How to Make Money on YouTube with Affiliate Marketing

You can make money on YouTube by doing affiliate marketing, which is including links to products you review and use in your videos that will track a purchase. If someone makes a purchase using your affiliate link, you receive a small commission for the sale. Melea is an expert in affiliate marketing and joins us to give us some tips for how to make money on YouTube with affiliate links.


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Graphics Geeks says:

The PointsPrizes referral program is VERY very profitable – especially if you run a gaming channel or something like that!

Affiliate marketing can work if it’s done right and targeted to your audience properly! 🙂

Amanda Jean's Drawings says:

great vid 🙂

AKB says:

This is cool… nice..

Godzilla 2004 says:

Are YouTube account Terminations permanent or temporary?

Ali Zaidi says:

which youtube network i joined if i start affiliate marketing??

Jason Silver says:

I wonder what sort of affiliate links would fit my channel, Tim? Any ideas?

V LOVES says:

I use & love amazon affiliates. Helps a bunch!

The Audio Journey says:

Hi Tim, love the videos! Question (for anyone): can you just use your YouTube channel as your application for Amazon Associates, or do you have to have a website?

The Smart House Guy says:

Tim, I think you need to include this in your video here, or something. It’s extremely important (I’m putting my IT Security hat on for a moment–I’ve been an IT Security tech for seven years now):

Cookies store a LOT of information, including open clear-text passwords and usernames (depending on how said website saves those cookies). Those cookies CAN be picked up by hackers or even intercepted on the wire. Please inform your users to never save the passwords in their browsers when going to these websites. It’s a general rule of thumb that most people just don’t follow that could lead to not just their affiliate sites being compromised, but also any other website they may be associated with that uses the same password or username or email address.

Very important, please share with your audience. Some affiliate websites just don’t take user security into consideration, so it falls on us to be aware and in control.

BrittanyDaine says:

When I tried to become an amazon affiliate, I noticed that you need a blog and they don’t accept youtube channels. Am I looking at the wrong thing?

Fitz Meister Fitness says:

Awesome video bro! Pretty hard to get affiliate links slipped in with my niche though, I’m all about fitness and often spend time bashing supplement companies aside from a small handful that are direct-supply only.

Rock Paper Crafts says:

I could see how affiliate links could be good for craft videos. Michaels does not sell all craft products. If a craft channel (like mine) decided to teach a craft with materials that are not available at Michaels but are available at Amazon or Ebay or Etsy (Etsy and Ebay do have an affiliate program) could use links to help viewers buy those hard to find items. I would only use it sparingly for just materials that are hard to find in physical stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby. All of the materials that i have used so far on my really young channel can be found in Michaels or Hobby Lobby or Joann Fabrics so I don’t use to many links in my description.

I DO...ObeDIEnce Ministries says:

This certainly gave me something to think about

John Basedow says:

The Amazon affiliate program looks interesting. I see all those links for Casey Neistat’s gear on his channel.

mmanda515 says:

….”Even though YouTube has not come out & said you have to do that”, etc etc. re: disclosures/affiliate… Putting in description, etc. Sorry, but Melea (who will be seen by the viewers as an “expert” in this field) is 100% absolutely incorrect there. What Tim is doing & said…. is how it HAS TO BE DONE. Per FTC Guidelines in the U.S…. per You Tube guidelines, per Google guidelines. Period. Anything other than “I bought this with my own hard-earned $$ out of pocket” must be clearly stated IN the video so that it is transparent & the intent/connection can be known by consumers/viewers of all types using any format! If I am watching on, say… a smart TV, there IS no “description box”. Affiliate links have to be mentioned IN the video, as well as that a commission of the sale will be paid, in return… based on one’s purchases. Furthermore, any affiliat links provided below, must have that disclaimer ABOVE them…. SO that then, no one can click away TO shop, before seeing it (if below). All disclosures should be mentioned in video, even as far as received for free… Never buried or at the bottom of a description box, where anyone would have to expand OR scroll down to find it… let alone ever… in a “click here for further details” manner. WAYYYYY too many, imho, do not follow the guidelines set forth, as they should… not completely, not accurately…. TOO many, not even at all. Videos, esp recent ones, giving advice like this…… will only make that worse imho. Usually LOVE all your videos but the advice given here is just way out of left field & totally incorrect. Hope that helps someone wondering. Please check into YouTube guidelines, FTC guidelines/requirements, etc. If someone like me, without a channel can easily find that information….. (+ several other really good blogs on the subject was a good one too, I believe) there is no excuse for not doing things the honest, proper way for those who do have channels! =) Live long(ER) & vape on! #ABillionLivesFilm #youarebeingLIEDto

skidrowsux1977 says:


Tales by Firelight says:

Hey Tim! I just wanted to thank you for all the great info you post on Video Creators. Its giving me a direction to take with my channel. I’m going to take all my videos down ( only 5) and start over with your formula! I’ve heard of Affiliate Marketing before, and I’m excited to find more ways to build a sustainable Channel here on Youtube! Thanks to Melea as well!

