How To Make Money on YouTube with Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Money on YouTube with Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing is one of the best and fastest ways to Make Money On YouTube.

Making Money on YouTube doesn’t have to be limited to Adsense Monetization. You can actually make quite a bit of money on YouTube through affiliate marketing using sites like Amazon, Ebay or Web Hosting Companies.

This is how a lot of Tech Reviewers on YouTube make their money and their audience gains value by not paying anything extra while supporting the creators for presenting great information!

Leveraging affiliate programs on YouTube can be very lucrative if you have a large enough audience that is already doing online shopping and willing to support you in this way.

Putting a handy disclaimer in the bottom of your videos and on your about page or in your annotations covers you where this is concerned. Many big YouTubers have been using Affiliate Links to make money on YouTube for years.

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Huck's World says:

Is it really ok to put a affiliate link on youtube?

Shruti Hegde says:

Can I post affiliate links on youtube if I do an unpaid/non-sponsored review?

Moses Ukoh says:

Thanks for all the great advice! Very helpful!

Randomizer says:

Are you allowed to have more than one affiliate link in your descriptions?

Roberto Blake says:

How to Make Money On YouTube With Affiliate Marketing.

Have you ever wondered how some people make money using sites like Amazon, Ebay or even Godaddy? Using Affiliate Marketing is a great way to earn passive income and if you have a YouTube audience you can really become successful at it with the right strategy.

In this video I will talk about the ins and outs of Affiliate Marketing on YouTube and how much money you can expect to make.

#YouTube #YouTubers #Marketing #VideoMarketing #Monetization #Adsense #PassiveIncome 

Kimberly Will says:

Hi Roberto,
Can you talk about the best kinds of printers to buy for Freelancers or college students? under $150?

Pause Reset Play says:

Do you have any information on viewership and subscriber level requirements for Amazon Associates? Also, what are some other affiliate programs you’d recommend, in general? I see Best Buy, Target, and Newegg all have affiliate programs. Would these be viable options for YouTube, depending on niche? Thanks, Roberto!

fumi says:

hi robert
if its an adsense the ads show up on my screen but if its affiliate i place the link below like how you have it set up below? is that pretty much how it works? if so, can i do them both on one video?

My Green Nest says:

Yes please review famebit I want to use them when my channel gets bigger! 🙂

TosTinMan says:

Have you had any problems with YouTube for posting these links?

Jesse Anderson says:

Great info as usual, Roberto. Question: can you be part of an Affiliate Marketing program and still be part of AdSense? 

Fop Doodle says:

When you sign up for the program, it says you can use 50 websites. Would I use my channel URL or do you have to use URL for individual videos?

5 Lionstudios says:

but affiliate marking is against Youtube policy

Beyoutyguide says:


HenReviews says:

Can I use AdSense and Amazon Affiliate Marketing on the same video or is that illegal?

Plato Fitness says:

awesome tip 1:18

Freakin' Reviews says:

Hi Roberto. Did your rep tell you to use the “This video contains paid promotion such as paid product placement, sponsorships or endorsement” checkbox when placing Amazon affiliate links in the description? There seems to be a lot of conflicting info about whether or not that should be used. Thanks!

Annkur Kumar says:

Hi, Robert, Thanx for this informative video. I am also a graphic designer (freelancer) , Photographer and image retoucher and professionally working as a post production artist based in New Delhi, India. your video on affiliate marketing inspired me.

My query to you is:

1. How to get affiliate link of a particular or any product? In given scenarios 1. If one has youtube channel 2. And if someone does not have youtube channel then what are the best ways (platforms) to do affiliate marketing.
 Can you do a favor by making a video on it. Kindly , do let me know about it. I have also subscribed your mailing list…my email id is

2. I want to start doing affiliate marketing especially with amazon website . Can you guide.

Annkur Kumar

DeacSpeaks says:

Great video and thanks for sharing! I knew about this program but I was never aware that just about anyone can sign up for it. I usually just thought it was for tech or photo reviewers. But I’m definitely going to check out both Amazon and Ebay since I frequently use them both myself.

Jack Popplewell says:

Dude you are awesome I can see a future with u on YouTube I can see u being big

Bella Ford says:

Thanks for this video.

Arindam Basu says:

How can I start up? I want make a affiliate marketing company
I have youtube channel guide me

Ana Danova says:

Thank you so much for all your information!!
The best video about affiliate marketing!

Miss Creativity says:

More, More, More!!!

Gabrielle Flint says:

Yes I am with Amazon, Share A Sale & Commission Factory which I am using because it is Australian and has Australian merchants. I am finding it a bit difficult as i have had to quit some programs because I had too many to manage. I haven’t made a cent as yet.

RPKVids says:

If I make an unboxing video of a product that I have bought for myself which I show and talk about, and I haven’t been paid to show it in my video, and there is an affiliate link for that product in my description box, is that classed as a paid product placement?

Trennier Mathews says:

How do I monetize Youtube videos that show before content on my site? Are there affiliate links that give you credit for each view? Please advise. Thank you!

CalmFire Crew says:

oh we boys now you just dropped SPI name lol. i love him.

snyder1171 says:

My Adsense application was denied. Could this be an alternative to Adsense? I want to make videos on politics and gaming.

Review Journal says:

Hi, is it allowed to monetize a video with adsense and use affiliate link in the description in same video?

imad dbouk says:

do i have to have a popular channel before start doing the marketting thingy?

krupesh dobariya says:

Should i have to take permission for upload their authorized promotional video of products on my youtube channel,when i put their affiliate link on youtube video?

DangerouslyRelaxed says:

Hi! Great video! Thank you!! I haven’t started my channel yet, but I’m wondering if you need a certain number of subscribers, or amount of traffic to get approved for an affiliate link? Specifically for Amazon? Thanks in advance!!

Gabrielle Flint says:

I’m currently doing affiliate marketing with ShareASale which is really simple to use. But they mostly have merchants in the US. I would really like to find some merchants in Australia though, my home. Can you shed some light on that for me???

Charnell Lanay says: how you go about doing it..Did i miss something..I watch the whole

Marilyn Yusuf says:

Thanks for sharing this video. I am interested to hear your opinion on youtube networks. I see you are in the Mitu network, are you happy with it?

EDC says:

Helpful, thanks.

AyChristeneGames says:

Do you think that something like this would be beneficial for gamers?

Jack Popplewell says:

Keep it up

TWC Productions says:

Do I have to tick product placement in the video description when I put in a reflink into the description?

Shruti Hegde says:

what if they order from the mobile app?

Prashant banjare says:

hello , i just added my video for monetization after doing formalities of adsense , my adsense account has been activated , how much time will it take from applying my video for monetization to actually ads showing on my video ??

Anna bella says:

I love +Pat Flynn website, I’ve been learning a lot from him!

My Green Nest says:

Why do ppl give thumbs down? He’s trying to help people!

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