How to make MONEY with your art! (Content monetization)

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I’m 10 and I’m a anime artist

Petr Shchigel says:


Ty Kingston says:

where can I show you my art sir… I need your suggestions

Samrat Sengupta says:

I just subscribed to your channel… sound like a wise man……I am trying to learn drawing. In my teens I used to be mad passionate about drawing and painting. But now I have lost it all. The passion, the skill and everything. Its been so many years that now drawing a simple shape feels like a daunting task. Hope I will be able to rekindle the lost passion. Thanks for your words of wisdom.

Khai Yuan See says:

you looks like a decent and positive guy. i love it.

Velauna Joyce says:

hey jazza i would love to see what you think now of what you said in this video maybe remake it since you grew froum when you made this just a though

depressed punk says:

amazing how far you become in 3-4 years

DefineHD says:


Towers School says:

Hello Jazza, I need your E-mail. I wanna know what you can do for a project that I have in hands. It will involve making Apps and Other things.

Centipede says:

How do you cold call for potential clients?

Paddie says:

I’m an 11 year old boy and I hope to be a popular artist in the future.In 11 years I’m going to comment again on this video

john bruce says:

The video is ok… But , man… U talk aLOT ! Go to the point right away without “my name is jazz… What a fancy word is monetizing, etc …. U could skip all that , save us and urself the time . I thought i could get a good idea about how to make money… It turn out only getting some change …, for all of u watching his channel … If u r an artist or wanna b, go to school and learn graphic design , or learn industrial design , or even learn how to tattoo… Tattooing is a rough way of art…and then u can make “real money” not a fistfull of pennies!wanna good ideas on how to invest in ur art ? Google it instead of watch an amateur wasting ur and his time…

DanSparrow says:

Ironically, I’ve seen a lot of your videos, but I’m not subscribed to your channel, ’cause not all the things you upload are interesting to me, so I simply check your channel regularly to find videos I like xD

YuanPlayzTitanFall2 says:

i’m more here to see the Drawings xD

Feliciana Vargas says:

Hello Jazza!
So I’m twelve, I’m an anime artist who doesn’t have much experience with backgrounds and complicated poses and even drawing the male figure. I want to start selling art, but all I have are around 64 copics and sort of cheap colored pencils. I love my art and I want to start selling it, but th we things seem kind of hard for me. I am an extorvert when it comes to people my age, but as a Girl Scout when selling cookies I have a lot of trouble going out and selling and I feel like I would have the same problem with this. I barely have a cartooon style, and my style is a little hard to draw in at times. (If that makes sense) We have a festival in my town where kids and adults are allowed to set up booths and can sell things. Do you think that if I were to set up a booth that I would be able to earn money? Would that be a good starting point for me?
Than you!
I hope to see a response soon!

Trevor Trumble says:

Your awsome jazza! great advice

Akward animations says:

I’m the starving artist!

DarkElisa Draws says:

This is great advice! I’m trying to find ways to grow out my art such as making a YouTube channel, using social media and just producing my own webcomic.

Trikloe says:

Website? sources to start with?

Sister Hipster says:

Is newgrounds just specifically for digital artists?

YoruNeko Meow says:

I don’t get it?

Markus Creation says:

Jazza, you are experienced with the monetization of youtube-videos. What would you say, when should someone make an Adsense-Account and monetize? From which number of subscribers/views is it worth doing? Do you know how accurate Socialblade guesses the sum you would get for advertising? (you know it, you are monetized! 😛 )

DanSparrow says:

Ironically, I’ve seen a lot of your videos, but I’m not subscribed to your channel, ’cause not all the things you upload are interesting to me, so I simply check your channel regularly to find videos I like or find useful xD you have quite a lot of interesting stuff though

Dat Nguyen says:

It’s always my dream to work for nintendo. Thank you for your feedback 🙂 It takes time 😀

Aplus STAR says:

yo I love your work but you should get a better mic and camera

JJ the Pikazard says:

This channel has made me make a farfetched goal for my future, to a plan for my future. I absolutely love this channel

David P Tilley says:

Do you want to learn how i made $ 329 last week?Just search google “jestifa easy system” and follow the strategy.

Ultracatt InPut VoLt says:

I wish I could get the supplies to animate, it took me long enough to draw my profile picture with a mouse

Madonassy Ren says:

keep it up. amazing..

Gamer Ninja says:

friends those cunts dont pay

Marvin Baldemor says:

im already 18 , is it too late for me to learn this? opinions pleaaaase

Larry Drawing says:

Anyone want to take bets on what month he’ll cross 1,000,000? I got May 2017.

Quinn is Senpaifruits name says:

first! XD

SeireiART says:

I hate when my friends asked me to make something for them (some sort of drawing or logo)
and when I ask them to pay… they said the same thing : meh, just do it for free .__.

bridget draws says:

i still have many years until I have to start making a living on my own, but I want to research freelance/making money off of my art, and I’ve been watching a few of your videos on this topic. they are extremely helpful, so thank you!!

Shimeral Deranzar says:

I am terrible at art but I want to get better and I would like to make a channel that would show my art now and display me practicing and the eventual progression of my skill can be seen. I feel like this will help motivate me to get better and keep working at art.

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