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ASMR Gratitude says:

I always have to turn the fridge off too!

Magda Marcella says:

Love your videos. Thanks! 🙂

My frugal life says:

I am a stay at home mom. I have 3 kids, over 50 chickens, a huge garden, and I also clean and cook and do most of the yard work, so my husband can have more time available for his job. I do youtube, and my channel is mostly about saving money. I can only spare 3-5 hrs a week on that, because I am just always busy. Now we got puppies, so more work. I love these videos, and I listen to them while doing my chores. Thank you for the great info.

Artheria Ameduri says:

Great thought for today. Thanks for tips.

Nancy Diaz says:

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Zlatan Max says:

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Time to Invest !!! says:

Thanks brother, you have really wake me up man , it is so much I can do now.I love you chanel man keep it up…

out the box says:

how can you get started

shotelle beckles says:

please help im a single mother needing a little bit of guidance in starting up a small biz.

Full Counsel Ministries ~ Saschvina says:

You should read Matthew 12:34-37 in regards to your potty mouth, sir. Repent and Turn to Jesus my friend. Is not too late yet.

Kia Pruitt says:

Whaaaat???? Nobody’s gonna “save my janky ass”???? Damn! Guess I’d better get off my a** and start my business huh? Lol. Great video. Thank you!

GottaLuvshawnda Vlog says:

Great video

Cruella De Hill says:

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Dee T Jay says:

Excellent info, thanks!

Richard Clarkson says:

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John Turner says:

When all is said and done, the content should be abundant.

Ms. Maya T says:

I want someone to save my janky ass! 🙁 I just want to stay home and shop on amazon!

Financial Freedom says:

Nice Video Hustlers Kung Fu!
This website will teach you everything you need to know about making a living online! If you are a beginner and want to become serious about earning money this is where you need to go to learn all you need to know about making money effeciently! Stop working for others and work for yourself!

Zoe Mackenzie says:

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Phillip Boyd says:

I’ve been listening to Glendon for over 4 years. I finally got back to the states and started on my business. Within 3 hrs I already thought of one of his old videos to help on my first sell!! Thanks for the videos!! I genuinely appreciate it!!!

Rocky Chandra says:

Looking for a system that really helps you make money online trading the financial markets? Do a quick Google search for “Super Simple Bot”

janice hendricks says:

great info. Lovin it

William J. Williams says:

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Jordan Lesa says:

what do you think about this system, can you tell me if its good?

Time to Invest !!! says:

Hi , man I am looking to take some classes in social media and seminar in Melbourne  . Or a book that can teach the basics can you please point me to the right direction???I would much appreciated man ….

Capri Ellis-Love says:

I love everything your saying about starting a business or local hustle. My sister and I tryed starting our business in 2014 and it was doing okay but just because I thought it could have done better I stopped. Now that I am a at home mother, God gave me back my vision and my drive to start the business again and this time I am moving slower to progress faster and getting all the feed back I can. I will continue to watch your videos thank you again

Madeleine Forsyth says:

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Wilson Mancho says:

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Andre Cymone says:

How do we get to mastermind with you ? I have some skills , but the market is saturated with what I do .

Home Money says:

another money making service..please visite my channel

Joseph Shields says:

“Power does not give itself up”….5:01

inkkroom says:

my mouth is watering, my brain is on fire and my heart is on the run…thank you brother. you the man for this one

Zoe Mackenzie says:

I have just learned within the past 7 days about this great plan referred to as, “mizi shocking plan” you have to google it, it shows you how to make money easily online. It definitely explains how you can have all the resources you’ll ever need to generate 168 usd per day money online..

Conservative Views by Christine says:

Your good, real good.

Morg Rich says:

Thank you I like your ideas I just need to get started

Mielle Kourouma says:

interested in doing some nail videos (I am a professional pedicurist). Can you suggest the types of cameras, lighting software that I could use (just starting out).

Richard MB says:

Lol ur absolutely right. The people who say they want to be millionaires or billionaires is fantasy stuff and total stupidity. as long as one has a business or small businesses that generate enough income to live on comfortably and be financially independent, that’s what I call success. You are different from all these “get rich quick” programmes and seminars that promise people to be millionaires overnight or get a refund which I think such programmes are pure scam. Thanks for the good work Glendon

jimmy kelley says:

whats up I was thinking of starting a self service laundry mat but don’t have the start up money do you have any good advice

gail jones says:

I loveee uuuu lololollll “who wants to make min wage …I WANTA MAKE MAXIUM WAGE llollll   thanks for your advice  you really make a lot of sense and has helped me with a few things that’s ben floating around in my head . Thank.

No Voice No Vote says:

Oh my gosh…laugh my guts out on this! He is soooo right, and so hilarious!!

RokaSoka says:

Hey Glendon, one of the few things that I feel that I may be really good at is history, do you think there is a way to make decent money online with something history related?

randeep kumar Sharma says:

good job sir

TenTonKoala says:

I feel like I have no skill sets to offer to people, and that’s kind of depressing. I play in a band as a drummer, and we just released our first music video, but I still feel like I’m not good enough to teach people music? If that’s what you could call it.
I’m stuck in a 9 – 5 job that I hate, and have no idea how to break out. HELP!

cMyCamell Roze says:

Thank u Glendon/HustlerKhan!!   I’ve been wanting to learn the art of a true hustler, FOREVER.Knowledge is worthless, in this economy unless you can analyze, strategize and then execute it into a model, that will duplicate itself.

Patrice Davis says:


Robert Edwards says:

yo this dude is a beast, been watchin you for a year. havent directly used a specific strategy or bought your book but i have gained a shit ton of knowledge regarding marketing, understanding the business world today, networking, basically all the shit im learning in university and now im gonna try and use it to pursue my own motivations. still listen to your utube kause u spit knowledge. beast em up thx big dog

Tiffanny Glenn says:

Best Vid i’ve watched in a while

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