How to Make Money on YouTube with Affiliate Marketing — 3 Pro Tips

3 pro tips on how to make money on YouTube with affiliate marketing! **** Get access to my affiliate marketing training course here:

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About This Video:
In this video Sean Cannell from Think Media shares tips on
how to make money with affiliate marketing. This video covers how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners and how to make money with affiliate marketing without a website. If you are wondering how to make money on youtube with affiliate marketing or looking for tips on affiliate marketing on youtube 2018, check out this video! This video focused on amazon affiliate marketing on youtube but includes other programs in this affiliate marketing tutorial!


Tarot Faith Keeper says:

Thank you!!

DanDanBeachMan says:

Thank you so much for doing this. Completely changed my life, becoming a creator really does change your mindset, and if you’re lucky, make some money.

Shaniece Ashley says:

Great and helpful video

郭美辰Mei says:

well….i try over 5 times to apply,but i don’t know why i couldn’t into……so sad, anyway, great video~

That Truckin Guitar Player says:

Ok… The niche I find that I am pursuing is focused on helping young musicians get started in their local scene. I’m having a difficult time trying to figure out appropriate affiliations that make sense.

CouponChica1 says:

Deeper training into affiliate marketing please

Butch Fagan says:

Does the $7 program talk about ways to find ideas for videos for affiliate marketing sales?

Butch Fagan says:

When I try to order I get a “website not secure” message.

iram1204 says:

Hi Sean, I have tried to purchase your program but for some reason I keep getting an error! Help!!

Gyanendra Tripathi says:

Pls show us more things

Joe Vacanti Fishing says:

Hey Sean,, Tried to sign up for the training. The credit card portion does not work properly on Firefox or Chrome..

Anurag Kohli says:

Thanks team.

Hetal Sachanandani says:

Hey Sean, I have my channel called bubblydentist which is too new! I have been watching you since weeks and your tips are so useful! Yes I am one of those who are literally frustrated waiting for the 1k subscribers and watch time and I have got some great tips from you in this one. Thank you! I hope to grow and make it huge someday. Amen!

David Hamlin says:

I have a niche in boxing and another in creative thinking.

Dark Vanguard says:

I have trash vids and 23 subs HELP. I have bad sound qulity and semms no hope for my channel, I sound like a squeaker on it do to a bad mike help.

Chasick Adams says:

The only thing hard is starting from 0

S dudunkS says:

lets do subs to subs !!

travis puckett says:

is the short link amazon gives you an affiliate link? or do you have to go to customize get HTML to make it an affiliate link? I’m building a kit on and want to make sure I’m not just adding links that aren’t affiliate​

Wild Portrait Artist says:

How do you use onelink on youtube? It needs html to work and we can’t use that outside of our own website.

YoungMindHS says:

Great video as a Tech channel I link my PC specs in the description with amazon affiliate links to purchase them this is a great way to generate passive income overtime to put back into the channel! 🙂

Lamborghini Lee says:

I’m into cars so where should I start?

fakzy tube says:

I’m new in this community pls

SebastianHexMusic says:

Getting started is always the hardest! If you’re a new Youtuber and want someone to check out your channel/videos, let me know!

WADZ UP says:

Hi Sean I absolutely love your channel just subscribed your content is always spot-on quick question I’m new to affiliate and wondering on Amazon how do you determine if a company is signed up for the affiliate program and lastly where does it indicate what percentage they pay out for the affiliate program PS do you offer any private Consulting Services thank you again I will check out your affiliate playlist

james brooks says:

Hey Sean, I just tried to purchase your course paying with PayPal. It would not let me complete the purchase. Any help would be appreciated.

Haseeb Ahmed says:

Hey Sean,
I want to start vlogging.
So kindly would you personally suggest me perfect gear for the beginning.

Keller Wong says:

Nice sharing, Sean! Do more videos, please!

Hetal Sachanandani says:

My channel’s name is bubblydentist, I’m from India and rn it is about travel, it will soon cover food and reviews.

CouchToCafe says:

Great video, thanks!

Chris Muñiz says:

Make a video shared that bags needed to contain your tech. For beginners

Lynn Rowe says:

Officially just subscribed


I’m a gaming channel so not sure how this would work.

Kids Games says:

Why does not the screen fill in the video I upload to my channel using the YouTube app on my phone, except when I turn the phone horizontally … while other channels fill the screen directly when you open the video from the app and even if the phone is vertical; the screen be full Horizontally?

Just for Laugh says:

My niche is android and gaming’s can I make affiliate

Adrian Bugarin says:

Hey Sean, I love this video. It would be cool if you could go in depth with the rules of Amazon affiliation program. You have been successful and it would be cool to see how you haven’t failed.

Joseph Yeffry says:

I’m working on starting a channel on the KetoDiet with a Calisthenics Military twist niche, what are your recommendations?

Edward Newman says:

Sean I am a Video influencer and Think media subscriber. I also see your paid facebook/youtube ads. Can you make a video on paid promotion of your videos on social media? I have used facebook ads and Google Adwords for my non-youtube business and thinking that getting a channel off the ground may need some real help with paid ads. I don’t want to make a channel and have nobody watching. I also think it would just be great content? There are many videos talking about free promotion, but paid????? Hopefully its not just a money pit for bot clicks. Thanks

Gumardee coins and banknotes says:

For coins only eBay is an good affiliate, Amazon is no good for selling cois. Thanks for the video.

saira samad says:

U always come up with something good .. Appreciated ..!

S. Jhene says:

I’m willing to sub anyone who subs me

Toy Room Tastic says:

Is there a certain type of memory card that is needed for my camera to do videos

Michele Gemini says:

Thanks Sean for the consistently helpful videos! Question? Would affiliate marketing work if you plugged it into old videos as well as going forward with this technique? Or would that be a waste of time? Thanks!

Michele from DIYDS

Alain says:

Just started a gaming channel, any tips when it comes to affiliate marketing?

Chantique News Channel says:

Watching this for the fifth time..I am sound dumb….lol…..great great info, Sean !! Finally I got one affiliate link/company today…yayyyy…thanks so much for wonderful video/info/explanation/tutorial.

little gamer says:

When u talk about making money but u get 10k views a video

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