How to Make Money Online — Results from 18-Day Challenge

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This video will show you exactly how I make money online. It’s broken into two main parts. The first section will tell you my affiliate marketing game plan. Instead of sending direct to offers, you will see my much more profitable way to build passive income.

In the second part, you will see the results from this experiment. I wanted to include the numbers, even if I took a loss. The important thing here is that you see how my list building strategy works, and whether it’s something you could replicate.

If you want to contact me, you can reach me on most platforms.

My blog:

And you can also find me on FaceBook, Twitter and personal email.

Seriously, I enjoy connecting with each and every one of my followers.

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Bill Garfield says:

didn’t know so many people were trying to make money online using the wrong things lol. I am not trying to be another in the bunch here guys but I do know what could make you money online (and alot of it) Go to *Givendaily. com* and see how (for just one dollar) you can earn over 3k per week.. This does works…

LJ Aviles says:

Great video and great experiment. Perfect timing for me because I’m ready to purchase Solo Ads and just yesterday was reviewing solo ad sellers. I’ll be sure to download your list so I can buy from them. Thanks man!

Zoul Pio says:

Brendan that’s me on the video leaving a testimonial for Klauss. This was a good video, not only did you show that creating an email list is vital, you in explicitly showed how you can still make a commission while promoting an offer as an affiliate. what i find amazing is your followup sequence that alone help you recoup your initial investment in traffic.
I just recently recorded a video where I purchased 800 clicks to test out the conversion rate of salespage. Since you’re also a listbuilder, have you experimented with how to break even for every visitor that lands on your squeeze page? I’ve thought of a couple of ways but would like to know your thoughts. Gracias!

Arthur Fortney says:

make legitimate money online by going on this site *ONLINEPROFITJOBS. COM*

MrBumbo90 says:

Do you have any good book recommendations about this? I don’t mean a blog, because it is usually not very well organized. I mean something that is organized and can help be build a system in my head of the entire process of IM.

Jay Nolan says:

Hi Brendan, Been following your videos for a couple of months along with Jay Wessman on niche marketing and Alex Becker with source-wave for local seo rank and rent websites and selling leads to local businesses.

There are a 1000 different ways promoted to make money online with very few of those I feel I can trust. I was just about to purchase Amazon covert store builder when I noticed you said that niche marketing is not a great idea on your site. I may have misunderstood…but is the covert store still a viable method to use?

I’m 64 years old and want to shift from the cube to freedom online to retire free from the 40 year carrier I’m in.
I know how to rank a site on googles first page in a week or so and have the necessary skills to follow through I’m just stuck as to which way to go with all that I’ve learned.

Do you have an opinion on local so vs niche marketing? I need to have a clear plan in mind. At a crossroad with too many choices and would appreciate your input.


Kyle Bush says:

I’m continuing generate money with Mike’s Auto Trader System since it was first launch in binary market place. Its till giving me a lot of money not a lots of fake signals. I elevate my invested money only in 5 minutes. I’m earning across my desire. binaryautorobots. com

osama ahmed says:

i w want build my email list with getresponse
but i don t how ??
i want learn step by step

Hassaan Khan says:

Hi Brendon, I always appreciate your videos. Did you make any specific video series on powerful list building?

Shaun Pope says:

Excellent video Brendan, really solid content! Going to share this with others so everyone can benefit from your solo strategy.

Absolute pleasure taking part, despite the tech issues 🙂

I shall leave my link here should anyone wish to enquire, so you too can get a crazy 3.4% opt-in rate 😉 (just kidding). Testimonials with accurate figures on the site :p

Thanks Brendan, speak with you soon!

dirtfishingirl says:

Get video , thanks for the instructions. Very easy to follow. I am so ready to make money.

Justin K says:

I like how full disclosure you are.

Holli Dolli05 says:

Brendan mace is subscribed to me xx

Sandra Weiss says:

You give the best content on the web

Chakib BRIKCI SID says:

Hey Brendan Mace ! I’m a new subscriber and I’m really interested by working Online or making money online but I’m just a beginner ! So what kind of advice can you give me ?! That would be really cool from you !

Justin K says:

Good video. But why is your open rate so low at around 5%?

99Plus says:

Brendan you are the reason why I still listen to I.marketers!

