How to Make Money With The Ebay Partner Network

Link to my affiliate website quick start guide:
How to make money with the Ebay Partner Network/Affiliate Program. It’s the same process as the Amazon affiliate marketing, however there’s a special way to integrate it into your WordPress website. Also, I have only dabbled in Ebay’s partner network, so the methods I am teaching in this video are adapted from the successful tactics I use on Amazon and other physical product affiliate networks.

Comment Competition Rules and Prizes

Rule: Comments must be related to this video in some way. Related to eBay, affiliate marketing, traffic generation, blogging, etc. They can be either tips, questions, suggestions, ideas, or more.

Rule: Competition ends on April 1st 2017. I will comment on your winning post at the end of the competition asking for your email. You have 48 hours to respond back with your Paypal address or else the prize expires. Payments are sent via Paypal only.

Rule: Scoring is based on the top comment function on YT.


#1 – $100
#2 – $50
#3 – $50
#4 – $50
$5 – $50

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Shreeya Seechurn says:

Hi, im stuck
@5:30 While clicking on the plugin section the option “Add new” is not available .. What should I do ?

mccbloggo says:

Here’s a link to eBay’s earnings page-

& to the eBay rate card -

I am the real Flash says:

Dan, What is the payout from EBay for affiliate marketers? I didn’t hear you mention that? Is it different for each product, or is it the same across the boards? Thanx, Great video!

Barry G says:

Hey Dan awesome info – loving the content and appreciating it.

What would be your number one re marketing or re targeting strategy?


Semp says:

Tip – When you use any affiliate program (Ebay, amazon, ect..) I recommend using multiple sites. / More /

For example I have a drone affiliate store along with clothing, phones and video games (all separate websites). Instead of spending all my time on one site I make each site half decent. This way I make a average of $375 per month per site. Since I own 4 sites I am getting over $1200+ per month at the age of 15. Really stress that focusing on one niche makes it hard to get $1000+ in profit. Thats why if you target smaller less picked over niches you may only make $10-400 per month (which is still good) but you can make multiple sites making you more money.

Niche selection –

Also when choosing a niche pick products priced $20 – 150 that is were I found to be the best. Due to the fact you can more easily convince someone to spend $20 – 100 while it is a lot harder to sell someone on a thousand dollar tv.

Any ways those were just some of the troubles I ran into Btw I have only been doing this for 6 months.
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Carsandmore says:

Can you promote a single eBay item/listing on Twitter without having a website? I’d like to do that. I have about 2000 focused followers on Twitter

Amai Otaku Chan says:

Hi Dan, I was wondering. Do I need to ask the sellers permission before I sell their products on my eBay store/campaign before backlinking them on my WordPress blog?

Marshunt Carsten says:

Great info, but I am approved by Amazon’s affiliate marketing. So I will apply what I learn here from on my sites. Just note.. I download all your videos, that way I can keep going back to them if I need to remember something or to see what I have not done so far yet.

David Rodriguez says:

Thank you so much for all the vital information on how to get started. I am on the word press website right now and there are different plans. If I am barely getting started what plan would you recommend Dan?


what about sending ebay traffic to me site? like banner ads on ebay? I have a questionable item ebay wont allow but it was selling really good. I need ebay customers to land on my page and buy it directly. you have a video for that or maybe you wanna make one?

Glamour Models WorldWide says:

Thanks for your videos. Now adsense has gone caput there much needed.

Zack AOZ says:

Tip: If you know multiple languages and are too lazy to write new articles but don’t want to pay freelancers, just take info and texts from other websites and translate them (Kinda Blackhat)
Question: Dan, what niches do you advice not to get into? Also, is console gaming a good niche?

Julio Cruz says:

Dan one more time you hit it out of the park with all this info in details on what to do and how to do it. I follow few people on you tube and no one put it  so simple and In detailed.

TheBossGOD 1 says:

my dad worked for ebay, thats until he stole from the company and they cut his legs off….

was that a useful comment good sir?

Stuart G says:

If you were starting out new in internet marketing, what would be the top 3 ways you would generate free traffic ( to concentrate your efforts) and would you use only wordpress before you starting used hosting and purchased domain name? Thanks.