Search engine Optimization says:

I love what you teach I would like to add to your great tips that they can generate more sales by marketing their YouTube videos in very quick way using PPC Ad Networks such as StudAds….etc

Technik Video Welt says:

Hello Tim, thank you so much for your great channel! We started 10 weeks ago and just hit 100 subscribers today. Your videos are one of the main reasons for our success! Thanks again!

AB FAB says:

Someone help me if you can. I have had my makeup review channel for about 10 months now worked really hard to take in all the good tips and applied them have keep to an uploading schedule even though I work shift work and I am still at 45 subs and compare myself to other channel that I feel don’t give good content and yet they have not subs and views! Can any one help me?

IHM TV says:

Canal Muito legal gostei, continua assim +1 inscritos. Se você pode de um passado no meu canal e se você gosta você pode assinar o canal ^ ^

AleXius says:

Why did she sell her blog?



MattyCyclez says:

Hey tim and Melea, did you do a video on the views debockle currently going on and youtube changing the algorithm? Also losing subs instantly after uploads ?

Band Channel Kids says:

Thanks for the video. Hello everyone. I need 100 sub to change Channel URL. Please help me ! I’ll sub back . Thanks !

Teacher Robin says:

Tim or anyone ? Why do my youtube videos only play in : Thailand, Asia, India and Russia? Has it to do with content location because my IP is Chiang mai Thailand but I am from Canada ? I am a new Video Creator … thank you in advance!

Funny thing is I have one video doing about 1000 views a day and it is not even showing in North America …

Seema Abhishek Vlogs says:

Can Anyone tell me That 1 dollar per 1000 views is true or not??? As I havnt got any dollar inspite of crossing 1500 views.

Clank says:

Hi Sir, I want to know that how can a Youtuber get subs when starting from 0, cause everyone start with 0, Actually I had uploaded 3 videos on my channel (including channel trailer) and 2 of them are on the first page but for some reason I’m not able to get subscribers can you tell why? and also can you tell me is it a good ratio that my videos are on the top with only 9 subs ??

Annie Evie says:

Personally, as a viewer, I often don’t use affiliate links because I tend to buy things off of my own websites that I trust, HOWEVER if the creator specifically mentions that their link is affiliate, then I make sure that I do use that link (especially if I like the creator). My point? Tell your viewers when your links are affiliate. It doesn’t change the price for them, it just lets them know they’re helping you and makes them feel good.

YaYaGamingHD } says:

How To Block My Video In Some Countries

Mechanical Ninjineer says:

Hey Tim, I love all of your videos! But now I finally have a question of my own! In my AdSense account it says I’m making a few bucks each day, but my estimated revenue number never goes up, but actually goes down about 30 cents each day.  Do you know why that would be happening?  I know this is a kind of silly question, but it does have a little concerned.  🙂

fahd & Mohab says:

okay hi so it’s great idea great way but i still have a problem how can i get that money that they send it for me is the money will be saved on my channel or it’s gonna send for my zip card or my bank account? please answer me cause i’m trying to get money for my channel

Cams Gaming says:

Hi m8 my name is Cameron I have only 16 subs and I need to find a way to get more but I’ve tried everything

Amanda Jean's Drawings says:

do you need a set number of subscribers first? eg 1000+ subscribers to be able to sign up to affiliate marketing? or can you begin affiliate marketing even if you have only 1 subacriber?

Cams Gaming says:

I started my channel about 5 months ago

The AllPeople Channel says:

I would love to do affiliate marketing, but all the links I share, no ones buying anything.

Randall's Rest & Relaxation says:

Awesome! Thanks Tim! Side question… Is there a way to see the analytics on the “Featured Playlist” the little banner that shows up on all your videos ?


Random question: What are your thoughts on running contests to attract new subscribers? I’ve seen countless channels use tools like Gleam to run contests where users subscribe, post, or tweet for entries. Do you think the users you obtain with this method are valuable, or are they likely to have no engagement on the channel?

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