How To Make Money Selling On Shopify Drop-shipping – Earn $500 A Day 2016

An easy way to make money online! drop ship products from china and resell it for profit. This is the best way to start earning money online fast. Use aliexpress to look for items and use amazon and ebay to sell it. If you have any questions please comment below!

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Make 100 USD Daily Without Investment says:

Learn how to make over 4500 USD per month easily with 30 minutes of work daily. “Justnox mega mind profit system” (just search google).

Mark Rothchild says:

So the customer orders a product and then you order it from Ali Express. The free shipping from Ali Express is 20-35 days—so it takes a really long time till the customer gets what they order! Do you get lots of complaints?

Mystique says:

But you can’t sell aliexpress on ebay & amazon b/c the wholesalers are on there too, selling the same product at wholesale price you are selling at retail price. Unless you spend time figuring out whether or not someone else is already selling the same thing. Otherwise, you can’t compete with that. It’s a waste of time. Also, i’ve heard that on Amazon the competitors will purposely leave you crappy reviews so ppl think your store is untrustworthy when you are doing well. Sorry to sound so negative but its true, it does happen. And how do you know which is a popular niche? Thanks & best wishes!

Pawan Sapkota says:

do u have step by step process video for beginners?

Stelios Chatzipapas says:

Nice video very helpfull, just one question. can i dropshipping items from ali express and throught shopify facebook store manage them and post them and sell it on my facebook page which is sync with shopify of course. looking forward for your answer.

DiefTV says:

Hi! I really appreciate this video, I found it very helpful and you are easy to follow! I have a question… I am trying to set up an item for free and I have set the shipping weights correctly but what was suppose to be $20 for shipping is only charging $3. I have just that one item set for 0.1lbx0.1lb (rate by weight) so I am confused why it is doing this? Thanks!

good988 says:

I’ve been told that the problem with drop shipping is dealing with buyer returns. How do you handle this issue (if buyers decide to return items)? Please give a clear explanation so we all can understand. Thanks!

Waylon Knudsen says:

what licensing do you need to start a drop shipping business

Amadou Camara says:

How do you deal with returns?
What do you do if a customer cancel his/her order days after you processed the order to aliexpress?
Do you have other suppliers other than Aliexpress?
How to find suppliers?

Sarah Muyumba says:

Hi how are you. I ran an add and got about 10 visitors per day but no sales at all. Can you check my site and advise what I am doing wrong?

DarkSoulx says:

Hey guys! I’m a teen entrepreneur hoping to gain sales through Shopify so that I can help my family financially. As of now, I have gathered up the funds with struggle to open this store and it would be truly helpful if you guys could check it out and give me feedback on it. If you guys actually helped by purchasing something, I would feel deeply touched and helped.. Please check it out and let me know how you guys find it.
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Waylon Knudsen says:

what licensing do you need to start a drop shipping business

Online Ecommerce says:

Thanks for the video is great!

Madrot Smith says:

hi. im from asia..can i create shopify shop?.. i saw in other video comment there a some problem for non us seller to setup shopify..for example in payment section etc. tq

Abundantly Blessed says:

thank you so much for sharing this knowledge. Any other recommendations for sourcing women’s fashion apparel?

Eugene Rivera says:

Do you ever have trouble with drop shipping lets say do to shipping time or if they are out of product and it is on back order and your customer is waiting your order? How do you get around these type of problems of out of stock or long shipping time? Thank you and great video.

batista9322 says:

is this legit?

Random Bike Trips says:

Hey man, are you familiar with using Google AdWords? If so, do you have any valuable tips on it? Is it normal to lose a little money or even just “break even” in the first few weeks before starting to see good profit?

Saleem Vblog Thingyyy says:

i need more information on this, can you talk to me about it more ?

Anthony T says:

Thanks for the advice, but without using Facebook how do you get traffic to your shopify? is this easy to do?

Tina Moore says:

Thanks bro by the way how do I record my screen I wanna do a video on it

Sandra Legrand says:

Awesome video! I started shopify couple months ago and I love it, already making couple hundreds in sales per day! Luckily recently I stumbled upon a guy selling all gurus ecommerce courses at a tiny fraction of their prices, it was a game changer in my business, you can look for his blog, google something like “Megarno shopify magician” I think, his stuff were worth every pennyl. My second recommendation is that you should keep on trying, if a product or adset doesn’t work try another one… you’re just failing your way to success!

smoekerz3 says:

The shipping took so long because it is from china. And ppl still buy the stuff?

Abubakar El-nafaty says:

***without FB ads is what i mean

Daniel Tan says:

Must we do private labeling for selling products on shopify via aliexpress? I understand for amazon, many people are getting into trouble and getting their product listings removed due to piggybacking on other people’s product listing of the same kind of product.

chandan nasta says:

Now I have got a small problem. When I try to create a facebook conversion ad after I have created the ad and preview the ad this is what happens on any feed preview that I watch: there are 3 images in total. On the 1st image if any customer would click on shop now it would reach directly at my buy now page. On the 2nd or 3rd image if they click on shop now it directly lands to my home page. I dont know why this happens. I previewed desktop, mobile instagram everywhere the same it shows. So I am really you know don know what to do.

Cindy Rogers says:

Hi, how are you? I been having trouble with shipping… I offer it free but if the choose 2 products. It only charges for shipping for only one product..Can you help..please

scubba steve says:

How do you deal with the long shipping times?

Tina Moore says:

aliexpress is a rip off totally i sign up with them pay the for 10 order i gotten from my online store its been 2 week they close out all of my orders and said its for security purpose only but took funds out my account

johnnyyyf1 says:

Which plan do you need on Shopify to start doing the dropshipping?

Curtis Tyrell says:

When you say make $500 a day, how much of that $500 is sales/profit? Thanks, Good Infomation.

ihsanm says:

Awesome video man! How do you make the label say your brand’s name? And do you have to make your business legally official on paper or can you just run it without that? Thanks.

Maurice Gatdula says:

that was very informative thank you

Victoria Elazigue says:

Do you have to have a business license or resale license for each store you are running on Shopify?

Kadir Akin says:

Is using other social media hardly recommended? or using shopify is enough?

Alex Nobles says:

So are you paying Aliexpress anything at all?

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