PwneD says:

Next video : How to Make Money when You Sleep With Affiliate Marketing

cxa011500 says:

To me the hardest thing to do has been coming up with ideas for content. One thing I’ve realized that has really helped my move forward is that I don’t have to just come up with content out of nothing. I can search for terms from sites like Buzzsumo and find related articles that are trending and reword those articles for my own site and add a few of my own notes. That makes content creating MUCH easier than trying to come up with things out of thin air.


Dan i”ll watch some more videos The images and webpage info with affiliate links …. I like to know how to make them more appealing to the viewers…..Any ideas lol : )

Okami says:

Here’s my tip. If you want to be successful at this, you have to keep working at it. You aren’t going to get rich overnight, and your first few attempts will likely fail. But whatever you do, don’t give up! Every failure is a learning experience that will ultimately teach you what works and what doesn’t. Most people will quit within the first few months. They will never have the chance to taste success. You will get discouraged and you will ask yourself what the hell you are doing. You will be up late at night writing articles, researching keywords and educating yourself in various marketing techniques. You will not quit until you have achieved the goals you have set for yourself.

Nootropics University says:

Also, do you know if Ebay allows direct affiliate links in emails? i know that Amazon will ban you if you put affiliate links directly in emails. Thanks for the great content Dan!

youtube gossip says:

Tip- When you try to start affiliate marketing the best way is to build an email list and grow it .

Email list= Free Comission

Yassir Allaoui says:

Here’s a Tip 😀
The key to building a long term business online is COLLECTING EMAILS + GAIN TRUST = AUTHORITY

If you do content marketing, you don’t want to spam your website with useless shitty products lying to people about how good is that product (empty words) when in reality it is not even worth selling. You want to give quality content and you have to make sure you’re not promoting low quality products, digital products or nutritional products any kind of products will have a negative impact on your website no matter how big is your audience. Don’t spam your affiliate links, give some freebies if you can.

Build a list, this is what everyone should do from the first moment they decide to do content marketing. If you don’t have opt-in email list strategy, then you’re just risking everything.
In most cases, the traffic going back to your website is already warmed-up and ready to spend; your email list in this case will be your blood supply. It’s comprised of all the people who like your content and chosen to be part of your promotional campaign. You’ve earned their trust through promotion of high quality products and services that they either couldn’t get elsewhere or got at a discount (don’t forget this, discounts work great even if it’s 5% or 10% it doesn’t matter contact your affiliate and ask him for a discount).

After this your role is to make them hungry for your posts, become dependent on your notifications and, in return; purchase your products and even introduce you to their friends etc…

The main idea here evolves around building your list, it doesn’t matter if it’s content marketing or social marketing or anything else. Just build a list that way you can ensure a steady income and fuel other businesses as a startup, you don’t want to rely on income source.

Pooja Kapoor says:

will one click to the ebay’s site remain active for all the purchases made by the customer for 90 days, as is the case with amazon

Easy Solutions says:

my friend great work aswame

Nootropics University says:

Dan’s videos are pretty awesome, if you use his affiliate programs and can just get a website to even $500 or $1000, you can easily flip it on flippa or other sales sites for 10-$20,000.00, it’s working for me great. Thanks Dan!

Dharmender Singh Dehiya says:

Hi Dan, Nice video again. My doubt is that can i place affiliate link from ebay into my Facebook Page / Feeds without making any website ? As always I download all your updated videos in my mobile so that I can watch it again and again to learn and understand from it to avoid mistakes and take notes when I am on my way to my office OR field work. It takes 2.5 hours to reach my office from my home town in Navi Mumbai.

Mickey World Vacations says:

I have watching Dan’s videos for a few months and I think he has lots of good info. I think the best advise he gives is being consistent. It takes time to build a business and you need to work at it everyday. Also do your research in what you are selling. Keywords are also very important in getting ranked. He also says to work at marketing your site in a few ways. You have to doing something to be able to successful. Seating back and complaining about not making money is not going to make you any!!! get out there and learn how to market and trial and error makes you stronger. That is what I have learned over the years of selling on line. And finally don’t out all of you eggs in one basket. Have several baskets making you money so when one is not doing well you have may others to make up for it.

Best Back Stretchers says:

Great video!

Never thought about using eBay as an affiliate program. I’m now thinking of using Amazon and eBay Affiliate to create a balanced Affiliate program.

I wanted to offer a actionable few tips and enter the competition!

Tip 1. Use a 1 Sticky Wikipedia Backlink Gig from Fiverr for $20

Tip 2: Make a 20 Item List on and get lots of traffic. This method is similar to using wordpress and blogger to get link juice.

