How to make money teaching art and craft classes

Today I am going to share my tips for making money teaching art and craft classes. We will discuss the 3 main types of classes to determine what kind of class would suit you best.

3 kinds of classes/teaching:

1. Full time art teacher in a classroom setting. Usually employed by a school or non-profit company.

2. Full time art studio where you are self employed in your own small business.

3. Freelance teacher where you typically travel from location doing art classes for groups or organizations, clubs or “sip & paints”

If you have any questions leave them below!

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Art with Bart says:

Any advice on getting a LLC license when starting a art class.

Shantell Thompson says:

hi, i am in l love with craft and all things D.I.Y. but i am not certified. i just love making different types of craft

any advice for starting my own craft classes.

Niina FairychamberArt says:

This was very helpful thank you. I used to teach art for kids but it was too draining for me. Perhaps adult groups next 😀

Joana Waszaj says:

Do you need to have an Art Teaching Degree to teach or it’s enough with an Art degree and a lot of passion 😉 ?

Hector Perez says:

Mahalo from Kaua’i. Great and very practical tips delivered with a passionate voice. I will give you credit when I am up and running. My niche is that I also teach T shirt screenprinting. I hope to push that aspect. We also have a large tourist and time share population here in Kaua’i. A couple of my friends teach painting. Aloha from Hawaii!

Owings Art says:

Hi Lindsay – Love the video. One of my favorite parts was the, “flow chart”. lol. You’re sooooo generous with your time and tips! Love that you are the way you are!

Joy Jackson says:

Wow ! You have an arrray of teaching experiences.

Cristian Olmos says:

I want that flow chart

Michelle Christopher says:

Wish you lived hawaii smiles today I went to my storage to organize got some done I have so much it’s over welming

Romanita Puente says:

Thanks for the information! I am doing a project for school. Do you know of any resources that I can look up how much art/crafting schools/studios make? I am currently in the process of getting my AS in Business managements and I also craft so I am doing research on crafting businesses. I need to write a business plan which includes finances (P and L, overhead costs, etc.)

Ida Carlitz says:

over here in Singapore, average of public schools’ class size is about 40 students. Conducting Art Lesson is really challenging! thanks for sharing!

Henna du plessis says:

You are so kind.  Always helping and sharing.  You set an example of how to ‘give of yourself’. One day, when you can find a few minutes, please make a video, ” A day in the life of The Frugal Crafter”. Love from Israel XXX

Ann Scott says:

Thank you, thank you! The worst advice I was ever given… “Do give it all away, don’t tell them everything.” Oh, so wrong!

Just My Thoughts says:

My question would be: “How do you know you are at a level where you can teach and have the knowledge and skill to help others develop their skills?”

Bettye Hayden says:

love your sweater and hairdo. you are so nice to listen to.

ReadRenu06 says:

I wish I can have a teacher like you….
Thank you so much ma’am

Lili Tincher says:

Amen sister! Love your passion and all your videos!
Thank you so much!

Antonio Garcia says:

Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I agree that you should share what you have learned . I have 35 years as a florist i love it very much. I have a associates degree in interior design it has helped so much. Im getting ready to teach others this profession. Im charging $ 50 for 5 hours that includes suppliers. Im renting a large room at a crafts center $ 350 a month i make that in one day. Just do your research. I advertise on Craigslist , photo copies of sign you can display at other buisness of what you teach. Thanks for your insight.

Monique B. says:

100 ThumbsUp…thanks for sharing !!!

pinky flake says:

i have taugt art for over a decade in high school, a fellow teacher moved to Iceland, she said people do adult classes in art is very mainstream activity, one group she said had been going for over twenty years with the same people in it.

rajeswari n says:

You are so good and also ur videos are ver useful, clean and clear… Go on and rock.. Thankyou so much

Agatha Wydeveld says:

Thanks so much for this inspiring video Lindsay and your lovely bubbly and enthusiastic personality 🙂

Voleta Chapman says:

Great tips. Thanks for sharing

Emi Hayashi says:

OMG thank you, I’m a junior in high school I want to make a living off art one way or another thank you for your precious advice! By the way, do you know anything about publishing graphic novels or books, it okay if you don’t know, just wondering…. Anyway thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

Deb Mailloux says:

Hi Lindsay just wanted to ask how do you get people to sign up for classes or find people for one on one teaching if your just starting out??

Michelle Southan says:

thank you! so helpful!

Sigrid Heistinger says:

Hey Lindsay! Thanks for this video, it´s awesome and fully packed with inforamtion. Plus you really look great in this video (love your hair!)
I´d be interested in how you prepare a workshop, or if you just “go with the flow”, just in case you are looking for further video ideas.
In general, i am very interested in how you organize(d) all your lessons and time.  I´m just about to start my own business with art and craft workshops. Some things are very different here, (I live in Austria, Europe) but I am so grateful for your tips and tricks and insights. It makes me selfconfident that it is going to work. Thanks for that!

Renea B says:

I love how you are so adamant about teaching what you love!

YennyStorytale says:

you truly open my eyes …… thanks for the great information

Antonio Garcia says:

Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I agree that you should share what you have learned . I have 35 years as a florist i love it very much. I have a associates degree in interior design it has helped so much. Im getting ready to teach others this profession. Im charging $ 50 for 5 hours that includes suppliers. Im renting a large room at a crafts center $ 350 a month i make that in one day. Just do your research. I advertise on Craigslist , photo copies of sign you can display at other buisness of what you teach. Thanks for your insight.

