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Hey Loves, I just want to help others make money from home while online like I do. Check out the link……

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BeBa XxXx says:

please tell me is this real???

TheAppUpload says:

how long did take for your check to come?

Ney Kong says:

fantastic work

Hamza Chaudhry says:

Hi Dee
i am living in Ireland. could you please let me know how i can get the money. is it in cash or i can use my paypal.

blue rose says:

what other sights do you have that can help a college student out.

kimbbus says:

What are you covering up on the check? Looks like a sxam.

Leslyloves Josh says:

+Carl Fergington fuck school we’re gunna do this k

Barberfiles_Links says:

Great Video

Jason Hale says:

Interesting video.

hashtag says:

it,s very helpful thank you

martin984 says:

So what is the earning potential? You said you do this full time and that’s what I’m interested in too. But I saw you can make $1 from taking a survey taking 18 minutes. That’s basically $3/hr.

Bilal Tazhibaev says:


Kyle Kersey says:

Does it actually pay? And do you have to pay to sighn up

Eninam Tako says:

what if you get less than $20 let say in march but you get more than $20 before the check get sent out in april do you still get your check in april

trinistylz2002 says:

Are you still doing this? What’s the other website to earn money as you mentioned in this video?

Linzy Davis says:

fantastic nice worlk!!

yuli Mendoza says:

Hi, I really appreciate your help and advice in this video, you said that they pay by check, but I would like they send me by paypal, can this ? I actually have account paypal.

Anista S says:

im 17 can i do this

Thomas Baby says:

No videos in my cash crate.. why it’s like that

200 Forex Pips says:

Yes Crash Crate is top paying site for Surverys

Constance Newton says:

Hi Dee W,
I Know this is an old video. I am sorry to hear of your illness. Thank you for sharing.

Autumn B says:

thank you for posting this. I’m a home mom looking for extra money.. have you ever cash the check to bank?

DeVaughn Burke says:

I love making money online.
Thanks for the video

Chàn D says:

I have $5.00 so far and I just joined yesterday, but sometimes when I do a survey they don’t pay me.

Vortex Flight says:

How can you receive or get your money Live.You know what i mean.
through Paypal? and do i need to have an Bank Account for receiving the Moneys in Cash Crate???

Jerod Richardson says:

So you can only make $20 a month? Or can you make more depending on how many surveys you do?

Jayarni Inu says:

does it work in d carribean jamaica

Susan John says:

hey can it work for caribean people?

blunt force says:

hay thanks for the info im makeing money than you and sorry about you illness

Golden Tickets says:

This Really Works please Reply

Sherley's_ livingahealthylife says:

Dee thanks for sharing.

jimmy postwala says:

how will i get paid?

Danielle Salsman says:

have you ever had any problems with the site? and is it for Canadians?

michelle young says:

Thanks for sharing. God Bless you for better health.

Cemal Barış says:

Like it)))))) Going to be your refferal))))))))

trinex7 says:

This is awesome! Thank you for sharing on this great opportunity!

ebony brock says:

You only can make 20$ a month ? no more or no less ? Thanks

peaches1957 says:

So if a person hits your website that you posted? Do you also make what that person makes?

Clarence says:

could you cash the check at the store

Kayvan Noori says:

hi, If you make 600 bucks or less you don’t need to fill out a w-4 form right?
so can i make 500 bucks with one account and once i received it delete that account and make a new account with a different name and email and repeat that, will i still have to fill out the w-4 form?

mrs. Styles says:

Can I use thia even if I am in Asia? (Philippines to be exact)

corno pizza says:

hi. they never let me to complete a survey. at 50% or whatever % it will stop. what I have to do ?

Anonymous says:

What happens if you don’t cash out before the month is over?

John Pike says:

Hi Dee, thanks for sharing your story. Great video

Countrybri2003 2003 says:

I’m am 12 years old I’m almost 13 I wanna a job so bad but I’m to young if anyone can help me get a little job to make money I would really appreciate thx

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