How To Make Money On Instagram With Affiliate Products

So over the last few week I’ve worked on a method and did a case study on how to make money on Instagram. The results were very good for the short amount of time. I came across a forum thread where a guy made over $100,000 from doing the same thing, on a larger scale of course.

Using an Instagram bot I built up some followers then starting making money from there. Once I had over 2000 followers I created a landing page and found some affiliate networks to use. I then upload and image telling the followers to click the link in my Instagram profile. Once they click the link I collect their e-mail and they get directed to the affiliate website, this is where I make the money.

I get a commission of 7% when someone buys a product from the website I directed them to. I also now have that person on my e-mail list, they become my customer. In the future is I was to make money from Instagram I can advertise on my account more or just send out an e=mail. How easy is that? I use get response to collect my e-mails. You want to choose a passionate niche so you have buyers, without this it won’t work.

You could also expand this to other social media networks, you can get bots for them as well. It’s also a good idea to stay clean and don’t spam! All I do is upload an image with a sales pitch once or twice a day for about 2 hours then delete it. You can find software or website when you can automate this. With the bot and auto posting software this really is a fully automatic way to make some cash on social media. You can even sell shoutouts to maximize profits.

Tools I use


Get Response (e-mail tool)

Forum post:

Other useful videos

Part 2 to this video:

Make money online:

Making a passive income:


Ivan Soto says:

does food niches work?

Ruben Fernandez says:

guys how the fuck can you put the option to automatically accept follow request on follow liker for instgram.

i hate the fact you have to accept each one ,one by one this sucks.

can anyone help

Clash With Dv says:

I have a models page on instagram followers 56k+ and growing .. can anyone tell me in which niche i can do affiliated marketing or what kind of blog should i make ??


I have been running followliker for about 2 weeks and it stopped working all of a sudden. I checked for updates and I am up to date with the program. When i click start it says “starting” and than “unknown error please try again”. Help!!!

Amelia Williams says:

It’s quite easy way to make money online guys, You can go and
(Search Google) *_James make money blueprint_*

Gary Nielsen says:

Instagram going to be big!

Ruben Fernandez says:

hey bro where can we get bots and stuff. can you help out with some direction?

nilbert pacheco says:

I subscribed you video to learn a lot …

Notajobincome says:

Wow this is exactly what i do haha!

Notice the Know-it-All says:

oh it was amazon


do any one know any good site..when people buy their product online through my advert,i get commission

Mark Parker says:

Hi Franklin, you kond of brushed over making the landing page to collect emails and redirect to the merchant. how to make the landing page? maybe a previous video but I can’t find it.. going crazy looking through everything. would appreciate some help…

Terry Coffman says:

Well if you go to *ONLINEPROFITJOBS. COM* you’ll find legit online jobs and you can start making money right away. Its what worked for me so this is what I recommend

soundplug says:

I have over 5,200 followers in the same niche and can’t seem to get anyone to purchase anything through my amazon links. Any ideas, information anyone could provide for me?

Christian Gozo says:

What site do you recommend for buying bots.

Tad Manley says:

Interesting stuff. I’m able to make easy cash from *ONLINEPROFITJOBS. COM* this is probably the best site I’ve found so far. Hope this helps.

James Brown says:

Hi! amazing tutorial, thank you! Guys, you should check CPA network – ExpertMobi. They have awesome WW campaigns with competitive payouts and their friendly support will help you keep up great work! Visit their website:

jaden mayer says:

If you are looking into making money online in general, check out this step by step system found at *Givendaily. com* which helps you start generating over 4k per week. This is how I became debt-free .

Study Make Money Online With Amazon says:

That definitely made a difference?

Robert Gomez says:

Is this still valid with the changes that have been made or do you have other videos covering the changes?

noel kärrbrink says:

Can you do a video showing how to make an email list site?

Cylux Games says:

Hi guуs, you cаn try this. i simply used this partiсular tool for Instagram Followееrs. How To Maaaake Moneeey On Instagram With Affiliаtе Products

TheNuke03 says:

Can you still make decent money? I read some threats on BHW and feel it’s a bit more regulated nowdays and accounts getting banned left and right.

Naveed sharif says:

@Franklin how do u measure your affliate links ?? is there a free tool for that to know as one can have many affliate partners…

Adnium says:

IG is a good way to get traffic to your site but it can’t guarantee conversions

DEXTER 420 says:

how to get a followers?

Grace Mbele says:

any feedback on how your project is going?

Ruben Fernandez says:

is this video intended to be used for click bank stuff and cpa offer or can we use this method for amazon ecommerce strategies?

小志盧 says:

*2k Followers in your IG Account Rightaway*

Његош Петрушевски says:

hey man why did you stop using your IG account

Eri Al-Zikri Ab Wahab says:

thanks, anyway how to collect email?

Vasiliy Petkin says:

Hey! Great video! I have a question about “asking” for permission to post specific pictures. So if you want to post a picture in your IG page, how do you ask for permission? Do you need some kind of a signed agreement to be legal or you just ask in an email and if they just send some informal response like “yeah, no problem” – that is going to be enough? What if they change their mind later about what the have said (since there was no real document)? And on Internet how do you find the originator of any picture (e.g. who you going to ask for permission), because that picture may have been copied for like 1000 times before it got to the certain site.

Also, another question is when you register for Affiliate programs they ask you to provide them your website, so they can look at it and approve you as Affiliate. So what kind of web site you usually provide as your reference?


Edward Gil says:

How To Make Money On Instagram With Affiliate Products and 5 minutes and not very much progress

Joseph Latham says:

GOOD VIDEO! Inspired me to do more work on my IG.

Udimi's Buy Solo Ads Marketplace says:

If you want to increase traffic with sales??? you try to check

Photoshop Pro says:


Could you put links in your description to your other videos that you mention in this vid please?

PaulMagnet says:

she is looking for affiliates

Dmitriy Kopylenko says:

Is there a way you could share your IG account here so we could see the mechanics of it all?

Thank you.

Daniel Robertson says:

Where did u find ur affiliates

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