How to Make Money on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube)

Here are the 3 universal laws of making money on social media from the following social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube). “Selling” on social media is a bit of an art work, and in this video I give tips on how to properly extract affiliate commissions and product sells through social media!

Alright so in the last few years I severely underestimated the affiliate commission earning potential of social media networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, and more.

But that’s because I didn’t approach social media selling the right now. Now that I’ve been “in the trenches” on various social networks, I now understand how to properly covert social traffic into sales and affiliate commissions.

If you want to start any kind of online business in 2017, or you have an offline business that you want to “connect” to the internet… you have to start integrating social media into your marketing efforts. In this video, I show you exactly how to sell on social media following 3 tips that will make you much more successful.

I also show you an example of how to pitch your products on social media, and how not to pitch products and offers on social media.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this video. If you do, here is more content…

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Said Dahbi says:

little suck to make money

Mark Perez says:


Brian G Johnson TV says:

Good day to publish! 10K … so close!

Claudia H. Blanton says:

Ha, I just finished writing a blog post that utilizes that soft sell technique – thanks for reaffirming that I was doing the right thing. Got any tips that are specifically relating to growing your twitter audience? I am trying to get more paid twitter campaigns, but that would be easier if I had more followers. (love getting paid for tweeting, lol). Thanks, and have an awesome day!

OfficialJesseStone says:

Yes, this is what I was meaning by example.

Please deadbeat dad, can you make an example of a soft sell for your strategy of the 3 part video playlist youtube strategy?

Thank you, you’re awesome!

Max S. says:

Nice video you seem to be uploading more frequently, and well I sure love them 😀

Lee Brooker says:

nice little soft sell at the end… 😉

Vern Cott says:

I need training in writing for my website,do you offer it.Thanks Dan.

EasyPicturesToDraw says:

Hey man, can you talk about how to grow a Google Plus? I notice every video on that on Youtube is out of Date. I tried growing it the same way you suggested to grow a Pinterest. (which was amazing). but the same doesn’t work too well on google plus i noticed.

Shaun's Life Project says:

Hey dan awesome video buddy 🙂


Awesome video like always! I just got into an awesome MLM. Any interest in a money making chat with me sometime?

Artagene says:

HI… still alive and working I see.

Techgeek says:

Your right Dan !!! This is the worst tutorial on the subject of cards… lol …. but somehow still entertaining though… see you in the next one… Wonder what subject that might be???

best of the best says:

Heyyy where I can contact you privately. I have some questions

Thomas Kramer says:

So this video nails it. I have auto-curate going out on Twitter, Facebook etc. On twitter, I used this google spreadsheet Autobot that takes tweets I scrape with specific hashtags in them and set those tweets up in the Autobot and Put RT on the front. Basically, I am resharing other people’s content. I have that sharing every 30 minutes after loading up 1500 tweets. I do use Crowdfire to like people status and follow people after they follow me and unfollow people who unfollow. Surprisingly, My Twitter followng blew up from one to 1300 in 3 weeks. Also, I get a lot of people liking and retweeting those posts I shared. Within those curated tweets, I put out some articles I wrote and even built an Amazon RSS feed to share top books in marketing that update on Amazon on the hour. So my posts are 90% curate 10% promote. Now this is not the ultimate strategy as I am building a following while I build a niche site. I am making sales on Amazon by sending directly but this is not the best use at this point. the hashtag and I don’t mind sharing it is #marketingautomation. Then, as I said, share books on marketing. So when my website is complete I will start putting the posts in my 10% promote.

Contagious Uploads says:

this video just hit 5,999 views

Anonymous says:

Good Info Dan,Thanks

Vern Cott says:

Thanks Dan

mimigigistar says:

lol !!!

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