John Marshall says:

HOLY CRAP!!! I just noticed a massive typo on the website! Sir Dan left out a “2” in front of the price. QUICK before he realize the typo and fixes it! It has to be a typo. No way that the price for DSAP is the price it is on the website right now. (SHHHHH don’t tell him). #everheardofspellcheckdan

The Source says:

Okay, just did a little test and discovered something I didn’t know. I left a comment here yesterday for consideration in the contest and YouTube, “ghosted” it.

I noticed there were no replies on it even though it was lengthy with a useful personal case study related to the topic of this video and that other similar comments by other people were getting activity.

Turns out only I can see it via the account I posted it from. No one else can see it. When I log in to one of my other accounts it doesn’t show up.

The problem was that I included links in that comment to the things I described in the comment those being my WordPress blog, Facebook page, and one of my YouTube channels.

I included those so people could see what I was describing in the comment, but apparently YouTube considers that spam.

So, I posted that previous test comment just before this one with no links in it, and lo and behold it’s visible from my other account. Now that I know that my comment went unseen I will repost it here minus the links. Thanks for your patience, here is the original comment for consideration in the contest:

“I actually just recently started using eBay partner network myself.

I had a Facebook page that I made 2 years ago that I had given up on but
which recently start getting new likes every week. I figured I’d better
take advantage of it so long story short I built a WordPress blog and
started a YouTube channel.

I use already made creative commons YouTube videos from YouTube’s video
editor that are in my niche. I put a link to my site in the description
and I have the address written at the bottom of the screen in every
video. I upload those videos to my Facebook page as content for the
Facebook page.

I also embed non-creative commons videos that are in my niche into my
site’s blog posts, and then share those posts to my Facebook page as
well. I used the easy ad-sense plug-in for WordPress, which is free, to
put banner ads generated by eBay partner network around every blog post
on my site automatically. The ads are to eBay items related to my niche.

I also joined like 36 Facebook groups in my niche and go to each one
manually and post said YouTube channel videos and site posts.

My site traffic has risen as well as my YouTube channel traffic and

I’ve gotten 19 clicks on my ads and 2026 impressions but no sales yet.
My YouTube channel has 24 subscribers and a combined total of 1865 views
spread across 35 videos. My site has had 1000 unique visitors so far
this month.

I am not using any paid traffic.

On my site I also use public domain books that are within my niche as
blog posts.

I’m thinking about adding a mailchimp auto-responder on my site so I can
start collecting email addresses too, (mailchimp is free for your first
2000 subscribers). Then I’ll send useful how-to info with eBay
affiliate links to parts needed for the how-to projects.

I work at this a little here and a little there in between trying other
things online.”

Jeremy Nabors says:

A little off subject, I made my first chunk of change buying a domain on and selling it on! All thanks goes to Dan and his buddy Jamie. Check out Dan’s videos on flipping domain names and you can flip domains for a nice chunk of cash like I did!

Want my best tip? Follow Dan! His videos are the best way I have found to kickstart my side job of making money in affiliate marketing and domain flipping. His program really does work!

More tips:

Remember to keep your page organized and clean looking!
Do the research on a product! Look for products that have great reviews and are held high above the others.
Check your spelling! I have seen for myself many websites that do not use proper grammar and have many misspellings on their homepage. While this won’t necessarily turn people away, it does make you look less professional. Try not to use complicated words and words that turn your customers attention away from what you are promoting.
Don’t give up! Take breaks. A break is better than giving up and can sometimes be the time in which new ideas pop into your head. It can be hard for some to stay motivated in the beginning stages of a campaign, especially if money isn’t coming in right away. Take a breather!
Think like an entrepreneur! I don’t know about you but when I take my breaks I never stop thinking and searching for new ways to promote my products or other ways to bring in revenue. Use downtime to “meditate” on innovative ideas. Anyone can come up with a good idea, make sure you’re the one that comes up with it.
Follow Dan Brock’s system and stay up to date on his videos and other related material! He’s made me money already and I can’t wait to what other good ideas he has prepared for us.
Read all the comments for this video! Dan’s competition is pulling all the great minds out their to give you their best advice. With that in mind you’re bound to learn something you hadn’t known or thought of before!

Keep up the lazy effort Deadbeats!

And… Go Zags!

