How to make money with Art/Photography – How to sell and market your artwork/photography online

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sell your art here Selling your art on the internet is a great way to keep your budgets low and get yourself noticed.

Look at this scenario. I want to sell a piece of art for $500 so I take it to an art gallery. They usually take 50% of your profits for selling it in there gallery. If you sell that same piece online for $350 your customer saves $150 and you gain an extra $100. And you won’t be cash negative by having to buy the art upfront and wait for someone to buy it. If you sell it online you print it once you have someone who bought it and boom free money.

In this tutorial I show you how to creat discount codes on and also how to creat limited time promotions of your art. This is a great way to encourage buyers to buy now. I also show you how to set your fine art america shop on the home page of your facebook fan page.

Here is a list of the websites I was showing you in the video for an example of what I have set up to sell my art.




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Marie-Elaina Reichle says:

Thank you very much for such informative information. I have tons of macro & stock work but i was hesitant to link it into facebook because of how easy it is to download right off the page for 1.

Also was hesitant because i thought that if it went on FB they would than have control over its use and certain legal rights of reuse.

How do you protect your work on FB interaction. Is there a way you can disable the right click download option on the fan page?

With reguard to the sites you mentioned. I have a few questions

How do they compile annual sales.Does it itemize raw material and net profits or do you have to track each sale.

Do they send out 1099 for all or only after a specific amount of sales?

Do they collect and compile email lists to be able to send those coupon codes out in bulk client email promotions?

Would you mind sharing what you consider to be effective pricelists on all the print sizes & per download site min monetay amount you think is worth while taking into consideration time associated with downloading 1000s of pics & min royalty you would work with.

Ive been taking pictures for well over 20 yrs now with the last decade focused on macro and stock photos of textures & flowers with an abstract perspective.
I want to also initiate an app creation. Do you have any people you could refer that you are familiar with and trust with your work. Possibly looking for a partner to create it with and of course any work you wanted to include could be incorporated, but i would need to become more familiar with you before im game for that. Down the road a bit.
Before i could discuse app design idea you would have to sign some docs preventing you from sharing idea or creating it on you own.

Your videos are greatly appreciated. Many blessings to you and your family. Your welcome to friend me personally on FB and send me messages that way. Marie-Elaina Reichle.

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Adams Brag says:

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MissAbbyH says:

I know this sounds stupid, but that list of options you have on the left, I don’t seem to have that on my fan page. I do have it on my personal page. I’m not sure how to fix that. Could you tell me how, please?

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Mr Kandahar says:

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Mohammed Sayed says:

Hey people check out my paintings in FAA on the link below

2010Hershey says: This is my profile page to the website, Fine Art America, where I’m selling my artwork! I typically upload a new piece within two to four weeks. Feel free to share this to everybody you know!

Zee .Z says:

Can I ask something , if they buy our art , do we need to send the picture to them by the post office or they just need to donwload it ? Please answer

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