How to Sell Your Art Online

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How to Sell Your Art Online,
A simple checklist for artists to learn how to market their art online and make money selling their art online. This system works!
How to easily sell your art online,
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In the Right Space says:

Really like your no nonsense approach. There’s so many art grads like me here in the UK that can benefit from your vids. Keep it up mate.

the BATCLAM says:

Thank you so much for taking the time to make this, it had some great tips!

Magdalena Kl says:

I really needed to see that video! Thanks a lot !!!

Tom Bens says:

Some self-advertisment:
I’m also open for critique!

Myong - Chan says:

Please check my page on Patreon 🙂
I got some artworks there and I did it.
You gonna get something as your reward if you be my patron

Amina Jama says:

Thank you for your good teach.

Ella Schneider says:

This is brilliant, thank you.

jim morrison says:


KuukuuSings says:

@kuukuu_designs on instagram here, sorry if this comment is a taad late but if you’re trying to start with all this, how could you set up the shop to be automated? literally that’s what i’m looking to do here so that i can be as hands off with the printing/shipping process. i’ll be looking at your download soon!

Dakota Ballenger says:

I love art and I am very talented in drawing 3D cars and cities. I have drawn almost every major city in the USA and I want to sell it but is there any websites already existing for people that wana sell their art?

Darren Jewell says:

I found a great website in the UK that sells artwork for UK based artists they don’t charge to have artwork on there and you can upload as much of your artwork as you want. You only pay them a fee when the artwork is sold.

datsyhoehoe says:


Emma Donaghy Art says:

Thank you for making this video 🙂 I have been doing a lot of research as to how I can make money as an artist. Your advice was very helpful! 😀

jim morrison says:


Steve Atkinson says:

I was an illustrator for over 25 years and have been a full time fine artist since 2008. I have found that, for me, social media and an online presence is more about having your collectors get to know you and like you (I don’t do youtube videos yet). But there is nothing that replaces the face to face contacts you are going to make at your gallery receptions and going to the art shows you are in. These days, you have to have both. There is nothing that solidifies a collector like treating them like they are special, because they surely are.

Chris Jenkins says:

Awesome video! Thanks!

Brash Brackenfield says:

I love this guy! Freedom through art Yeah Baby! You are sooooo making sense to me!

david martinez says:

do you rep artists? Thank you.

AJ Barker says:

Thanks so much! Some really useful stuff in there 🙂

Alex Rezende says:

Thanks guy I’ll try it!!

Ryan Jubb says:

Great Video. I sell my art using Facebook at the moment, but am looking at expanding. Would you advise using your own website over having an eBay store?

Reverend George says:

Great advice, thanks for that. I keep going through the cycle of having a day job and selling some art, give up day job as I have sold so much art, start painting a lot more, start drinking a bit, start drinking a lot more, start painting less, don’t sell so much art, get a day job, repeat. Obviously the drinking does not help, but if you live alone and work alone in your home studio there is no one but you to monitor your bad habits. If you do live on your own, regardless of what you do, and you work from home with not much reason for contact with the outside world because of your work, the isolation needs to be well managed. You need isolation to be able to do your work, but too much of it can be harmful. This is not as easily solved as it ought to be. Just going out for a five minute walk first thing in the day to guard against isolation can get you distracted and then you don’t do any artistic work that day. Leaving it late can mean that going to the pub is the only way that you will ever see another person, so you need to find your best spot at some point between these two times. I have spent six days inside and not talking to a single other human being before, it’s not a good thing to do. I did do some decent work though, so who knows what is best?

Tonderai Arts says:

thanks great video. I have tumblr which i could use more. Do recommend getting antoher blog? Or just focus on the tumblr?

Amy McCune says:

Just started an Etsy page, click ‘admire’ and help a gal out ! thanks 🙂

JaguaR Prince says:

You live off of your work alone?

Harsh Shukla says:

Actually I took a printout of my art on a photo paper but ever after a month passed it looses it’s Colors .

if you could suggest me some good quality paper u know for taking print out of my art…..

jim morrison says:


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