How to Make Money With Clickbank Affiliate Marketing (The Secret)

Clickbank: A tough nut to crack if you’re trying to make money with affiliate marketing for the first time. In this video, I reveal the secrets behind making money as a Clickbank Affiliate by doing ONE thing correct, right from the get go! Subscribe and share if you enjoy!

If you want to be successful selling products on Clickbank (whether your own product, or affiliate products)… you must absolutely focus your efforts on building your email list and creating a compelling follow up sequence to sell the affiliate products you are trying to sell.

In the past, my method of making money on Clickbank was simply to create affiliate review blogs and directing traffic to the review pages of my blogs.

However, nowadays in 2016, it’s important to change the flow up a bit and direct all your traffic sources to your squeeze pages first, then you can direct your visitors to your affiliate review pages to earn affiliate commissions on the follow up.

Here’s how the flow should be:

1) Traffic Sources (Google, Facebook, Youtube, WordPress blogs)
2) Squeeze page/Freebie Opt-in
3) Affiliate offers promoted in your email follow up sequence.

Follow this equation if you truly want to “make it” as a Clickbank affiliate marketer.

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Let me know if you have any questions 🙂


George Megas says:

Dan what about the deadbeat theme with clickbank product?

Eduardo Cristaldo says:

Hi Dan! I enjoy your videos so much, your videos are short but the info you give is KEY to succed! I really like it! Please do more videos about CB. Thank you!

Derek Brown says:

Yes, make more!!!!!

chenel frederic says:

Do you teach like a course or something cause I always wanted to learn affiliate marketing but because of lack of time I can’t do it

Yousef Mill says:


jeremy lyle says:

yes, more squeeze pages and sales funnels

Affiliate Marketer says:

Yes, more videos sounds like a good idea.!

Luzviminda Peron says:


Sage Sevon says:

know anything about clickfunnels and how to use it to promote products?

Bren Omar says:

thanks man

Heather Basses says:

yes please! Can i have another sir?

Samdan ali says:

This can probably help with affiliate marketing in general, right? Not just click bank?

rune flækøy says:

Thank you

youngimages2000 says:

Yes. More of Everything. Every day. No pressure…Thanks!

Angela Long says:

Yes I’d like to learn more about clickbank..

HowToDrawEmAll says:

I need to give clickbank a try. I can’t to affiliate marketing on amazon where I live.

Shieneth Mae Dogmoc says:

if im using facebook , so should my page be related with the product i bought from clickbank? and yes to your question.

HAMS says:

thank you man for help

Lenny shoots says:

yes make more, I have subscribed. I’m on a learning mission.

Cynthia Young says:

Yes, making another tutorial would be great

Vladimir Tamy says:

Great stuff man, but when we talk about conversions and tactics for bridging our message from free info to product there is sooooo much more to say, and yet nobody is actuality talking about that. I think this topic deserves more in-depth analysis and I would be very happy if I could find someone who is actually talking about this stuff and it can show some decent proof for his claims. Heck I would probably gave some money to see that, that’s for sure!

Troy Livingston says:

Yes please

JKB Post says:

Man everytime i see your new vids i get many things to know from you your every video is helpfull.
Man i don’t what to say.The word suits you is [Awesome man in the world] i m sure about what i said you are the best no doubt in it.

Sharlene Gillespie says:

Hello Dan, I was with Clickbank for three months but I just couldn’t figure it out. I created my opt in page, my ebook, and linked my affiliate website but I couldn’t get the my free ebook to the customer!  It always led them to the affiliate website. Trust me, I watched their videos and asked for assistance but I couldn’t afford the ClickBank University along with my monthly subscription so I just cancelled yesterday.  I found you on Monday and understood everything you’ve shared thus far. Once I master affiliate marketing, I try Clickbank again.  Thank you for making this simpler for me!  I’ve purchased your products and pray I can finally get it this time. But to answer your question? Yes, absolutely that would be great!

Vijay Kumar says:

yes please….

can you please make videos on choosing the products that coverts.

Ken Bluttman says:

HI Dan, Yes please more ClickBank. I have some success now, but much is “let’s see if this will work” Sometimes it does, sometimes it does not. I too wonder whether to go for super gravity products like Dan’s Dog Training, or find low activity but good targeted products. Thanks.

Jim Newbury says:

Hey Deadbeat Dan – Sure man, I’d love more on ClickBank…more ammo in the can. I’m sure that Clickbank can probably be blended in with primary campaigns or blogs, right? I don’t really know.

Anthony Seddon says:

yes would love more on clickbank 🙂

Michael Brock says:

do you have a course i only see your blog

Guerrilla-Unit says:

Yes! Go for it..

Francine Christie says:

Yes, your videos have been very helpful.

Online Earning says:

Thanks for the great tutorial. I always prefer Studads to promote my affiliate product Because I always get huge targeted traffic and leads . so I can earn good income by selling my clickbank products through this network.

Vern Cott says:

Yes,yes,yes to your questions

Ralph Martin says:

yes this is good stuff

gjcody says:


jordans123 says:

are the principles that are taught in the deadbeat affiliate reloaded course applicable to clickbank products as well as amazon and markethealth?

Miguel Henry says:

Good information.

Osama Ejaimi says:

thanks for your work.

Uthayakumar Rasiah says:

Affiliate marketing is a good way. but choose the right program

harshit gupta says:

i am totally new to this and i don’t know how to use clickbank.. soo please help me how to use nd create campaign and everything..

cxa011500 says:

I think more videos like this would be great.

تعلم و استفد says:

as a foreigner nebwie who got into affiliate with not to much money to invest . what is the best or program we should take into consideration brother ? i hope you respond to this in a explanatory commentary . Thanks in advance !! 🙂

Miguel Henry says:

Yes I would like to know more about click bank affiliate marketing.

Linda James says:

Your videos are sooo good…..they’re food for hungry affiliate marketing newbies like me. Thank you.

Tom Money says:

Thanks for sharing theses methods?

Derek Brown says:

Please make more videos on clickbank.

clarkytan says:

More clickbank please! but I would also want to know your stand with Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks.

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