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Susan Gilbert says:

I thought this was going to be simple way to extra cash each month, however I am finding it difficult. I have been using the eBay affiliate links for 9 months now on Social Media for everything I share and haven’t made any money. Is this something that will take some time to build up?

representing50plus says:

That’s a really nice gesture 14:45 Thank you for the informative video

Faylee James says:

Lindy, I mailed out my first pair of jeans stuffed into an envelope for $6.65, yesterday. Thanks for that video, showing us how to fold them and squeeze them into the envelope. Wasn’t hard and lots cheaper. Love learning from you and yes, I”ll go do my affiliate links, today…lol.

SMD 014 says:

Do you have to have a special page/ eBay store on eBay to do this? I am only selling some random items right now on eBay…

Joy Hanson says:

hi Lindy! why don’t we get together and request that eBay keep all the large manufacturers from China stay on a separate site. no hate, but small us sellers or resellers of used goods don’t need that type of competition. aren’t most international markets separated anyway? ie Britain has its own eBay…it just makes better sense for small comerce that wants to support each other in the small community.

Captain Moore says:

They passively help support the person without any additional cost. You are likely to be buying stuff on eBay and Amazon anyway so why not use affiliate links.

Oli A says:

A great insightful video and a great channel. I have just started my journey in to affiliate marketing and have learnt absolutely loads and I would like to share my new found knowledge and experiences via my YT channel where I am 100% transparent. It would be AWESOME if you could support and join me on my journey by checking out my vids to see if they inspire, educate and encourage you at all. I have subbed to your channel. Please kindly do the same for me and thank you in advance. Bless O

MusicMichelle Kay says:

Great video!!

Leticia Martinez says:

Hi lindey enjoy your video everytime. Thanks for the info. Hope to see more videos that helps us earn some money. Thanks again

jaimev001b says:

Thank you Lindey for taking the time to make your videos. They are very helpful.

mary marymary says:

What if you don’t have a store on eBay and just a reg seller account….can you still do it?

Queen Alice Toys says:

Hi, great channel! Ill be happy to be mutual friends with you and help each other grow to more subscribers and support each others videos! Please let me know if you are interested 🙂 Hugs!

Anita Hall says:


Marie Baker says:

Thank you for this!! please make more video’s pertaining to this subject. You are the best Lindey!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raphaela Esposito says:

Yeah, you’re actually right. This blew my mind.

Draco Jensei says:

Thanks @Lindey

Michael Arnold says:

Looks like you need to sign up with eBay’s PN

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