How to Make Money with Your Digital Art – 5 Ways

In this video I share with you my top 5 ways to make money with Digital Art. I create digital art for a living now from my home studio. These things may or may not work for you or you may have to adjust what you learn here to work for your situation but this is my honest review of what I have learned through this process. If you find this video informative and helpful then please like, share, and subscribe for new content each week!

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Thanks for watching and good luck with your art!

Robert A. Marzullo
Ram Studios Comics

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Tim Z says:

These are great tips but how do i get my artwork to stand out in the sea of other digi artist? I mean wen i look at my DA page its like a joke compared to yours or a guy like SourAcid

kunjan virani says:

fine video

Gazbot says:

great discussion thanks!

Froggerdog says:

I’m an artist (been drawing my whole life) who chose to make the responsible decision to be a business major at a military college. While i don’t regret the values and experiences from it, I am beginning to realize I will never be happy down this path. This was the path to success and riches, but art is what truly makes me happy. I try to learn something new every day and practice. I just hope it’s not too late.

Ernest Crossley says:

I really enjoyed your video and learned a few things from it. Normally I don’t comment on here but I just wanted to thank you for the insight. I have been struggling with medical conditions and am pretty much left with my art as a only means of making money. So I truly mean it when I say thank you. If you don’t mind and have the time would you mind taking a look at some of my work? It’s not comic book style art but I’m fairly new to digital art and I always welcome and appreciate any constructive criticism from both fans and artists alike.

Joseph Bologna says:

I would guess that showing a bit more of yourself would help with patreon. At least in the opening of each video. Then maybe add some more advertising for your patreon and Twitch channel in each video.

TheLoveArticle says:


1. Patreon (1:13)
2. Commissions (4:03)
3. Youtube (6:47)
4. Teaching Online/Digital Content (9:22)
5. Freelance Work (11:30)

Jonathan Marins da Silva says:

Hi Robert, I follow your art for a long time but this is my first comment. Just a tip: when making a video with a list of tips or topics it would be good to include captions every time you start talking about a tip or topic.

Kai Satoshi says:

hey robert. I’m struggling with getting followers on youtube with my art channel. Got any masterful advice? 🙂

VValrus campion upsb says:

can you draw this well on paper or is ti all digital for you

Xbox Blox says:

First comment lol

Becca C says:

I am an art student on my last semester in my degree (Illustration) and I am aspiring to be a concept artist someday. I know it is probably one of the highest hardest most competitive jobs to get and unless you are really amazing and stellar most artist fall through. At this point I feel very un-confident in sharing my portfolio with any industry, because I compare too much. In your opinion, should I just bite my tongue and go for it?

Ruud the Diamond says:

when civilized societies finally come to terms on the “Basic Income”, Digital Arts are going to be one of the biggest Things in modern economies.

Ralph Serpe says:

Any advice for digital portrait artists?

Rory Herman says:

Thanks Rob, great info!

Brendon Sales says:

Robert, you can invest in youtube ads, i really think it worth it

spaka1 says:

Tattooing. As much as u want to make

Xbox Blox says:

Great tutorial! The only thing is that I will need practice….. Could you give me some tips? Thanks!

Tea Kitty says:

Art does not make you good money. Be a programmer.

OpNa says:

Well, I was going to make a patreon, but I honestly don’t know what to give to them for supporting me.. I’ve never used paetron before.. I don’t even know if my work is that good to even be going on paetron.. I started streaming on twitch last night like art-trades and such I have to do.. and lately I haven’t gotten any commissions since I put them up to 10 dollars each.. heres an example do you have any suggestions?

chrissobbel1 says:

First of all i love your work man, and you do have the tools to be picky, i haven`t exploited myself digitally cuz i dont know how, i live in Mèxico i used to work for Marvel m.x, but is just not a very well paid job, not enough to be a family man at least, i been thinking to go to Russia, comic book industry is kind of a big deal there lol, keep up the good work man 🙂

Crazy Dream Studios says:

This was very helpful, it’s hard to find a video that will give you information on how to get paid from your art, without it being an advertisement for the company that endorses the youtuber. I appreciate you doing this, thank you so much.

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