How To Make money From Home SUPER CRAZY Way To Make Money From Home How To Make money From Home SUPER CRAZY Way To Make Money From Home

Here is a a video I did that goes over a really unique way you can make money from home. One thing that is for sure is that the internet is a lot more powerful then watching cool cat and dog videos. the same device your using to watch this video can be the same thing that allows you to make money from the comfort of your own home. there’s many ways you can go about it but in this video I share a concept called drop shipping on ebay. it’s this awesome way to sell physical products without you owning them or shipping them out. I go over a little on how it’s done and answer the main Q’s many people have. So it’s fast and a great way to make money from home on the internet. you can do your own research on it but it’s best you just start taking action NOW. how to make money at home, this video really shares a real way anyone can make money

How to make money from home
how to make money at home
real ways to make money from home
how to make money from home on the internet

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DEE Z says:

in India ? My earnings is only from YouTube . Now i’m looking for more options for making money . Last week i started amazon affiliate program but i think it is too hard. Please suggest to me some of the genuine trusted method.

Hugz Crystal says:

Can U Plz Answer To My Comment

BudhaSirHihtower says:

thanks for your time. that was a great video and I love when you knocked over the coffee lol.

edi hadzic says:

what about shipping ?

D Tai says:

good job :)) i like it!

John Bruce says:

Hey I was wondering when you are dropshipping how do you do the pictures to be displayed on ebay. When I try to upload the picture to ebay it says that there is a problem and it needs to be 500 pixels… also how do you find the “hot” things to sell. Thanks and have a great day.

Down_ Shift says:

hhh.. my favorite puerto rican <3 🙂

joaquin takin says:

thank you so much.. this information is gold lol

Rouke Page says:

question must you pay for shipping to the person you are selling to?

Yassmine ADam says:

Can I still do this if i live in Cairo ?

Ken Black says:

Is there a course on dropshipping that you would recommend to learn more about ebay etc and your method ?

jamarcus boyd says:

Hey how much of an percent eBay and pp get from a sell hmu

Donna Pough-Rivera says:

eBay and PayPal are going to take a percentage of the entire purchase price. If you purchase for $80 and sell for $95, they are going to take about $20. how do you make money

ladyblue1220 says:

I know you mentioned you have to give them their money back if they want to return the item but what happens with the item? Do you have it shipped back to your home address or do you ship it back to the source? And in that case you would provide the customer with the shipping label right? I think that’s the only thing stopping me right now from starting.

Josh Mati says:

like ur video , i gonna give it try

Bertrand St-Yves says:

Hey 1st things 1st Happy Black History month! I’m really digging your videos and I’m glad. Very new to all of this and I just have questions for you. I’m about to set up a Paypal account, I want to know should I set up a personal or a business account for drop shipping?

Fat Tony says:

since ur vid made £200, now i can start trading

Catherine C Allison says:

great video

max ammo says:

I’m still confused as to the exact steps taken from when ur going to buy an item to then how u put it on ebay an send it

Brittney N says:

I love this! Thanks for sharing! I tried drop shipping about a year ago and I did sell a few items on eBay but I got scared off for some reason. Probably because of the issues you went over. But you’re right, one of the people I sold to gave me great feedback and just said it came packaged well! So funny that buyers don’t care what box it’s shipped in. You have inspired me to try again!

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