How to Make Money on Pinterest – 4 Easy to Follow Steps

Get ready to increase the success of your website, because Pinterest gives you a massive opportunity to make a killing off of traffic and sales! The best part is, it’s easy and absolutely free! Watch this complete walkthrough tutorial to find out how to start boosting your site using the organic power of social media!
It’s super easy to get started; just sign up for a free account on Pinterest! Then, you can search for content related to your specific niche. Use the search function to find a user who has a lot of followers. By clicking on their boards, you can see what they’ve pinned and try find pictures you think would be interesting for your own audience. Just click “Pin it!” to add it to your board that’s related to your niche. You’ll want to repin at least 10 or 15 interesting pins, or even more, if time allows.

Check out the quick way to build your own Pinterest following. It’s very successful, and easy to do! You’ll learn how to follow others who have pinned images related to your niche, and find out Pinterest’s limit on following others. See how quickly you’ll start getting your own followers! You’ll also get detailed instructions on how to start pinning your own content from your website or YouTube channel – This is where you start making your money!

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SiTerra says:

Hej, you give a great information, thanks 😉
I now its kind of late but I have a question. can you tell me why do I not see the folower of the boards in my pinterest??? is it maby an other version or did it changed? Thanks a lot

Sherley Pierre says:

Will it work on my phone

Jeanne Moss says:

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Haider ali khan says:

wheres the option of the money we make on pinterest ?

Anmol Sanotra says:

I simply use PinPinterest com to automate my pinterest account. Its fast n easy to configure, free to use, runs online, optimised for mobile devices, has Pin Scheduler and runs at a human-like speed 🙂
Its intelligent content detection technology is the best in the world..makes sure only pins related to your business are pinned to your account… Definitely a must have tool!!

Kay Jacob says:

Brendan I could never be able to keep up with you and your Pinterest ‘talk’. I did however like the previous video on how to add videos. I have a greeting card business where I make handmade cards and want to sell them through Pinterest and also kits for people to buy and see they can make these beautiful cards themselves. Your videos are so good thank you Kay

Veronica Williams says:

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Stupid Robot Fighting League says:

Very helpful thanks…

krystye51 says:

I’m a new subscriber. Thank you, Brendan!

Margo Frank says:

I make over 95 dollars each day online. If you want to learn how I do it then go here: JoxMoney. com

Jacob Donnaker says:

Very smart idea.

Garcia bourget says:

You gotta check out how I made 375 dollars last week.
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donechild beats says:

thanks alot Branden

Nancy G. West says:

Excellent, Brendan. Thanks.

Ann Severs says:

Thank you for the great tips. I am new to Pinterest and after researching, it’s a win win!

Cedric Powell says:

Do you have a different account for each niche ?

Joseph Latham says:

How good is this traffic tactic in 2016 ?

Stuart Plotkin says:

This was Very useful

Juba Simple says:

Hello, Does anyone know how to promote affiliate link on Pinterest?
Thanks so much for all your advice.

Tech Master says:

great work bro

Brad Carmichael says:

Either you’re pronouncing niche wrong, or I am just confused as to what word your’re actually saying.

sleepingcat13 says:

A growing number of people are having their accounts (especially this last week…look it up) suspended, leaving their hours of wasted time, TRULY wasted. Pinterest has very strict rules you have to follow. It’s not just porn they are against (and really, go somewhere else for that…) but if you piss someone off over being anti-religion (mormons use pinterest more than any other demographic – look it up – and they don’t like to be reminded that their religion was started by a man who had 40 wives, some of them children and others still married to other men) Pinterest will suspend your account indefinitely; totally ignoring you for months, even years while your pins (precious or simply a waste of time) disappear. I mean, you DID spend a LOT of time of your life posting that 10K pin board…didn’t you?

Stay away from Pinterest. Instead of pinning all the things you think you’d like to do, DO them. It takes 30 seconds to look at a picture and decide if it’s what you want to do or remember. You don’t have to keep it FOREVER secured on Pinterest-planet.

Funny thing. I had a board of all the motivational things I could find on writing a book. For two years I faithfully read, reread and reminded myself of how important it is to be a motivated writer. Then I quit Pinterest and wrote a book.

Yeah…novel idea.

Do it.

Ez Tutor says:

Great video!! Finally someone who’s explained Pinterest well. See you on Pinterest.

eggimal says:

Thanks so much for the info Brendan. Just a side note I am from Vancouver too.
Keep the good stuff coming my friend.

Juba Simple says:

Hello, Does anyone know how to promote affiliate link on Pinterest?
Thanks so much for all your advice.

DJ Foucher says:

Hey Brendan, Thanks for creating this video. I started pinning blog posts and video from my website dailydealsreviews. com and started seeing almost instant results on my website traffic even though I only have a little over 2200 followers on Pinterest.

Querllon Madarang says:

Very helpful Brendan thanks.

Dario 279 says:

Does this work on mobile?

Barry Rodriguez says:

I earned over 4,000 dollars last month online with this easy to implement method here: HootCash. com

Benjamin Shurts says:

lol copy the ‘earl’ … took me a second, you meant U R L

kaliKoder says:

8:46 Did you really just say “url”?

Ruth Yoerg says:

What a great idea!

26snoopy82 says:

You should show how to make money on Facebook and how to use a Facebook page and group for your blog.

Soap by Kick It Up A Notch says:

I’m sorry but I did not hear anything that tells me how the money comes into play with this, How to Make Money on Pinterest, Video?????

Adriana S. Roberts says:

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Mustang Gaming - COC Viral says:

Ty bro

Tagumpay Reyes says:

oks oks oks

MissMaya Grace says:

Does it still work

Mr Qureshi says:

Thanks Very Informative Video.Thanks again

Linda Stolaronoka says:

Thank you!!!

Sweetteepi Hill says:

Can you have more than one niche???

steelhound duncan says:

Hey Brendan. I’m an artist and I already have account with pinterest. I also have deviantart page l and I was wondering if this method would work with deviantart or an art blog/site in general. Thanks for the video!

Jason Kioke says:

Thanks for sharing. Very insightful.

Juba Simple says:

Hi, Make it clear, You can’t make money on Pinterest, but you get lots of traffic to your website or blog or to any marketplace where you are selling Pinterest bring you traffic Not money.

Calvin Mitchell says:

Do you have an updated version of this video? The buttons are not the same anymore.

Gris G says:

how about if you don’t have a blog or a website? How can you still make money?

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