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In This Video I share with you my exact strategy that I’m using in 2017 to make money online with Amazon

Amazon is one of the giants of ecommerce that if you learn how to harness its power in 2017 moving forward you will be able to create an amazing income and lifestyle for yourself and your family through this business model.

There’s many different business models inside of amazon itself
but I’m only currently using a couple
which is
amazon associate &
amazon sellers

I hope this video gives you some clarity…

Affiliate Marketing ➡️➡️➡️
High Ticket Sales ➡️➡️➡️
Youtube Rank2Bank ➡️➡️➡️
Craigslist Leads ➡️➡️➡️
Marketing Buffet ➡️➡️➡️

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B.Smith says:

Guys I swear I just got free.$ from this amazing website: (just type in g00gle)=> *_freepplcash xyz_*

Eleanna Arena says:

HI Ken, I started following you few weeks ago and I really like your style. I have a shopify store that was going fine but since June It has been a drag, so pausing it for now. Very painful beside the debt.) I also am an FBA Amazon Seller, with an account that has been picking up selling only on 1 item, now across EUROPE. With my business partner we want to make 2017 the year to:
– Clear my £14k debt accrued from shopify (damn, it hurts)
– Start Making £6k profit per month (we are not greedy at the moment 😛 )
– Having a VA that will do this job for us.

Now, that’s me. Coming to you, now:
Your dropshipping method from Amaon via eBay is a mind blowing thing. Real talk!

I totally understand its more expensive, BUT it is also a great way to test new products (that you do not have in stock and you will not have to order from aliexpress initially in small quantities to be tested via FBA). I like it! Thank you and please keep sharing value as always.


Angela Olsen says:

My goal with this program is to hit the 7 figure income [ ] in the next 6 months. What I’m seeing already is very much encouraging. I love this system so much.

MAJR says:

Hey Keder, first of thanks for taking the time to drop this value on us! Was also curious about the VA’s I am wanting to start replacing myself with competent VA’s that I can trust with my account information and was wondering if you could recommend a company or point me in the direction of how to search for this. I have been reading reviews on a few companies but hesitant to just give out my amazon account info so easily. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Ekaterini-Kathy Patlakis says:

You cannot do amazon as an affiliate/associate from all states. Only some states. I am not crazy about drop shipping. I do not know if you can do amazon without drop shipping. The drawback for me on that is that, like jewelry they have their own that they sell. It will always be on the first page, then there is you, meaning you in general for the rest of us. The other thing is they do not help you as a amazon/kindle author. However, when you sign up for it as an author, they have a right to give away your book, and they charge about $9.99 per month or better for their subscribers. I am not sure about ebay. I live in the countryside, and I have a neighbor that sells on ebay. I have already invested about close to $1,100, and I was thinking to do my own website. But, starting out, I do not know if this is a real good idea. I cannot do this in time for Christmas. It is not an easy process. Amazon is a top seller, but you have to compete with them, and as another ecommerce person had said, they look out for themselves, to build out their own business. So, they look out for themselves first. Since they have been sold out from the original guy that owned amazon, it is harder, I think. Different people say different things, and it gets more confusing for me. Shopify sounds good. The charge I heard, as in 11%, then 15% by amazon. Also, $9 lowest is the base rate to have a store. And, drop shipping charge, if I have it correct is $39.99 per month. How I I understand it. I have not started out yet. My husband has a painting business, and he is starting out in real estate. So, I help where I can and 100 other things. I just wanted to have something for me so I can feel that I have financial freedom. I know it is not as easy as I though, or how other people made it out to be. I believe in hard work, no matter what you do. Weather it is writing or anything. I do not believe in outsourcing it myself. More people involved more complicated it seems to me. This is me, everyone is different, I am sure! The thing that keeps me going is wanting to help my son rebuild after a house fire. I also see that you need money to be able to re-invest in order to make money. I suppose that’s how it goes. Thanks, for the video, as always! 🙂

Ben Bourne says:

With all do respect to you but after seeing what you’re selling i don’t have $97 to pay for you’re course i prefer to be trained physically than going through it on my computer.

Danni says:

How does the VA part work? I dident understand it. How do you sell things, without shipping them?

Make Money Online From Home says:

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Awesonymous RC says:

5:10 i always wanted to become an ass

michael childs says:

good info!

Mary W. Morris says:

Learn how to make minimum 100 USD Daily by Working From your home
Very easiest & Genuine way to make money online Just Search google; “Justnox mega mind profit system”

Jonathan Love says:

Thank you so much man I’m gonna get started on my amazon hustle right after I get off work

Never Give up says:

Are you looking to make great income online, try this system. Just search Google for “Rex fast money system”

bball4life1219 says:

Keder, can you show us how you do your product descriptions for amazon? are you just using the same description from Ebay or wherever it is that you originally source them?

keven alvarez says:

Amzone I want to take to next level



Борис Кучер says:

Hey Keder great video! but i have question how`s Vas?

dreamstar pro says:

hey k thanks alot for this video bro i really do appreciate this video bro.. am ready to take this to the next level thanks

Dale Woods says:

_I have been so much helped through the group education, my income level has suddenly shot up in the past few weeks [__ ]. This is the best system I’ve ever come across all my years on the internet business._

Jessica Rodriguez says:

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Mike Helps says:

there is no monthly fee at all

Hoang Dinh says:

hi i’m down show how to do it or contact me


thank u my friend hope to meet one day a new bi.

austindobbins says:

Great video quality!

june eutsey says:

I’m down for this. let’s do it!!

K. J. Morrris says:

Hi. I’d like to get your help please

andre grey says:

show me more

Fight Game says:

Wow keder, you are truly an inspiration and I consider you my mentor. You do amazon, youtube, shopify, facebook etc and have time for your beautiful family too. How do you manage everything you do? do you plan your day? can you show us how you do all this? its amazing. I consider myself a 10xer but you are the next level man. Thanks so much for sharing this for free. God bless

Ralphy R says:

I like this how do you get hooked up with the VA’s

Evelin Hanna says:

There are plenty of strategies and procedures out there in which promises to help one earn a great deal money in a short time period and I have tried them all. It was a relief that I have found “zimo unique plan” (Google it) from my friend. My regular average earnings is 100 bucks. Try it personally.

Yalda A says:

this was very informative .i am interested in learning more about this business

Sheryl T. Dixon says:

Learn how to make over 4500 USD per month easily with 30 minutes of work daily. “Justnox mega mind profit system” (just search google).

Mike Helps says:

its crazy guys I been on amazon a lil while now and no money yet

trang phan says:

Thanks Serge I’ll try again. ?

AllthingsNataJean says:

It has been a week and I have already made 600.00…I do dropshipping from Ebay, Target and Walmart…This is amazing…I have been a stay at home mom for 3 years and I have been trying to find ways to make money online..Amazon and Shopify is the way to go…I even have a shopify account..Wow!

DutchSword says:

I want begin a reseller too, but I dont know where to start or what to buy to resell.

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