How To Make Money on YouTube with Affiliate Links

Make Money With Affiliate Links – Learn how Melea made more than $1,000 with an affiliate program on a small YouTube channel.
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Cars N Stuff says:

Great Video, Just starting out and this is great advice. I have just started looking into making a quick website as suggested, and it looks like it isn’t as easy as they make it sound. I registered a Domain, then started looking into wordpress, along with web hosting, and it looks like the prices all start to add up. Probably not a big deal if you actually making money, but does anyone have any tips on keeping website costs down while I am still trying to grow my channel.

Active says:

Its weird to think that from her perspective a channel with 8000 subs is small and for me its huge

IgorKelsey Dance says:

Great Video! Thank you for the info!

Coopster says:

if you are certified in audience growth then why dont you have over 1 million i love your vids and think there really helpful but why havent you used your own tips?

The John Henry Project says:

Darrel, Please don’t think me a hater, I want to be up beat and all of that, but it’s time for some tough love. The audio on this is horrible. Just delete the audio and run subtitles, it’s that bad. I come to your channel for advice on building a channel and I hear this. It crushes my faith in your advice and your brand. I had no idea about the content because I just had to cut it short. I’ll be back to give you another shot, but others won’t

north1984 says:

hi there Derral i was wondering if you can answer this question for me, im tired of watching videos and trying to contact youtube for a better answer, i have read through there policies and i just don’t get it, if i say wanted to do a review on a product i bought say a gaming headset i bought through amazon and wanted to add in a affiliated link that i have through amazon, is it ok to put it in the description as long as i put beside the link (affiliated) and i am not misleading in the video about the product ? i just need to know if it is against youtube policy, any help would be greatly appreciated thank you in advance.

anushka jain says:

SUBSCRIBE my channel

Alizee Defan says:

why do you have to create a whole new website to use affiliate programs?

MyHotRodTV says:

Very interesting… but what about an imbedded ad for FameBit? Or if I get a company to pay me direct for a shout out for their company on a video?

PowerTarget Trades says:

This is a channel that you need to spend hours and hours on learning and improving. It like a 24 hour school of great info.

Marla Martenson says:

Great tip about Bitly, I wouldn’t have known this.

Chris Rott says:

How do they know you to get royalty off a product?

FunkyMonkey says:

I need help verifying amazon affiliate account on YouTube please help

Craig Dee Games says:

Many thanks for this straight talking information.
It’s something I’m currently looking into on a wider scale than just YouTube.

Craig Dee Games.

Shruti Hegde says:

Can I post affiliate links on youtube if I do an unpaid review?

Jessica Smith says:

thank you so much for this!

Gautam Singh says:

nice video.

Relax Baby - DEEP SLEEP says:

Derral, where do I put the affiliate link? In the description? In the video itself?

Harsh Kumar Singh says:

is is necessary to have 1000 sub’s?

Fantastically Incorrect says:

what are the requirements to join with affiliates?

JollyWingo42 says:

Glad I found your channel, I’m flying blind and just getting off the ground.

Wasima says:

Sub me and I’ll sab back .say done

BetterAtMedia says:

What good affiliate links are good

Eco Dub says:

and i wonder how unbox therapy is so rich

tal gold says:

kinda bothered me when he laughed saying he didnt know walmart had an affiliate program…. anyone else?

Hector sanchez says:

do you need a website every time you sign up under a new company or can i use the same website for anything that I sell? do I use hashtags if I want to add a link for my eBook sell?

ranger1000 says:

yes but people have to buy stuff from that link, if no one buys anything no money

KARSHI says:

Thank you guys!

ewoid64 says:

One word, Derrel: Lavalieres.

SuperPixelArt!! says:

i use affliiate liks with my server host

Gautam Singh says:

nice video.

Will's Personal-Development Youtube Channel says:

thanks again derral

mainetroutwhisperer says:

How do you get paid? Also if you make over a certain amount do they send you something like a 1099 for taxes ?

Umer Khan says:

sub me i sub to you

Carlo Aspri says:

Hey Derral, I’m one of your subscribers on Youtube, and I’m a big fan and love your videos!!

let’s say I want to mention in the Description Box “the keyboard model link” and “Microphone or camera Links” that i’m using and mention (Affiliate) besides each, will I have to Check the Box saying “this video has payed products” before uploading?? Will I have to do so Even if I am not doing a review of the product? Even if I’m just doing cover songs in the video? Am I also allowed to have a Youtube Card mentioning the product??

Thanks alot Derral, and I just want to make sure that I will not get in trouble LOL !!

Patience Faith says:

Is Affiliates allowed on youtube, Can you guys do a step by step on how to do this??

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