How To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing (Part 1)

In this video I’m going to give you an introduction on how to make money online with affiliate marketing. I know we have been talking about Shopify a lot but there are other way to earn money.

So when you want to generate some sort of income first you need an offer then you need a traffic yo send to that offer. You need to create an optin form so you can collect emails.

You want to connect that optin form to a one time offer page and try sell something to your traffic so that can pay for your Facebook advertising.

Then the next step is to offer your traffic another offer within your email marketing campaign. This is called affiliate marketing and this is a great way to learn how to make money online if you don’t where to start. You can earn 6 even 7 figure doing this by you need to follow the system. If you don’t follow the affiliate system you will fail at this.

So thats really it! Watch the video and enjoy.

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Shirsha Pramanik says:

hi Franklin, I’m on my free trial with Shopify and I want to advertise I don’t have much money (16 years old). what is the quickest way to get money for my Shopify business? my father is giving me one month to try and make sales? is it realistic to make more than 30 dollars profit for a noob in the first month?

Elijah Rusden says:

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Retro GOD says:

massive thanks !!

Chris K says:


Travis Grossman says:

As always thank your for the effort and content you put out! So many use and appreciate the time you put into making this information free/available.

Otniel B. Magda says:

Valuable content! I’ve purchased and completed Anik Singal’s $1.5k Email Marketing Course and the infos Frank is providing are matching with the course. Thumbs up!

Parth J says:

Make a video on 4 percent group

Jey Prosper says:

Would you be open in giving a link to this guy you paid $20 to write your Swipes?

Silverdot Haxor says:

Could you go over how to link the oto1 and oto2? Also the numbers at the end so we know what to aim for. For example 10% open rate, click rate, conversions etc. I know they vary, but just having any numbers to start with is nice.

Jacob Charbonneau says:

hey frank! what is the best program for funnels ? clickfunnels , builderall, leadpages, etc ?

philip albert says:

Great video.

I am going thru watching all your videos. You may have answered this before on another video but can you explain more about naked urls and how to link to pages?

Rahul Vlog says:

crazy info Thanks, Franklin . but technic showed/tough need good patients. I think the black hat email marketing(spamming) work well. These guys don’t bother their list. Just send email daily to the same list.

Gary Carlyle says:

maybe its just me but everybody either buys my oto they dont. realy do emails convert for me. can i hire u? i dont have much money right now but i would make a lot with better marketing and can pass some of it to u of course.

Javier Asasas says:

Hi, Frank nice video. I have one question for you. If we use clickbank to sell products as affiliates is there a way to know who buys the product from our list? Thanks!

cooljim198 says:

Great as always Frank

zdrumrguy says:

Great video, as always. So, this applies to downloadable and physical affiliate products, right? I’m assuming it is but I always get into trouble when I assume.

faiq ahmad says:

give me complete

Ron Kumar says:

whats the membership you are talking about? Was that the One Time Offer after they signed up with the freebie?

Patch Hafiz says:

Extremely helpful content. Really appreciate you taking the time to do this. I have a question, if you don’t mind. The launch jacking website you showed us in your 2nd $1000/day vid, did you do any backlinks for that site? Thanks a bunch! 🙂

Parth J says:

From next time speak clearly or buy a new mice i can’t understand what are u saying

emil maxwell says:

Hey, Franklin Thanks a lot for this video, these last months, the quality of your videos and the value given where just through the roof.

Anyway, Could you make a video on ecommerce presell pages for facebook ads? Direct linking of products doesn’t give good enough results, and I’m struggling with presell pages.

Thanks in advance

Now You Know says:

Need a professional looking wordpress website click on the link below:

susan sutton says:

Very useful video. Great content. Cannot wait for the rest of the series.Thank you.

Start Starting Up says:

Very insightful.

I’ve learnt first hand that Facebook Ads at face level just don’t work. You need to capture that person’s info and build a relationship through value building to eventually become profitable. This is the info alot of the “gurus” miss out!

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