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In This video I explain to you the process on how to make money online in 2017 using this strategy for affiliate marketing using

It’s pretty simple what you need to do..
Become an affiliate there and focus on finding good products
as you build your list and audience that you can refer to those products.

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EvD Streaming says:

Great video my friend but if you are making a lot of money on this 😀 Why dont you have better sound quality on your videos? Thats is VERY important 😀 And after u fixed the sound quality. Try video quality 😀 Then i am sure u are gaining more views. Its just a tips 😀

Melvin Robinson says:

Why are the signup so hard! I’m talking about the W-9 and were the help!

Mun Jock says:

Hi, if I have my links where can I promote them?

Graph kings / mixtape & logo designs says:

ive tried this so many times lost money everytime its riskier then playing with stocks i can see why people rather create courses & sell courses rather than just focus on actually making money testing & throwing money away on offers but instead most target people who want to make money & are newbies like u said lmao

Angela Shepherd says:

Enjoy the video. Going to start making some money

azubuike christian nwankpa says:

my greatest challenge has been how to convert all I do online to income

Steve P says:

Keder Could I just run Facebook Ads to affiliate sales page? If so do you think that would be successful?

thewheelerdealer says:

Great stuff as always!

Andre Dan says:

This is dope! I am going to jump on this. It will help increase my marketing skill and the better I get the more money. Very helpful.

Charul Mahajan says:

Hi I am newbie to the JVZoo and I want to ask that is it mandatory to set up a getresponse account on jvzoo or can i promote products without setting up that?

robin sidhu says:

I got the account but don’t now how to promote

squishy cakes says:

my goodness he just goes on and ON

Paula's PointOfView says:

I’m ready!! thanks

Tera Boozer says:

After watching these videos.. Im still not sure as to what i am doing

Paul Democritou says:

Subbed for the info 😉 nice car!

Keder Cormier says:

Learn How to Make Money With Youtube and JVZOO .. go to

El HangOut Zone says:

so lets say i make an account on jvzoo and i find an affiliate where do i sell the product? shopify? or where?

Archie Bell says:

Great information, I look forward to watching more videos

emran khan says:

hay bro i like your video

nery colon 1 says:

I Loved and Subbed. Want to learn more.

Reggie McGuire says:

Thanks! You shared lots of information, but I’m confused…8:01 is this over a couple of months or over a 3 year period 12/13/13 – 12/13/16? 8:08 Is the top row $7,156.21 your TOTAL affiliate sales over a 3 year period or from one product? Looks like Total of all 229 products. Are the Traffic Bananas products showing $0 sales because they’re yours and not affiliate products? Thx

Khalid Shareef says:

I have the affiliate link but I don’t know how to and where to promote it please help

Cooper Simms says:

This guy has the right idea!

chy onyema says:

I am just new in JVZOO. I want to know how to promote JVZOO product

Joe Coleman says:

,Do you get better results from affiliate or e-commerce?

Moe Mans says:


David Webb says:

You the man, cool dude 2017 all the way up

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