How To Make: Money Printer Machine!

money magic trick printer machine that you can buld at home with push pins,glue stick,nylon or paper,super glue and some metal piece for frame.this magic printer its for fun only!

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Digital Content International says:

So nice content, really appreciated!

Fitnezz Skit says:

How do you get the money imprint on the transfer paper?

علي المنصوري says:

هذه شنو دولار أم ورقه

Omprakash Bharke says:

this is duplicate , fake , this is only magic not a printer …because first he take a money note and fold and then he fold one simple paper sheet , when it fold the money note comes out !!!! stupid !

Iboettc 1234 says:

but I want to make sterlin money not American money someone help

Tori Diaz says:

where do i find this paper??!!!!!

Happy skull says:

Thats the first money he put come out not the paper guys dont try it isn’t work

Asem Hijazi says:

Are you Russian or India?

Make Money Online From Home says:

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Cooper Hoard says:

I’m calling the cops no just kidding but that’s for real I was gonna

Jhaymar Salabat says:

its not a printer its just a joke…

MRuben Gaming1129 says:

it did not WORK its just a pitty lie!!! i Cant believe THIS!!!! I just wasted my money to buy those materials to make that thing!!!!

jacqueline colon says:


Lakisha Brown says:

can you use the money at the store?

Dirtydiego 40 says:

this is fake

Huy Dang says:

I’m triggered

Read more

tropical waffle says:

no way I call fake there’s no way

alex mcmahan says:

this can be like a bar trick for bets if done right

Lopez Kataleya says:

I think it’s fake

Amya's World says:

This video seems like its sharing illegal info man….just saying. Cool vid but i dont wanna gt jail

Ben Slichter says:

i hate his voice

Pele Peterson says:

is that real?

admiral beaky says:

cool video

Lopez Kataleya says:

you talk funny

ayxan ehmedzade says:

yaln dı yoxsa doğru

TheDutchKing says:

works this unlimited??

wolves and rodents says:

Oohhh wow I got 1 million dollors so cool…. This is so fake you would have to have a IQ of -1000000000 to believe this

John Oconor says:

o he woke I pike it is like a magic trick


haha not nice but ia doing like haaa

Lopez Kataleya says:

I think it’s fake monet

Moira patea says:

Is it real

Deyjion Jefferson says:

was that black thing a piece of a trash bag

xhollice says:


Orlagh Russell says:

Is his real or not

Chelsea krause says:

That is super illegal

Ermal Hoti says:

just it cant do it

bovey avabel says:

the hick his video is so obvious that he put the real money inside the roller and he put the paper on the other side so that the money could come out

Yap Yi Xian says:

Isn’t this illegal

#BlakeJustice says:

i tried that to my friend and he was like “SHIT”

Oyun Küpü says:


Sans The Skeleton says:

Im so sure it was a joke or a magic trick,the paper will roll to the plastic/paper and the used money goes out.Just saying…

Oyun Küpü says:

no illimunati

OfficialZeek says:

this super fake and click bait

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