How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing
The Amazon Affiliate Program is a great way to make passive income online selling products.

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Making Money with the Amazon Affiliate Program is actually pretty easy if you think about what you can do to actually help people by recommending products from brands you care about.

What has made me successful and able to make over $500 with Amazon Affiliate Marketing alone, has been a strategy of promoting products I already use and doing reviews for them and making buying guides.

People who are not successful with Amazon tend to not have a real strategy based in creating value or showcasing products they themselves are using.

My audience wants to know what I’m using to get my work done because they want to produce similar results, so they have no problem shopping on Amazon. In fact they are grateful to use my affiliate links because most people don’t go out of their way to reveal their secrets the way I do.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways I’ve found to make passive income online and if done properly I believe it can work well for most people.

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Back2fit says:

dude every video of yours helps me sooooo much!!!! thanks!!

Johnny Nguyen says:

Hi! Roberto. I would like your opinion on something. I know you say that to tell you friends and family to bookmark. Is that legal? And second I have talk to one of the person on amazon affiliate. He have told me he wouldn’t recommend it. And Would I be penalized for it? or would I would earn a commission? I would like to have a second opinion on this. Thank you so much for that.

Jesse MrPolite Sales says:

Do you think Unique items would work? For Ex LED umbrellas, Glow in the dark T-Shirts, unique lighters. I just want to know what you think. I’m 100% beginner. I watch your videos daily but never commented,. Nope once before lol

rune flækøy says:

Thank you for sharing this info


nice bro

Kenzord says:

Would I need a lot of subscribers or friends on Facebook to keep an affiliate account or would you recommend becoming an affiliate after getting established with many followers?

Home Automation says:

After watching your video, I finally created an affiliate program with Amazon. Seems like I’m a little late to the game, but I just added my amazon link to all 40 of my videos. I’ll see how it goes.

The Gaming World says:

how can i use Amazon affiliate links globally because I have traffic on my facebook page from many countries like us,UK,Mexico

Jimmy a Geek says:


Abhishek Rakhecha says:

can you please tell me that the product which I’ve not bought yet but wanna recommend them.. then the internet pictures are gonna help me or not

Ganesh Pawar says:

If I wanna buy something from Amazon & uses my own affiliate link..will Amazon blocked me?

rosenchrige tipsie says:

Very informative and well explained, esp. for aspiring newbies like me, thanks! Love the T-shirt!

Dylan Ray says:

Hey Roberto, what is the best way to get the short affiliate links like your links? Most url shorten-ers arnt fond of the html link. Also loving your content man great stuff always excited to learn from you!

Steves Profit Secrets says:

Your tip on buying guides is a very good one….people are looking to buy and need that extra push. These work very well, thanks for sharing your info.

Ashley L says:

cool vid

Living Free Forever - Melody & Ric Schafer says:

Roberto, do you know how to save a picture from Amazon to put up on my Instagram account where I have my Amazon affiliate link. I want to share product we personally use or plan on getting…that I researched and know are good. I created a seperate Instagram account just for this. I just can’t figure out how to download a picture from amazon website to my phone…need to download picture to my phone so I can upload it to my instagram account. I have a Samsung Galaxy 7 Active if that matters. Thank you! 🙂 Melody

spllitz says:

can you buy something using your own link and get paid?

Luis Zecena says:

Thank you for the advice, Roberto!
Question: Is it better to keep a different account for everything? (website/channel/affiliate pgam)

Deep Johnny says:

If you run ad with cloaking technical, you will need our accounts
we are senior partners of Google and Facebook and we have best ad accounts for run ads.
So if you need more details, let’s PM me on skype: johnnydeep0211
Hope this helpful

Bella Ford says:

Great Info !!?

Tech4Less says:

very very very usefull video man.. I really enjoy it 🙂 keep up the awesome work

Brian Corcoran's Aquatics says:

Great video! Very informative and use full!

The Polary says:

Your a sympathetic guy! I prefer ur commentary!
Helped me a lot!

The Icebear #thepolary.

peter thomas says:

Hi Roberto, my name is Peter Thomas and am from Africa, please i want to ask what if am not into tech, health or any other thing but i want to be an amazon marketer or go into online marketing, how am i going to start when i don’t have much money with me please i need your help, please box me with your supper ideas on my email (

Randall's Rest & Relaxation says:

Thanks Roberto Blake!

Viral Videos says:

I have got a very huge money in my Amazon affiliate account how will I get to transfer that money to my bank account

Book of Brooke says:

Thanks for sharing!

Benjamin Tripp says:

Great video. How did you get the affiliate link to I could only see how to for specific products or page.

VirtualJustin says:

Where does the money you earn go? Does it go towards future amazon purchases or is it deposited to your bank?

KillaCam Fit says:

wow big thanks man I just started studying marketing your videos are a big Help !!

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