How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India – A Beginner’s Guide

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This video shows you How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India.

Have you ever thought that you could make money by referring products from an e-commerce site ?

Yes or maybe Not!

It is possible through – ‘Affiliate Marketing’.

Affiliate Marketing is simply: A method of earning a commission by promoting other people’s product.

This is How it works:-

1. You choose a type of product that you want to promote.
2. Register for the affiliate program.
3. Get an affiliate link (which is a special link that tracks all the purchases made by the people using your link).
4. Promote this link.
5. Earn a commission when people buy from it.

There a dozen of affiliate programs available on the internet. But the most popular ones in India is from Amazon and Flipkart.

The best part about Amazon is that:

You earn a commission even when someone makes a purchase on not only the product you’re promoting but on any one or more product that the person buys from amazon within 24 hours, after clicking your link.

This means that you’ll get a commission on not only the product that you’re promoting but on all the products sold in amazon.

This is because when a person clicks on your affiliate link, a special ‘cookie’ gets stored in the browser for 24 hours and all the purchases made by him in that time limit, is credited to you!

But, How to promote this link ?

You can do it, in a number of ways. But the best and the most reliable way is by creating your own website. Let’s start

Step 1: Choose the type of product you want to promote

First visit this page on amazon and select a category.

Choose a category in which you’re most interested in.

This is very important because what you choose here, will be the topic of your website in the next step.

Choosing a topic helps you to write similar kind of articles for your audience easily. This is also called as ‘choosing your niche’.

Once you’ve selected your topic/category, you can go to the next step.

STEP 2: Creating a Website

We’ve done another video which will help you to launch your website in 5-10 mins.

Watch that tutorial here:

STEP 3: Sign-up for the Affiliate Program

Now, once you’ve created your own website, you can sign-up for the affiliate program.

You can choose an affiliate program based on the highest commissions paid by them for your topic (the category you’ve chosen).


Select the item you’re going to promote

After you become an affiliate, the next step is to select the item you’re going to promote.

If you already know the type of product you’re going to promote, then go ahead by searching the product name in the ‘search box’.

If you don’t have an idea about the product you’re going to promote, then you can

Follow these simple steps:

1. First go to amazon India bestsellers page.
2. Select your category from the left side.
3. You’ll see the best selling products on this page. Now, choose the one that has a rating above 4 stars.
4. Also, take a look at the features and read the user reviews to get an idea about the product.

If you like it, go to the next step,”Writing an article about the product.”

Write content about the product

Now you can start writing an article based on the product you’ve chosen.

Let me show you a type of article you can write:-

1. Go to the WordPress site, you’ve created.
2. Click New & Post
3. Now write an article about the product you’ve chosen (You can also learn the different types of content you can write, by clicking here).
4. Make sure that you’ve read all the product features and user reviews to list down the pros & cons of the product.
5. Add an image.

Now comes the important part :- Adding your Affiliate Link

1. First find a ‘Buy button’ from Google images.
2. Then add it in your article.
3. Now go to the product page in amazon and click ‘link to this page’ which appears in the top grey bar.
4. Right click in the ‘live preview’ option and copy the link address (This is your affiliate link).
5. Go to the article and click the ‘Buy button’ & then click ‘Edit’.
6. Select link to custom URL and paste your affiliate link.
7. Also, check open link in a new tab.
8. Click Update and click Publish to post the article.

Now go to the article and click the buy button. Clicking it, will take you to the amazon product page.

This means your affiliate link is working.

Now when a person makes a purchase by clicking this buy button, you’ll get a commission.

This is how you can promote products, using your affiliate link.

Quick Tip:- Make sure you write article which provides some kind of benefit to your readers. This will attract more visitors to your site.


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