such excellent teachings on this program. I am very much impressed.*

Xpanential says:

fish for money is a good app that pays $15. I actually did it an it worked. I posted a video showing a cool hack on my page

Fashonta Holloway says:

hey can y’all help me make some money

Donik nik says:

Try this It’s the only and legit way to get money.

Technical Rajesh Hota says:

not working i n India

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