Vincent Peters says:

I make around 3500 dollars every single month by using this crazy system
(Go and search google) *_Mike Make Money System_*

Freedom By Design says:

Great video! We are so grateful to have discovered you and your training it has certainly changed our mindsets about making money online and we are getting great results with our Solo Ads since we last session. If anyone is watching this video we highly recommend you take Brendan Mace seriously, hire him as a coach, follow him and his instructions and you will get results. ~ Anastacia H. “Ace”

erik jones says:

hey Brendan, Love your vids. after 18 days you would have only profited 90 bucks roughly excluding the coaching. that profit would further be eaten up by aweber and hosting/leadpages.

solid9 says:

“Super Simple Bot” is helping my pay off my huge credit card debt. Let it help you too. Do a quick Google search for it to find out how.

mpreyesmr says:

Learn how to quickly earn over 100 dollars/day online here: *JoxMoney. com*

The Guru says:

First of all, great advice Brendan. I honestly learned a lot here. Even for me, seeing this for the first time, I can already sort of understand what you are doing. Which is not intended to be a self-compliment toward myself in learning this so quickly, rather, a testament of your own superior teaching abilities on this subject. Very good work!

I also make a supplementary income from the web as a Pro GFX Artist. From channel art that exactly conveys what your brand is all about, to catchier thumbnails, overlays, all the way up to professionally-done intros (just like yours Brendan), I do it all.

Making a YouTube/Twitch channel more sophisticated, polished and professional is essential for any success.

P.S. Hilarious thumbnail. You look like your saying with your facial expression, “C’mon guys, you got this! With my easy to use advice, you can make money in no time! It’s easy! :D”

Keep it up.


jc prevost says:

Another great video again, building a list, I understand the idea list building. Thank you again for the wonderful video.

Abhishek Jangale says:

hi brendon i watched your video about increasing viewers but i am not able to what should i do????

Jeh Rhm says:

Omitting the couching. Your net profit is about $90. Or about 23%. That’s acceptable.a $3,840 investment should, of course, yield $900 profit. Or $1,800/month. One big question: How many up-sales will you be giving to gain this potential?

Forex Trading says:

It seems you have uploaded one of your old video here 🙂 … anyway, I was waiting for your new video. .. I have seen a lot of video tutorials and read many ebooks, but your video tutorials are very excellent. You are providing best methods and premium tips to the people like me. There is a guy ” Vick from high traffic academy” He is teaching same methods as you described here in your Channel. His membership fee is very high near to Thousand, I read he is the scammer. You are teaching all free here. Thank you very much.

Casino-Vorteile says:

there is one thing i dont really get, the math means that if someone for example has the same results, but dont gets the coaching clients, it won’t be a success ?

dont get me wrong, but is it that normal, to get two 400$ coaching clients with an emaillist ?

afkbrain91 says:

Hi Brendan,
thanks a lot for another great video! I just got one question for you or for your viewers : How are the sellers of solo ads able to guarantee for highly targeted traffic? ACR’s of > 50% surely aren’t based on cold traffic. Im just curious! Thanks

Tommy Isla says:

If you really want to make an easy $100 a day,

Katrina J Baxter says:

Are you still fighting to get success online? Just search google “jestifa easy system” I’m so happy that i found this group & doing really good.

Juri Fab says:

Great video Brendan! Let me know what kind messages you sent to your subscribers 🙂
Do you include standard text in e-mail series from ClickBank vendors or you compose text by your self?

michael parent says:

Many thanks Brendan!

jarda says:

Follow Brandon and you will earn money. Is that simple. like me.

michael parent says:

Hi Brendan, I appreciate your videos very much and I wanted to know a rough figure of how many freebees do I offer in my email list before I begin sending paid ones?

Dr. Devonte Weston says:

Hey Brendan, Whats the better way to offer coaching; Using applications like you, or creating a landing page where students pay for coaching up front?

Sara Param says:

Very good information I really like it  Vathani Ariyam

Amelia Williams says:

Everyone want a best website to find easy ways to make money.
(Just Google) James make money blueprint

beata zuk says:

Hello Brandon, I just want to say thanks. Your emails and videos are so genuine. I am always looking forward to read your emails because they are so informative and right to the point. Thanks

Mark C. says:

Do you want to motivate yourself to get to your goals?

myearthvideoz says:

Great video I found advertising that pays me and a free funnel at EndTheBS. com

Primal.TV says:

hey man do u remember me i was steamjett i was wondering if you can help me get to 1000 so i can be like u i all ways look up to you bro your doing good job dude

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