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Victoria May says:

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Luk3mom B says:

Is this your podcast channel Shay?

Lauren Nicole says:

I think this is a really interesting topic… I wished they had fleshed it out a little bit more… you could tell they were in some sort of time crunch… Colette was interrupted… there was just so much more that could’ve been said and advice that could’ve been given that those of us that live in places or times where we cannot go to conventions would have appreciated.

(huge fan, just pointing out some constructive criticism)

Poetic Osmosis says:

Ok, Shay that’s brilliant. Thank you.

zelandonia says:

Are you still friends with Rawn?

Oatal says:

Thanks man. Thanks for the disclosure also. You are awesome shay 😀 (signed up btw)

jocelyn banford says:

you really shouldn’t say everybody knows ” insert name here ” because that’s almost never true, the person you named I’ve never heard of.

Helen Tard says:

I would really love to hear them talk about the presidential election and who they support the most and the least. 🙂 It would be really interesting to know their opinions! Like if you agree!

Ariel says:

Big Company Marketers and Independent Marketers who get the youtube community, should get different pay packages.

Cherry Wallis says:

Is there a way to convert the costs on SBB?
If not, that would be a really useful thing! 🙂

Liliana Ogunyemi says:

shay some of us never got to see the live stream except for this

bodom11716 says:

My opinion-
American Airlines did not ask for Casey to promote their business. He did this out of the respect he had for American Airlines and because he obviously had a good experience. They were doing just fine(very well) without him talking well about them. American Airlines and Casey had no contract together, therefore there is no responsibility for either of them to give eachother any benefits. What Casey did was unethical to bash on American Airlines for not giving him free tickets or whatever he asked for. It’s like if you are at a red light, and someone washes your window for you, and asked for $20. Then the person gets angry at you because you are not giving them the money. You didn’t ask for your window to be cleaned, so you shouldn’t have to give him the money. It’s the same concept.
Again, my opinion.

AdventuresOfNikki says:

This is fascinating! I guess that’s why I am communications major emphasizing in social media management! I’m just starting out on this social media journey, so this is super helpful. I just signed up. Thanks for the info!

Hailey Bellaird says:

So where is the podcast?

Marissa Ayers says:

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Colin Hicks says:

Thanks for doing this, really helped me out


Thank you for telling us about Social Bluebook.  It’s interesting to just see the numbers it comes up with.

thatswhatshevlogged says:

that’s pretty cool

ᅝᅝ says:


nikkielliott08 says:

Look! I’m interacting, therefore, I’m adding value to your promotional power! You’re welcome… haha but seriously, thanks for the tips!

Lance Williamson8 says:


926Catcher Gaming says:

What are some company emails I can use? I have been looking everywhere lol

molly boyd says:

I just worked out my worth on Twitter and I can sell a tweet for $0.81!!!! I have like 60 followers

Vlogafogo says:

Thank You ! Great tool ! I love your intention to help other creators here on youtube. Greetings from Amsterdam

EndofMusic says:

Wasn’t Miss Monkey (Eh Bee) supposed to be hosting this one?

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