How to make money on smartphone apps $$$ hack tip!!! 2016

I have a tip Glitch on making money at home on your phone I don’t no how long this will last but hurry.

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dustin Dixon says:

the new working code to get 50 dollars is783751

Ceed 3D says:

AppTrailers for cash watching ad videos. PAYPAL cashout. (ca210) referral code.

Andrew Edwards says:

I got money

angel 21224 says:

This app is so stupid just get a fucking job lol

Purp13luver says:

Fake! Code doesn’t work

Christie C says:

You can download Qriket if you have a smartphone or tablet. Download, enter referral code B751C5 to get your 25 FREE spins and sign up! Pick blue or yellow, spin and win. 50/50 chance at winning real cash. Cash out with paypal! When you sign up without a referral code, you begin with 0 spins, and you’re able to watch short 5-20 second video.s You generally get up to 10 free spins a day. If you use my code, you will get 25 free spins. Qriket also have Qriket LIVE games. Throughout the day Qriket will have a live contest. You can enter, most are free some are 5-10 cents to enter. It’s completely optional and you decide whether or not you’re going to use some of your winnings/balance to enter these live contests. (Qriket live on youtube). Everyone who enters pays and all the money goes into a big pot. You spin and can win the whole pot of money if you choose the correct colours! It’s fun, easy and addicting! Again referral code is B751C5. Goodluck and welcome to the Qriket family 🙂

Twistid Cannon says:

ive been using qriket for a year havent made more than$2.50

Luckie_305 says:

use my code for feature points QSRN8W

John Singh says:

Hello folks ! You can make crazy money fully on autopilot with ABS™. ABS™ is a unique way of profiting online through binary options. Start to make money right now ! Get started here ===> How to make money on smartphone apps $$$ hack tip!!! 2016


Qriket is just wasting time I have try this and it’s never give over $0.10
Once spins over on app say wait for 3 hrs once those three hr finish and try to get free spin suddenly it’s says wait for 7 hr
Once you see $100 to $500 the spin spin very fast and it’s stop on ,,0,,

Melissa Vega says:


Irvin Velazquez says:

Want to get FREE credits that act as money. Just download this app where you are able to buy anything ranging from clothes to electronics & more. The App is called ” Mercari ” & use my code ” YHHYWD ” To get your first free $2

Kayla Steward says:

what’s the code I can’t see it

Annual income says:

love this app thanks man

Edwina Williams says:

do u have to us paypal can u us some other card

Morgan Mark says:

*When I got paid on this site, I could hardly believe my eyes [Go Here⇒>**** ] And not just that I got paid but I was being well. Having tried several other work at home ads that make bogus and empty promises with little or no payment. This is the only work at home job that I’ve been paid well. I recommend it*

Trina Thurman says:

my code: F7B952

Lindsey Shallis says:

it’s kind of rigged you don’t win the big big money you win 5-25 cents at the most. when you see 5 cents you know your going to win

John Woodard says:

it didn’t work

Andres Pinzon says:


Shara says:

*If you are looking straight into making money online [Details===**** ] and begin setting up your online business. You should try this to learn more! I have attempted numerous methods with little success. But this one is really perfect for me.*

Puckluck44 says:

this sounds like a get your shit hacked kinda scam. lol

CrowFearher Wing says:

hey bro aye do you know the code it sends to you or is there differnt one’s? plz help me out dog

BESTGAMER123 says:

Does it still work?

Brandon Hawk says:

don’t use the code he gives you it is fake. Use this code cb5b05 and it will earn you $35.00 can take up to 1 hour to add onto your account!

Manasseh Leonard says:

It is not available in Tanzania.

Edwina Williams says:

do this really work

FestiveFilms says:

Guys don’t do the code it only benefits him but you get nothing.

Roberto Forbes says:

How could I get the money if I sign up?

Tiffany Piggott says:

the code didn’t work

Choi Suja says:

so right when we sumbit we turn it off ??

Cntryboy Cityboy says:

the code helps him out not u!

Kayla Steward says:

i was just downloading this app it is almost done I am trying to make money to buy me stuff

Shomel Khan says:

do they bring a check to your house!

Evon Rose says:

366D75 I got yall

Frank Madison says:

Them apps aint real, just earned your money by working, fuck these apps they aint real

Irvin Velazquez says:

Want to get FREE credits that act as money. Just download this app where you are able to buy anything ranging from clothes to electronics & more. The App is called ” Mercari ” & use my code ” YHHYWD ” To get your first free $2

hassan jamal vlogs says:

This code gives you 1000 $ :QR010217934813871261170

Luckie_305 says:

this is a hacked code for qriket you get 50 cents 6E7CB3

lo bo says:

Use the code 5D7DA6 to get 25 @Qriket Spins. Get it free at

ThangpoHD says:

Fraud basically free money

Salome Garuchava says:

Hello. I have qiket apply and I can not do mobile number verify. I am from Georgia. what can I do?

Ramona Possible says:

tell the truth no one make money on this app you lose all the time

Crazy Dreya says:

thank u so much

Gaming/soccer Lopez says:

The code is fake trust

airtudowu says:


talhjia brown says:

it did not give me 20 its a lie

Justyn Ward says:

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