How To Make Money With Clickfunnels Affiliate Program (Awesome Strategy revealed!)

In this video I am sharing an awesome way to make $10,000 a month as a Clickfunnels affiliate and the Clickfunnels affiliate program. The best part about promoting Clickfunnels is that it pays your recurring commissions and it has sticky cookies that pay you on other things that people buy.

This means that you can make High ticket affiliate commissions on back-end products that Clickfunnels puts out.


John S says:

Great value, thank you, I got my 3rd client and make $200 every month, 197 to go

Janet Simmons says:

I’m an Insurance agent, how can I do this?

imsafiq says:

Great value William. This was the best Training video ever about clickfunnels promotion.

TheBlack Enterprise says:

That is a great informative video. We also have a few of our personal videos that we did, and are starting on trying to genuinely help people grow their businesses as well. We are searching for new ideas and hope that people have the ability to give this kind of genuine advice. In the event that you got sometime, take a peek at ours and tell us what you think.

Brandon Carter says:

Awesome mind!

Thomas Lium says:

Can you do a step by step using facebook ads with this method

Jake Edling says:

I signed up for the Bootcamp a few days ago… How many affiliates do you have?
Do you have your backend set up?
Any suggestions for someone just beginning?

Also, you should put your CF affiliate link in your video description.

Carlo Vanelli says:

This was very helpful, thanks! Can you recommend some good niches?

Dejenny Pilipovic says:

I just started using click funnels. Do I need to full $297 program or can I do this affiliate dream car program using only the $97 version? Thank you

No. The Truth? says:

Clickfunnels is awesome like a few different softwares out there it has ots problems but overall it is excellent.

chary rentas says:

great video, what if they want you to manage there funnel because i don’t want to do that part of it, say if i went after dentist?

William Fletcher says:

If you guys have any questions about what I share in this video be sure to drop them below :).

The Coyote says:

Are there any email swipes for clickfunnels?

Abdel Karim says:

Hero nation

Itz Laton says:

Just Earned A Sub from me bro!

Davis The says:

The original training rocked so hard, and has made me so much money that I can’t wait to see how their Reloaded training revolutionizes the way I do my business!

World Video News says:

$5000/month (or more) enough for you? Plrease join this affiliate link: you will reach to your goald exactly.

Book Worm933 says:

Do you need to be a member and paying $97 a month to join their Affiliate Program? Or you can do it for free just by signing up?

Affiliate Junkie says:

Click funnels doesnt offer any pictures or videos free like clickbank affiliate…only some banners…i am not able to make good landing page..

Abdel Karim says:

Hero nation

Obed Ndubisi says:

This video has A LOT of value. It simplifies the whole system. Thanks William.

Jessica Dillard says:

There are so many techniques that said I would make money, and none of them were able to generate the earnings I desired. My buddies then e-mailed me to suggest I google “fetching mowo press” money-making technique. I`m now a daily earner of hundred bucks. You should try it for yourself.

Krzysztof Rapala says:

I think that It’s smelling like a Ponzi scheme

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