How to Make Money if you’re a Kid or Teenager in High School

How to make money if youre a kid or teen in High School or Middle school. Doesn’t matter if you’re 10, 12, or 16 years old. This is the best way to make money as a teenager or kid while you’re in school. This video will show you how I was able to make $1,400 a month in high school. SUBSCRIBE! & Check out my no.1 recommended way to make money: OR Watch the (NEW) Part 2 Here: where I show how to make more money plus answer questions about this method.

– How to Make Kool Aid Gummy Worms:
Watch PART 2 to this video where I answer all questions & Show how to make even more money:
How to Graduate College with no debt video: (Coming Soon)

This video is a bit long and I talk a lot so let’s go over the main points.
1. To make money in high school you must buy and make the delicious candy item I mention in the video. Those sell very well trust me. They sell better than skittles, chips, or any other chocolate candies you can think of.

2. Big money! Ok so the burgers are where you’ll make all of your money. You’ll be making almost a dollar profit from each burger sold. As I mention I sold 50 burgers per day, earning a $45 profit for the day. I went to school 5 days a week so $45 x 5 days = $225 a week. There are 4 weeks in a month so $225 x 4 = $900 a month in burger profits. Don’t forget I was selling out of the candy too. When added together, I made nearly $1400 per month. You can earn profits like this by adopting the two items I mention in the video. Sell them at school and make almost as money as your teacher does after taxes.

I got a new car! Watch my video here:
– Selling Technique: The selling technique that allowed me to sell 50 burgers and 43 bags of gummy worms is very simple. First let me tell you, if you’re selling burgers you must sell out by the nutrition. The way you sell out is by asking every group of kids if they want to buy a burger. It’s that simple. You simply look at them them, point, and say, “Hey do you want to buy a burger or some gummy worms with kool aid?” If they say yes then you sell it to them and go to the next large group of kids.

Repeat that throughout the entire nutrition period until your burgers are all sold. You may also sell in the passing periods of the first classes that happen before nutrition. It’s the same idea. Ask groups of people or individuals people as you pass them. You can order duffle bags here if you need one:

How to sell successfully:
You have to walk up to people (preferably groups of people) Do and say these exact words. Walk up to them & you don’t have to get too close, you say, “Hey!” And point at them if necessary. When they look at you, make eye contact and say, “Do any of you guys want to buy a burger or some gummy worms w/kool?” Say it just like that loud enough for them to hear you. If they say yes, then you’ve made a sale! (Make sure security isn’t watching)
If they say no, all you have to say is, “okay,” and keep on going to the next group of people. Repeat that and you will sell loads of candy & burgers really fast. ✅

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SuperJoeTendo says:

Y’all think it’s a joke this is deadass

Angel Rodriguez says:

I’m in middle school xD you got my full attention

the wolf gamer says:

oh nvm he just said u gotta be in highschool

Rising Duck says:

I got 30$ After selling 30 gummy worms and bears with Kool Aid the 1st day THANKS TOO YOUR HELP

XxRedxX YT says:

One tip to get started money is a paper route or lemonade stand selling stuff you don’t need selling things that don’t fit you anything that you have that can sell that you don’t need baisically

master modz says:

I seel and make 50 a week

RalphGoonie Strai8 Soldier for christ says:

bruh u sound irrtaing

the wolf gamer says:

this was posted on my cousin birthday

Wary Charmeleon 10 says:

why did you post a KILLER CLOWN video it is not real

Jordan Carrothers says:

I made 500,000 dollars when I sold my parents house

Fog Scoper says:

If you go to hite Saunders elementary you get bulldog bucks what you can do is take a bulldog buck home and print millions and sell them at school

Nikki B. says:

I have a horse (and most likely another one soon) and I only get to see her once a week and getting a job will be useless… I want to get money to help pay for her but then I wouldn’t get any time to see her at all.

Feminist Fister says:

sell adderall, rich kids buy that shit up

killer127 kills says:

I will look like a downy carrying that bag

LiLxJR'sx LiFe says:

This was really helpful mane I made 30$ per day great advice instead of selling dope

XxRedxX YT says:

Another way to make money is to look on the ground all the time I was 4 when I did it now I have 500 dollars IN CHANGE and that’s not all of the money I had I still have a lot strewn around my room I keep finding 25 cents and like now I am getting 5$ a day like man it’s somthing

Kerry-Ann Jones says:

and I am black just like you

sahib bains says:

Hey bro how would you sell them would you go to random people and ask if they would want to buy ?

Sebastian Fonseca says:

Thank you

Kerry-Ann Jones says:

I am a Jamaican

xOrbitZ says:

I’d rather trap

Ionut Macovei says:

u know blastphamoushd tv ???

Pila Wati says:

wow your in los angeles not amaica sorry i dont no any contrys

XxRedxX YT says:

Another tip is to get your money first then give them stuff so that they don’t run

Dope Boi says:

Just do people’s homework. I make $100 a week 🙂

Abby Hemmings says:

drinking game: take a shot every time he says money

LitDabGaming says:

i like the beat bro

Albert Liu says:

Bruh wtf 50 burgers a day?!!!!!

Gambelis8U says:

why is the door bent

LitDabGaming says:

im 16 years bruh

Gamescrat says:

Let’s go, I’m in middle school so I can do it

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