How To Make Money Online In 2017 (Online Business Blueprint)

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Join Stefan James for this live stream on how to make money online in 2017, where Stefan reveals his Online Business Blueprint.

You will learn about the steps to making money online in 2017, that will allow you to profit from everything from affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, physical products, online publishing, information products, software, mobile apps, etc…


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Rozli Yusof says:

Hi stefan,re you teaching clickbank?or selling MMO offers?what bout e-mail mrketing strategies and coversions?

ThecoolkiddWah says:

love the story from the bus talking to girls. Stefan you are such an inspiration and legend I wish you all the best in all that you want 🙂

Khuzema Nuruddin says:

Hello Sir !! Thank You for sharing your knowledge and experience!!

simstardust says:

Hey Stefan, I really want to join but I’m already a part of a course called Wealthy Affilate. Will I learn more from your course about content creation and traffic building than Wealthy Affilate? is your course targeted just for beginners or for more advanced people? I would really appreciate your advice just because I don’t want to invest in something if I’m not going to learn anything new from the current course that I’m in. thank you

Roger Djojokoesoemo says:

Great summery / overview of the online model.
My question to you: which 10 books do you recommend anyone on the mindset topic?

musab khan says:

Hi stephen , thank you very much for your amazing effort .

Scary Stories says:

I don’t think it’s true that people fear success because of the judgment of others. That makes no sense to me. If people judge you harshly because you become successful, then you are hanging out with the worst people, and you have bigger problems. People want to see you succeed, but it’s only up to you.
I think people fear success because success brings responsibility. Responsibility to maintain and build on that success. That means you can’t screw around any more, like being a dabbler as he says. Good video.

Quote Genius5563 says:

does these great advices apply for a complete newby

SeriouslyScotty says:

Hey Stephen, i live in Vancouver and have been looking for a mentor to learn from. Would love to meet you/sit down with you. Great videos, keep it up!

Ioanna Sakatzoglou says:

Thank you so much! Amazing value in this video! I am following you for some weeks now and I am grateful for the information that you offer! You are one of the kind! Please keep up your excellent work!

kent pelletier says:

following you

Kresimir Pernar says:

Amazing value in this video. Thank you Stefan!

Sanni Victor says:

You are a Mentor.

Actually, I tried purchasing the Affiliate Marketing Course through PayPal, but it’s saying you have exceeded the amount of transactions for today.

Do you accept Bitcoin? so I could make payment for the course.
I really want to learn from A MASTER.

I look forward to hearing from you

Zephii MSP says:

Hey Stefan, I want to purchase the AMM Programme. One question, is it a one time payment or are there several payments?

Tutorial For You says:

nice post boss

Improvement Nation says:

Hey Stefan if I just started a website and want to start driving traffic what do you think is the most important thing to focus on first? Content? Paid advertisement? Building Page authority? Thank you

Cel Lopez says:

Thanks master Stefan!

AL b Marketing says:

Thank You – #ALbTheCoach

Eric Williams Jr. says:

Hey Stefan I just want to thank you for helping me find a way out of my situation. I joined your Kindle Publishing program a few weeks ago and published my first book last week. I haven’t made any money but I’m still excited about the opportunity. So now I’m working on publishing more books. But thank you for helping me find a way out of my dead end job, even though I haven’t made any money I’m VERY confident it’ll come

Highlight Tom says:

its midnight and i m watching this..i really got motivated thanks i m going to sleep..?

TheNotorious says:

I have been betting a lot of money sense I turned 18 years old. Literally wasted more then 400 dollars in betting on soccer/football and NBA games. Don’t get me wrong, I have won huge amounts to, there was 4 times were a won over 250 dollars, and the highest win was 850 dollars. But… I have lost all of that money in just a couple of weeks 🙁 I am scared of wasting more money in betting because I feel the urge of winning back what I have lost. So Stefan, I have an important question for you that can probably help me out a lot. I have been interested in the stock market for a while, but I have no clue how things work. I am a young guy, in high school who is trying to learn ways to get money (doesn’t have to be short term, if it is short term then it is a huge plus). There is a guy I know, just 17 years old that opened an account on his father’s name. He literally used 1200 dollars and climb his way up to approximately 700 000 dollars. Believe me or not, he invested money every single day for a year. He maybe had a couple of weeks of combined, but still. I really don’t cared how long it takes, I just care about the results. I hope Stefan you have read so far, will mean a lot to me if have. My question to you is, should I take my time to invest money on the stock market and does it take a long time to learn about the stock market? Appreciate the work and thank you if you do answer! 🙂

Creamy Butter says:

Great video! So I just bought your K-money mastery program and currently in the process of saving money for my two books. And currently in lesson 5, my question after you have these batch of students go through will this program be available late 2017/early 2018?


Sofia Real says:

I am still in high school but I know this online business thing could truly work. I know you said one shouldn’t make any excuses, but do you think my age would be a limitation?

Mario Clemens says:

Awesome info. Thank you for taking the time to share this.

George Doumanian says:

tremendous value! thank you! grateful I came across your channel! ps: I just got back from Date with destiny!

Eleanor A. Tyler says:

very nice video

kimy D says:

I’ll try and use this blueprint for this year, thank you for this video

Becr8tive 21 says:

I’m listening. I need to get out of the rate race

Gilad Sher says:

Hi Stefan, I really want to join in on affiliate marketing mastery (commented on FB and you even answered me :D) but I need to ask you for a personal favor about the amount of payments. Do you have a company mail that would answer by Sunday so that I wouldn’t miss on the opportunity?
Thank you so much, Gilad Sher.

Twilight Butterfly says:

Are you doing the course again in 2018? I wasnt able to afford the course before the deadline but if ur planning on doing it again i will save up and plan for next time

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