How to Make More Money as a Kid or Teen in High School

How to Make More Money Fast! As a Kid or Teen in High School. This video will give you one technique that will enable you to double your income if you’re in high school or middle school. This video is the sequel to my previous video showing how to earn money in school for kids and teenagers. Please consult with a school admin before selling food items for it may be against school policy. – If you did not see part one, here is the link to it: – ALSO FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: @one800Rahh
– How to graduate college with no debt: (Coming Soon!)
– How to Make Gummy Worms With Kool Aid:

– How to make money in College, Online & in Dorms:
– How to buy your first car from a dealership:


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Azyum says:

How do you sell gummy worms with Kool aid when there are security cameras at your school?

Lonzo Ball - Will says:

i make 10- 20 dollars profit daily. I sell pushpops 1 dollar each and i buy a pack of 24 for 14 dollars at BJs

Slick says:

My school canteen sells silver mints for a Euro bc they have to pay tax, so I buy a pack for a Euro and sell them for 50c.

Alex Cantlow says:

i used to do the sweet hustle at school but mine was 100% profit plus selling cigerrets alcohol how i did it was rob up asda by my school

i Smash everything says:

Sell your phone and boom 200

Beckham says:

I got a 48 pack of pop tarts, imma sell some to my Holmes.

the best football plays says:

how do you hid it from a teacher

Sky Bomber says:

plz give me advice

Jamesha Johnson says:

I need help earning money in high school? HELP ME FOUND A WAY TO MAKE MONEY

ThinkWrong Vermeil says:

You need to take a list of what candy people like. You go buy it for so freakin cheap, and sell it individually. That freakin easy. This guy be givin people type 2 diabetes

ThinkWrong Vermeil says:

I can hear the drone. Like if you can hear it

Sky Bomber says:

I need advice

Samuel North says:

What if there are multiple ppl at ur school doing this?

cooper denley says:

in my middle school I find pencils and sell them

Xxxx_PussySlayer_xxxX says:


Woolfe 18 says:

This guy is smart

Davell Productions says:

I just made $128.56 today

Wary Charmeleon 10 says:

he is rich

Dillon Greer says:

You’d think no one would have money on em

T Welle says:

im gonna start selling soda

Sky Bomber says:

I make 80 bucks a week
.plz tell me how to make more

Adam Whelan says:

use vending machine hacks for the candy

Ignacio says:

I already have two workers working for me before I saw this video

Billy Jones says:

Hey, I’m in 8th grade and I really want to start saving up for a car for when I’m 16. What’s a good way for me to start generating income that will get me at least a few grand in a few years?

Its Cryo says:

Next year I won’t have playtime/reccess 🙁

green candie says:

this guys rich

Fernando Gabriel Escobar says:

I’m selling a lot of chips and candy and made like $20 in 2 day

allstar2bc j says:

what about your locker where did you keep your product

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