How To Make Money On Shopify

How to make money on Shopify

In this video I will outline a simple process that will teach you how to make money on Shopify.

The method that I discuss is a drop ship model where you can source items from places like Aliexpress and sell them to a very niche market.

With Shopify there is no internal traffic so you will need to drive traffic using Facebook ads. By having very niche traffic to a very niche offer you can easily make money on Shopify by using the dropship model.

You can get more information here:

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Rusiyadi Rusiyadi says:

I want to joint your training. when I click the check out…I was redirected to JVZoo site.Please let me know how to joint your training?

shakir ABU4U says:

This is cool

Dave O. says:

so 10$ minus whatever it cost on aliexpress, so 7$ but what about the shipping is that free on aliexpress? and doesn’t that take forever to ship from china to u.s. like weeks instead of days?

Lisa Weightcutter says:

Finally!!!! Thank you bro for a EXCELLENT breakdown! Finally!!!!

dylan bader says:

I guess what Im confused about is how can you sell others products and make money off of it. please explain I’ve asked everyone nobody responds

John Albin says:

Does one need a shop to implement Free + Shipping or can products be sold independent of having a shop? Also, it looked like the actual store name was different from the store name in the ad (“Star Wars Megastore”). Is this what’s called a dark post?

Luxoriginalis says:

Are members of these FB groups in general allowed to put up their ads there? If so, it seems these groups would be flooded by ads.

Otherwise you have to find another advertising medium to promote your products.

Michelle Lawrence says:

My uncle Chris is making a crazy amount of money every single night from his computer. Just search (( “omega easy money blueprint” )) on Google to learn all about it…. enjoy How To Make Money On Shopify


How do you deal with 15-21 days shipment of Aliexpress? Or you tell customer that it has to wait for 21 days.

Michelle Lawrence says:

My business partner Michael is making a crazy amount of money every single night from his computer. Just search (( “omega easy money blueprint” )) on Google to learn all about it…. enjoy How To Make Money On Shopify

lux ita says:

If you use this method on finding niches for shopify like starwars for example how this people deal with copy right infringement because i heard you need an special licence in order to sell these products or you can just sell with out license without getting in trouble?

M Malik says:

Good info Freddie. Thanks! how often do you change listings? and do the products always have to fall into your overall store theme/niche? In other words if your store is selling auto parts you can’t just list kid toys one day, correct?

Sandy Rivera says:

How do you hide the invoice from aliexpress to the customer?

Stephen Ward says:

Hey Freddie really good video however I checked out the star wars Megastore on facebook and it is no longer running, the link to the website is also inactive. I assume they havet been done for using copyrighted material, do you know anything about this?

Adam Deeb says:

What about copyright infringement or trademark laws? Wouldn’t the person selling the star wars items have to be a licensed distributor?

Ben Collins says:

Hey guys
If your struggling to get started with Shopify try using it is a drop shipping service that will automatically put the products you choose to sell directly up on to Shopify with a few clicks, This saves hours of endless work. Not also that but it allows you to post items on eBay and amazon and they supply all of the information so you don’t have to write a description which would usually take ages Allowing you to make more money. Check it out.

Dominick Thompson says:

Only thinh I hate is FB ad cost. I love the entire dropship model and want to avoid selling on Ebay and Amazon until I feel it is useful but no where essential to my monthly profits. Shopify seems awesome, I understand it and I love the idea. Been looking into it for the longest as the platform to run my business and think that is the best route as it is MY own platform. I’ve been trying to find ways to drive traffic other than FB ads and SEO searches. I’ve seen plenty, and have many ideas just want to the best way. We all know FB ads are costly for a new business with low start up. You may have to run 10 ads for about 3-5 days on one product just to gather data on the target market. That could be $200 right there. I think that’s a bad idea IF you don’t have the capital at the start. I’m definitely going to start my E-Commerice store and get my business certified ASAP through my county clerk. Only problem I have with Shopify is having to generate your own traffic, and people automatically say FACEBOOK ads. It’s kind of annoying but I get it.

Ryan Maynard says:

When you sell something via drop shipping say from Aliexpress and then one of the buyers wants a refund, how does that work?

ReuvenDavid says:

this video does not exist anymore? i can upload and i need a training, please help

Sandra Legrand says:

Awesome video! I started shopify couple months ago and I love it, already making couple hundreds in sales per day! Luckily recently I stumbled upon a guy selling all gurus ecommerce courses at a tiny fraction of their prices, it was a game changer in my business, you can look for his blog, google something like “Megarno shopify magician” I think, his stuff were worth every pennyl. My second recommendation is that you should keep on trying, if a product or adset doesn’t work try another one… you’re just failing your way to success!

Fedeles Ivan says:

how i will put an otem in my shopify should i buy it from aliexpress first?

Richard Tolentino says:

Can I drop ship in US even if I live in the Philippines?

Jon Keen says:

Haha I live in chula vista too!!!

Discounter-Hub Hf says:


There is one thing you didn’t factor in < shipping from china to the customer is NOT free>, usually is high per single item and could take 2 weeks on average.
So drop shipping for these small items is not worth it!!!
The right way is to buy the item in bulk, this is the only way to save on shipping and eventually could make some profit.


Danijel Domjanovic says:

This is al fun and games, but if you want to  become a legitimate seller, your product shouldn’t come on your customers door in Aliexpress box. You could easily get a very negative feedback or even be asked a refund. My question to you is how can you setup your dropship order to come in plain Brown box?thanks

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