How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Curious about how to make money with affiliate marketing? In this video you learn a basic overview and some tips to get started! **** Ready to grow your YouTube channel faster in 2019? We just released a brand new YouTube Growth Checklist and free video series. Get it free here ➡️

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This video is a basic overview of affiliate marketing for beginners and examples of how to make money with affiliate marketing on YouTube.


Marty Ray Project says:

Do you help channels navigate YouTube’s algorithm? For money of course.

Affiliate Watch says:

Great man. Affiliatr marketing literally changed my life!

True Fishing BD says:

I was finding this type of video of affliate marketing many days ago. Thank you so much sir for providing a nice video of it.

hellen nelson says:

Is there anything that we can sign up for if we have less than 100 subscribers??

Kevin Beckman says:

Look forward to the next video. My question is, what drives the most traffic and conversion for a sale, is it YouTube, other social media, or your website? I’m really trying to get this to be a legitimate income source, if possible.

Tarz Thomas says:

I hate my job, i wish i could make enough doing affiliate Marketing

MsKimKerr says:

I smashed the like button Sean!!!

Inspire with Africasoriginal says:

I just love your videos.

Jane Margot says:

Looking forward to more affiliate marketing videos!

Axiom Brevity says:

The issue for me was that Amazon wouldn’t accept me as an affiliate. Not sure why not.

Mike Phillips says:

Just getting started in it … should have started sooner! 🙂
Thanks Sean!

Hooked On Crafts says:

I have not started affiliate marketing yet but it is one of my goals for this year. Do you have to have a blog with most programs or can you just use your YouTube channel to link them?

Shaun O'Rourke says:

Looking forward to getting started with affiliated marketing. Love these tips!

Dave Erving Evader Knives says:

I signed up for affiliate links about 3 months ago, I have a few sales in the U.S, but started getting emails from other Countries that I haven’t made my 1st 3 “qualifying” sales… What does that mean & what happens if that goal isn’t reached, do i lose my chances forever??? Also, you can’t get the full “onelink” till you qualify, which makes it a whole catch 22… Thanks for the info, take it easy….

Anna Zappia Music says:

Hey Sean I have a question. I want to review an Presonus home recording studio kit on YouTube with an affiliate link. However one of the things in the kit was faulty and a few other people got it faulty but the other things work fine.
1/ Should I still review and just be honest and hope if they buy they don’t get a faulty one, or
2/ Not review at all

Josh Quinonez says:

Thanks for this video Sean! I’ve already been making side income with affiliate marketing. But this video has pushed me to want to do more through my content to build up everything I possibly can. Thank you!

Revenue Pro Tips says:

Great vid Sean. Simple and very understandable explanation of affiliate marketing and love the “proof of concept” point because we felt the same way! For us, $1.60. But SOOOO Exciting! Keep the great content coming and looking forward to the other two videos.

Aliex Folgueira says:

I was in the audience woohoo

Patrick O Beirne says:

Hes gerrinf paid for affiliate linking amazon

Cydsdad says:

Not Yet Started But interested

Sarah K. says:

I just started two weeks ago and already made 81 cents. Ooooooh yeah.

Gotta love carpet pythons says:

l have thought about it and been saying to myself more so where to start and who to start with. l am in Australia and hearing internationally l could do this has made me think why not. l know that l could certainly recommend products to people, alot of products shipped to Australia, alot are not but l have many other countries that also watch my video. l have a small niche being reptiles but in life l have many things thinking out of the box, being not necessarily a reptile product but adapted to use for them, when it comes to reptiles as well. Got me thinking this video.

Dave Erving Evader Knives says:

What are fees & Bounties??? My summary is like $10(just started), but my fees are $10 and my bounty is 0… I’ve tried to look this up but no explanation… everytime I make some money, the fees go up, but bounty stays at 0… Most of my traffic is YouTube & onelink doesn’t work on the platform… Sending people away is inefficient & not working(I have a dedicated page on my website)…

Dave Erving Evader Knives says:

The average viewer watches Youtube videos 3-7 minutes… I’m starting to realize, putting my ads in the front could be counterproductive(even I’m getting annoyed by it, how can i expect others to like it, if i don’t), but if i wait till the end a big percentage of people miss it…

Phantom Of The Shoes says:

haven’t really started yet but hope to soon

Terry Stone says:

You rock!!!! Yes, I have started affiliate marketing, but traffic is my biggest issue right now. However, watching your video here and video influencers I think I’m starting to get the concept!

John’s Hackley says:

Yes I have start with affiliate marketing program. Kind of new concept. And how you get paid from kt

Adrienne Cherrail says:

Thankkk you sooo muchhh i smashed the like button and saved the vid I CANT WAIT TO KNOW MORE!! THANK YOU

Simply Me Tay says:

Are there certain criteria to sign up with affiliate marketing?

Senpai says:

I started my youtube because of you! (Well editing lot of videos to launch it). I bought all the kits and cameras via ur affiliated link~

Paulo Lopez says:

Just started my channel. I’m so glad I found you!

Fuzzy Artemis says:

After watching this, I’m planning on joining in affiliate programs. My question is, what sort of places would you suggest for someone who does gaming for one channel, then plans on doing crafts and vlogging on another?

House of Essence says:

You always have great tips and ideas

Phillip Babuscio says:

I currently have a Sony hx80 but I want to get a dslr camera, what would be some good dslr cameras around the price point of $500. Thank you do much and keep up the great work!

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