How To Make More Money On Pinterest Fast

How to make more money on pinterest fast starting this week using free tools and groups boards by pinning affiliate products from sites like amazon and shopstyle!
Signup with Shopstyle affiliate program, select images that are catchy and are bright in color, remove the backgrounds if they are white using photoshop or free online background remover tools, upload them to canva and create long images using custom dimensions 800/1900 pixels.
Once you have created your images, upload them to pinterest and pin them to as many group boards as you possibly can! Now for this method to work, you need to select products that are really beautiful, have bright colors and some floral prints as well.


Liv L says:

Hi! I would like to be added in one or more of your group boards. How can I contact you?

Sa* Ima Channal says:

its a wonderful video. im new in pinterest. how can i make a group boards.

Sydney Russell says:

Found your tutorial so helpful! I would love some invites to group boards so I can get started!!

Marquette says:

I need your assistance getting on group boards on Pinterest please!

Charlie Edgar says:

Nice job with the video …. 🙂

abby joy says:

Hey Just one question when you made the pin of shoes and uploaded it then how did you put the amazon link? I praise your hard work and I learn a lot from you. Thank you.

mark vitcov says:

You inspire me so much….thank you

Rob Gravelle says:

Hello, I saw that you made $4 in a week. How many hours of work did this require? I’m so glad that you don’t use greatly exaggerated numbers like some marketers do in their videos, but this seems very low ROI to me. I am already making over $100/hour at my day job, so making a few dollars more a week does not seem very enticing.

Christy B says:

Hello, can you please add me to your group board.

Rob Link says:

Also how can i get invited to boards and how do i find you on pinterest? im under Urban Health Trendz

kyle taylor says:

so theoretically I post a 1000 of these pins and get $4 or 71 clicks per 1 of these my payout would be $4,000?

Its LuMa says:

Hi there thanks you for this video, great info. I’m now following you on Pinterest and would be really grateful if you could do the same in return. I would love to be added to your groups too. Thank you p.s.
I see you have joined Amazon Influencers. Me too and very excited about it..

Win VBK says:

็Hi, Erika, every of your single youtube videos are awesome and the best of Pinterest. I am very new in Pinterest. You help me a lot to learn about it. Please kindly invite me into some Group Board related to fashion and accessories. Here is my Pinterest url: Thank you in advanced. Keep doing the best of Pinterest!

Discover Yourself says:

Hey, thanks so much for your video! 🙂 Does it matter if I sign up for or Or does it have to be where you live anyways?

Kay Miley says:

How do I find group boards on Pinterest to join?

The DIY Center says:

Erika you are awesome. Never got so useful info ever on pinterest. Can you add me to one of your group boards. My url is

Lenore Berry-Zaragosa says:

Hi I like your videos. I just signed up for the shopstyle affiliate program. It’s asking me for a website. Should I create a Pinterest board and Use It as my website? I also have a blog. Should I add that instead?

Tanya Harrrington says:

it’s a pain ,I tryed different way ,nothing happens, they want Web design, or another thing. I’m Stuk

Rob Link says:

Hi thank you so much value you give, i have a quick question now when i pick a topic then i click on people to follow there is no follow red button so i cant follow a bunch of people like 200 every couple hours? ok thanks again

Tanya Harrrington says:

thank you for your reply I will appreciate if you can help me to link affiliate to pinterest l have tried for 3 weeks and I can’t do it
regards Tanya

Eldina Joseph says:

Amazing video! I love the ideas. I’m just getting started and I would like you to invite me to some boards pls and thanx.

Sam G Mcnamee says:

if you do not make a sell shopstyle will term your acct

Maria Bowie says:

Hello. Thank you for your quick response. My url is I look forward to viewing more of your videos and staying in the loop with you as you share your journey and encourage others along the way. Is your @fashionghetto on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest?

Quincy Edah says:

i need an invite into pinterest groups

Wilhelmus Puguh Waskito says:

Hi, I like your video still need to learn more about this. Really inspired. Dont just spend the time to watch but also get money out of time we’ve spent. Thanks.

Cyn burst says:

Hey Life Styling Space, I am watching more videos! You have great info in your videos, keep up the good work!! Now when you copy things from amazon and make the long pictures how do you get your affiliate link in the long pictures? Not sure how you would get paid for that, can you tell me how to do it? Thanks!!

jesse ngere says:

Hi i love your videos can you send me invites on some of your group boards i haven’t gotten much invite yet my pinterest

Tanya Harrrington says:

Hi Erica thank you very much ,it’s asking me for a website , I don’t know what to put in that box ,and I’m stuck again

رامى جمال says:

for fast earning money com at this link fast

Daquanna Smith says:

Lost me… Where exactly do you place your affliate link after using the image changing website

Marquette says:

My name on Pinterest is : Price Publishing

Hair Luxe says:

So much value

Nicolas T says:

Thank you for the video. It is very helpful!
I have just followed you on Pinterest.
Could you please invite me to your group board?

MangosCloset says:

Great vid! Do you ever use the bounties with Amazon? I’m interested in the group board invites. Thanks.

Online Affiliate Success says:

am kinda confused while starting on shopstyle, can you make one tutorial how to make affiliate account and the rest of the setup so I can promote products from shopstyle to my pinterest account.


Im pretty sure you said it but how do you pin a amazon image or affiliate item?

Maria Bowie says:

I am learning more about Pinterest everyday and I must say that your information has been the best and most realistic that I have come across. I would appreciate your sending me some invites to some group boards. I am an artist/jewelry designer/blogger. But I am open to more categories than those. Thank you in advance. Blessings to you.

Frotown 1 says:

Hi Erika! Thank you for posting this. I’ve been working hard on my Pinterest account but I only have one follower. Would you please help me out

Queen Evie says:

Really like your video. I am new to pinterest would you invite me to your boards.

Meghan Wilder says:

I need help, starting out is hard and a bit confusing..

Sam G Mcnamee says:

shopstlyle ows me 2,000 dollars they close my acct. for no reason

Joji Hosokawa says:

Hi, can I sign up for shop style affiliate program without a website?  Because they are asking for one.

Brad Strait says:

Lunapic is an online photo editor and you can remove backgrounds. It’s all free. Easiest one online, I use it a lot.

Sarah Jack says:

Hi Erika, Check out my Pinterest : I followed what you said step by step and see within about a week how much progress I had.

Daquanna Smith says:

ok thank you but my pinterest page looks nothing like that. I don’t see  anaylytics, ads or the stuff in the right top either?

Jennifer Gaska says:

Can you pin affiliatelinks from amazon??

Cruzer1128 says:

Hi I just followed you on Pinterest and subscribed to your YouTube channel. I’m new to this and your videos are so helpful. Can you add me and send group invites to womens fashion, shoes, jewelry?

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