How To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

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On this episode I will be talking about affiliate marketing. I started with this income model when I was in high school and it allowed me to later build my online business. It is a great model because it consists of trading time for money, without the need of any financial investment upfront.

Basically, you are going to earn commissions by selling products from other people. You can make money by just sending traffic and making sales for other businesses.

This is a great model for people that are starting in the online business world, since you are not handling orders, products, payments, shipping, team building and other aspects of a business, you are just promoting your affiliate link, and you can make recurring commissions and win bonuses.

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GE Side-by-Side ONLY - Refrigerator Repair Videos says:

Where did you go friend? Are you feeling ok? I miss your uploads. You complete me.

umanga sarathchandra says:

sebastian i didnt get the email link


oyee disculpa aun se puede hacer affiliate marketing de forma rentable?

Jose L Navarro says:

esto me interesa aprender para generar comicion ,y despues invertir en algo mas

I’m Business says:

What’s the affiliate program for the car!?

Davis The says:

Perfect piece of code. In all my twitter accounts together i have around 2 million followers, so its a perfect plugin for me.


Can you use click funnels through affiliate links?

Jonathan Bradshaw says:

Comeon man dont be like the others… I had faith in you dude 🙁

Gabriel Mascagni says:

I havent received any link with the training.

Sam Gamertag says:

Great video. You should make a video on how to make an exposure ad/video for a new brand coming up

jevaughn mcleod says:

sebastian i didn’t get the email link???

david bazinet says:

Hi Sebastian! Can you do a video about how to deal with sudden conversion drops? For example, I was spending $1,000/day in ads, bringing in about $3,000/day in sales consistent over many weeks, and then overnight my CPA went up and my revenue cut in half.. after a few days I paused most of my ads and relaunched new ones. My CPA went down and the momentum started picking up again for about a month, and then last week, it happened again.. All my ads started doing poorly overnight.
1- Do you have any idea why this happens?
2- How do you work around this without losing too much momentum and optimization?

Thanks for all your help and amazing videos!

Erick Falck says:

Sebastian, I just want an honest answer. Do you think that all of this works with a Spanish speaking audience? I want to do this but I think that there’s way less competition on a spanish targer rather than english. Am I wrong?

W. T. says:

Sebastion, please check your facebook group. I applied to join it a few days ago but the approval is still pending 🙁

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