How to NOT be a Starving Artist

Tired of being broke? Do you think money is evil? Do you think money will “taint” your artwork? Do you believe the thing you’re passionate about can be a business? Do you value your work and/or services? Watch this video and see if you need to reassess your thoughts about you, your work, and money 🙂

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This has been weighing on my mind for the longest time and a personal challenge I’ve had to confront. As a creative, artist or even entrepreneur, there comes a point where it’s like, how do I get to the next level? How can I turn the thing I love and enjoy the most into something I can do full-time so I don’t have to work this ‘job’ anymore? It’s all very subjective and different people have different priorities. Some people are comfortable giving their art away for free, which is awesome, or creating art simply as a hobby, but this video is directed to those who want to take their craft to the next level. This is for the “starving artist” who doesn’t want to starve anymore and wants to and is finally ready to get paid. The main message I’m driving home is change your perception of yourself, your talents, and money, into one that is positive. Believe in your abilities and believe that you deserve abundance.

When I’m not here on YouTube I’m freelancing as a photographer and voice actor. I’m so blessed that as of late I’ve been able to do that full-time. But that’s only very recent. For more insight check out my blog at:

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CeCeNaturally says:

Awesome tips!

Diana Rodriguez says:

SOOO incredible! !! I love her

Kyra Guillou says:

Amazing seeing the change that happened in your life watching this in 2017!!

Janellydear says:

you’re preaching to me Maya! Lol 

Miss Natureba says:

Amen, sister! Thank you ♥︎ Love you and your vids!

Suzanne says:

Haha start throwing it up lol love it

Questwings in Space says:

shameless shameless, shameless!!! tsk.tsk. tsk. I LOVE IT! you always make me smile and laugh and now you have got me really thinking about shamelessness in my art. i think this will make all the difference. thanks for the inspiration sis. keep rockin. 🙂

Deviant Expressions says:

You are awesome, I can not agree with you more. I just started a channel out of fun and to keep in touch with family and friends. Maybe even share some ideas and random things. But what has kept me from doing more is the lack of belief that I can do it. I am not looking to make it a huge channel, but I am trying to like you say on another of your videos, try something new and out of the comfort zone. This is very good, and I love your channel, you are very helpful, confident, and motivated. I loved you draw my life, it’s motivating. Your entire channel is. I wish good things for you girl 🙂 keep on doing you boo!

Cedes Kravitz says:

Needed this!!!

Dover Habits says:

thx maya. i gonna drop a lotta my work I’ve been too shameful to put out. time to be more…SHAMELESS

inkkroom says:

money is tool..are you using it? or is money using you.

Salkis Re says:

Great video sis! its good to be paid for your talents..

Doris Dolittle says:

because of you i started my channel and changed my attitude but now no one likes me

Lily Sunray says:


The Conrad says:

I really found this testimony inspiring as an artist myself studying art as a major in college I was always told that I would never find a career in art and that I wouldn’t be able to find a away to earn a living. You have helped learn to believe in my self and not go with what the society thinks I should do

WildRiceJones says:

I can’t sleep at night after watching your “how to be shameless” videos. You motivate me so much that I can’t sleep, I toss and turn and lay there until I just have to get up and edit my children’s book, revise my cafe business plans, and make all my blogs beautiful! You are inspirational and I love you girl (in a non romantic total fan of your awesome way).

Jade Morash says:

<3 <3 <3 just yes. You are an inspirational genius and I love these kinds of "in your face" videos you've created! You've encouraged me in so many ways, one of those being starting my own channel here on Youtube to share my short films! 

Miss Kimari says:

thank youuuuu for saying this!

Terra Roselle says:

This was so inspiring! Thank you so much for uploading! 😀

Sabrina ArtLife says:

Right On!

Alexeji Stream says:

Thanks a lot!!
I’m fighting for my artistic freedom from this years beginning like a madman. Working and learning every day, only sleeping for a couple of hours, doing things I would have never done before and getting a feeling for eCommerce and stuff. Took only a break for three weeks. My back hurts, I’m exhausted and sometimes I’ve got headaches… BUT some things are really changing lately. I am changing. Bit by bit. My artwork is something different as before. It feels like I’m getting stronger and weaker at the same time. Good feelings arise when I’ve reached a new personal level, but I only need to check some other artists artwork and I’m back in hell of artsy madness. In those moments I hate the day for only having just 24 hours.
Videos with this topic are rarely as positiv and refreshing as yours. You gave me the energy boost I needed right now!
Please keep on doing what you are doing! 😉

Styled by Mercy says:

Thanks for the video! I’m constantly trying to do this, and it’s great to get a pep talk just when I need one! I’m gonna be SHAMELESS! =)

ye77a says:

thank you!

Elisa Benaggoune says:


Jolene8 says:

Its 2015… and this is still real!… Do it!

Malkiah says:

Your videos have always been high quality! Nice topic

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