Gaming Kit With Harik says:

Affiliate marketing is an effective money-making strategy for countless online entities – however, as straightforward as it is in theory, success is rarely as easy as it looks. By choosing a sustainable long-term strategy, devoting resources to quality content production and promotion, understanding legal obligations, and optimising with software solutions, you can position your affiliate marketing program on the path to success.

Abdelhafid Boukraa says:

Hi Dan i love what you’r doing 😉 it took me years and a lot of money to learn what you’r teaching here on this videos and for free !!!!! Thanks and respect

Evil Fujoshi Chan says:

Tip: If you’re someone like me who wants to use PayPal for earning PayPal commissions every week or month with eBay instead of Amazon I highly recommend it.
Amazon doesn’t allow PayPal users for whatever reason. If anyone can reach out to Amazon Affiliates to affiliate with PayPal that would be wonderful.

alex tejon says:

Why don’t you try uploading a video explaining why you share this information with us, some people may find it suspicios, i mean, why would you do it?, if it really generates that much money why don’t you keep it to yourself?, some people can fear it’s a scam this way, even though i know it’s not

Stripe Reviews says:

Dan in your other video you said that the more time that people are viewing your website the higher the website is ranked using SEO.

So does that mean that if I have my website open on my computer in a different tab it will add to the time spent viewing my website and it will be ranked higher through SEO.

Jerry Lopez says:

Easily explained, love this channel !

Wrench says:

so can we generate single item links not a whole page items like what you just did?

John Kumar says:

The best thing that you can do to improve your website is to have a pop up that asks for the person’s email address and contact information so that if you come up with more ideas for more snore products you can send out a mass email. You can also enhance your earnings by having ads on the website.

RBastien says:

Thanks for the updates to the Deadbeat Theme.

John Marshall says:

This video is crazy valuable.

kaye Bella says:

hi I’m selling on eBay right now, and this video has made it easier for me to hopefully earn extra money. This is my first time selling on eBay, and recently I have been doing pretty good for the first time! So thank you for the tips on increasing my income on eBay. Great video thank you!

Gordon TheGreat says:

List building!!! Push content with selected eBay items using seo tricks as you mentioned with other tutorial videos and embed those same videos showcasing various selected eBay items and also use Facebook to also get traffic to your pages. But you need to first build lists when people are interested in your content and have an unintrusive opt-in box (various companies offer this… Constant Contact etc.)

Key to success with any internet marketing is just not getting one sale from one customer but repeated sales from the same customer. If you build opt-in lists and capture emails, Twitter handles, Instagram, YouTube subs and build your downline, your sales are going to explode!! Make good informative content, demos, reviews and tips etc. Divide lists into areas of niche’ and product catagories and use your blogs just as you would use a YouTube channel.

People are creatures of nature. And people will keep coming back if you let them know of your updates and give them a reason to come back to your blog.

But build Lists, Lists, Lists!!!

Also this Video is really worthy at this time in affiliate marketing, given the fact of the big slap in the face Amazon has done recently with lowering affiliate commissions and causing many Amazon affiliates looking at other rival competitors. I truly believe this move is going to hurt Amazon and give eBay and many other competitor sites the momentum they need to get their foot again in the market place against Amazon.

Derlyne Ruth says:

hi, i used to follow yr step..but on the tool > RSS Feed i cant go through..
This mssg will appear > (Oops!
Sorry, we can’t find what you’re looking for.)
any solution?

Cary Huff says:

Love the Sponge Bob Square Pants Bikini Bottom Music…. I came for the music, and I actually learned something. Damn you Dan…..

Animetiaco says:

Guys, do not give up. It doesn’t matter where you were born, the only thing that matters is where you end up. Born and raised in a socialist country but with a burning desire to leave this s*it hole. Bought the deadbeat program and I am proud to say I made my first sale 6 days ago. Keep it up Dan.

air port says:

Not my idea, but can be profitable. When you notice some of your affiliate products selling well, look for a wholesaler and offer them directly to get the high margins. You can sell them through eBay, Amazon, or your Shopify store, among others. Sourcing can be through Ali Baba, Ali Express, eBay itself, or through the semi annual ASD tradeshow.

The Source says:

Testing something, bare with me.


hey Dan the way you present things are simply awesome, just wanted to know about the possibility to promote eBay or amazon products on YouTube ? is that possible and you tube allow it?

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