Rasz Art Designs says:

Awesome video! I have been so concerned about getting product made, that I end up stressed because it doesn’t happen overnight. This video made my frustrations melt away. Thank you so much. I am a new subscriber and I look forward to watching more of your videos.

Suzie D. says:

OMG you are so interesting and have so much to offer. I try to always comment & like your videos. I heard Darrel Eves say it helped peoples channels. My personal fear is that I am not a good enough artist to teach. Its kind of funny actually. I teach history at a living  museum everyday. I am a journeyman brass founder and pewterer. I love being a tradesmen at work. And I love casting metal at work. But at home I love to make Art Journals with mixed media. I guess I’m letting FEAR stop me. Thanks for all the good info.

Chanvannark Kath says:

Hi Lindsay! I’ve been looking for someone like you who knows business and art. I’ve been working at a paint and sip studio for over 3 years now and have taught for over 5 years at children’s studios around the Bay Area in California. I really think the next step is to move forward and start my own business as an artist so I can be free, while being my own boss. And yes I do agree with you 100 percent that if you’re teaching a student. Then spill all the beans. Sharing art will inspire others to make more art. Anyways. thanks for sharing your artwork and business knowledge.



Derwin Sierra says:

Great video Lindsay. Lots of good information. I’m thinking of opening a studio and currently working on the business plan. Hopefully the numbers work out. Thank you again for your inspiration!!!! Derwinism

Pink Poodle Crafts says:

love this video. I do the in-home classes and birthday parties, they are fun! I also do bachelorette/girls night parties where i bring the wine and the crafts for ladies who arent into the bar sceen for their parties

LegendOfMoonDragons says:

You have a charming personality; such great tips! I’m starting up my own drawing classes so this is all really great to learn about 🙂 Thanks so much!

Cheryl Pollard says:

I stumbled across this at the perfect time. I was wondering about contacting Michael’s about their paint classes. The stuff they paint is pretty easy and I could easily do this or much better. Question: Since I have done a lot of painting tutorials, could I demonstrate something I followed along with you, Cinnamon or Ginger? I know I would need to disclose that we were recreating someone’s original work. Compensation would also need to be discussed. I want to do something like this because I love painting and want to help others discover it as well. So many questions…

Antonio De Jesus says:

I am on my way to finally starting my Paint and Sipping painting class art house in New Jersey. The starting process is very hard. Your video did lifted me up giving me hope. I have listened to many Podcasts about starting a business but your video is my very close reference. Thank you for taking the time and sharing all this great information. I hope I have as much luck as you do 🙂 God bless you!

M S says:

Hi Lindsay, TFS the wonderful tips!!! Have been wanting to offer art classes at my home to kids and adults- would you recommend I get a child care and or teaching license and insurance first or just start out and then get it down the road? is it even needed in your experience? Getting kids over to my home makes me a little nervous thinking if they might get hurt accidentally and parents suing.. Also if one goes to teach outside (library, friends house) do you still need to be covered by insurance or have a license to teach? Thanks so much… Your advice is really appreciated!

MegaPraiseHim says:

Hey, I was in broadcasting too!  I understand what you mean about the business being unstable.  After being laid off from my last gig for a year I said no more.  Now I work in a medical office.  Big change, but stable, more money and most certainly better hours, lol.

allthatsbeautiful1 says:

Thank you so much….very informative.

Endless Crafting Creations says:

Flat out amazing THANK YOU SO MUCH

Sassy Sue says:

Love you ! I watch your tutorials every day. Question I want to start my own Mobil paint party’s. Where do I get my ideas for the paintings without copying someone else’s. I don’t want to copy anyone’s paintings without their permission. Diann in Texas

Laura says:

This is great stuff! I have been planning on doing exactly what you did for a couple years now. I have my company name and LLC set up and last year had a location next to a scrapbooking store so I knew I could get clients but then we moved. I am now finally getting back to things and needed some inspiration. I would love an example of your classes or how you came up with things. Unlike you I have an art degree and although I do have a lot of ideas focusing on inspiring people I would be curious to hear your tips. I will look at your other videos. Thanks for reaching out with this information to let me know that others have done it and succeeded 🙂 I would mostly be doing it just for fun for myself so luckily I don’t need to worry too much about my bottom line but of course I want to break even or make a little money as well.

Lisa Blatt says:

I was laid off from a full time art teacher job after 15 years,at a private school in the LA area I don’t have a credential and I have been looking for work for 6 months and haven’t had any luck.
Thank for the good ideas, I can’t afford a studio in my area the rent is very expensive but I will try working parties I am going to look into a party planning for kids in my area. Thanks Again for all your Great Videos!

2company3crowd says:

wonderful advice. Thank you!

Donna Peter says:

This is great info, thank you! I am curious though, you mentioned you don’t feel comfortable teaching in your own home. May I ask why that is? I am looking at my options on earning a bit of an income, but still be able to stay at home and be available to my kids who are all school aged. I have the space to teach in my home, but I am not sure if this the way to go or not?
Any thoughts?

Looking forward to the series you have put together 🙂

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