How To Really Make Money In Affiliate Marketing With No Experience

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OK… this is how to make money in affiliate marketing without experience, without a website and without a product. What you DO need is insider secrets, training and the exact setups that have been proven to make money.

This is not just a course that shows you the insider setups… but this is a REAL – DONE FOR YOU set of campaigns you can use as your own.

Plus there is traffic training and list building training. All the components that the big affiliates use to make money online in affiliate marketing.

I hope this can put you on the path to your success.
Maximum respect and all the best of life.


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AT_ Trades says:

Dude to show his paypal cash, logs in his girlfriends paypal account…go figure

fidel catsro says:

wow he predicted me saying ‘bullshit’!!!!! (7.24)

NoBoDY says:

I hate when they call this shit: SOFTWARE! what software is this? this is only a paid membership to make other people to be in this membershp and when you put other people in this membership then you earn money. so sad! that is kind of mlm. there is no product and not any training at all. Tell me kinghuman am i right or not?

rdwolf11b says:

I bought into one of Kings suggestions, and bought one of Ben’s products. It was hosted on JV ZOO, and followed him on his Facebook page. Come to find out, good ole Dave, here, won $1500 from Ben to advertise his product (and was the top salesman good job King), okay, we are a capitalist society, I woulda done the same. No digs on King either.
However, I could not use the product, make money, or even sign into the training. I had tons of issues just signing in to the training was the major challenge.
Horrible, as far as a staff goes, non-existent. I emailed multiple times, (I was excited to use the course acc train). If there was a number I woulda called, nope!
I got in once; trained for a good thirty minutes, went to the bathroom, came back, was locked out. I could never get back in, still can’t get in. no-one to help me either. I even sent Ben a message through Facebook, nothing, no emails returned, no money returned for a bad product, or service, etc.
All I’m saying, I personally had a bad experience with this dudes stuff.
The cost was low, yes, but it was still my money, hard earned nonetheless.
Like I said, no issue with KH, if you do buy, and have no problems, let me know, PLEASE, because the training was okay.
Basically, I’m pissed cause I couldn’t get the help I wanted for my money.
Okay, I’m done bitching.

Daniel Spier says:

KH I have a my own unique way of making money. I need ur input. Side note: I’ve made a lot from daily stock flips from u about 30k at 17 in 2 years. Anyway back to the point. I go on car selling sites and look for cars that range from $0-$1k and then I call junkyards and see how much they would scrap it for. Obviously I look for clean title cars. But I’ve been able to make 10k cash in 3 weeks so far. Lmk if u want more info. Cause the profits range from 20%-100% I kid u not. On average I make 60%-80%. Message me for more info KH. All the best.

air port says:

Must give credit when it’s due. After leaving the comment below, sent an email to the vendor found on jvzoo asking for a refund. The refund was processed overnight with seperate receipts from the vendor and from PayPal. Literally no questions asked…
This is a waste of money. It is just one upsell after another. Even inside the supposedly training module, all you see is upsells with no obvious information except what you might get if you paid another $97. No clear way to ask for a refund either.

Lauren Hazel Eyes says:

Has someone Purchased this? is it only $11 to purchase the entire program.

Health Nut says:

KingHuman great stuff! Been watching you forever! If you were going to start an affiliate marketing business tomorrow, what would be the first three things you would do?

Demetrius Jackson says:

Ben is good friends with my friend Tyrone on facebook..hes good at trading stocks also..

Official Arieane says:

King Human is the man! I wish you nothing but continued success. Thank you for everything you do!

ken locke says:

Thanks for the latest video, Kinghuman. I have tried to use the link as well as typing in the address, but nothing. Sez page does not exist. Help ?

Rashid Reviews says:

I’m surprised by some of the negative comments here. I’ve purchased this product and it really is a copy and paste system. All you’ll have to do send traffic to the link of your bonus page. And all the training is very easy to understand.

Alexey Shvedunov says:

Hi King Human! Please Help
The website won’t accept my payment : (
I can’t find Ben’s contact information on the page to ask though …

Gerald says:

I bought it right before I left for work yesterday, so I’m just now about to try it out now.

tinz bape says:

11 Methods Of affiliate marketing for beginners Domination
Have You Heard? affiliate marketing for beginners Is Your Best Bet To Grow

Chris Pelaez says:

I just joined up..after all the up-sells and software available (totally optional) ect it came to just over $100….no risk no reward, besides there’s a 45 day money back guarantee.

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