JVZoo Affiliate Marketing Tutorial, Make Money On JVZoo

Learn JVZoo Affiliate Marketing in this free tutorial. I will show you how to make money on JVZoo, without a website, in 2018 and 2019. 👉 Subscribe: http://www.caffeinatedblogger.com/subscribe

You can do JVZoo affiliate marketing without a website, or with a website, the choice is yours.

In this video, I am showing how to promote JVZoo products as an affiliate. JVZoo is an amazing platform that can make a lot of money for people who know how to use it correctly.

This tutorial is a step by step training that will allow you to promote JVZoo products even if you’re brand new and don’t have any following online.

I am showing three different ways to make money with JVZoo:

– Getting traffic to JVZoo offers without a website, using Medium.com
– Getting traffic to your reviews from Google
– Finally, promoting JVZoo products as an affiliate by getting YouTube traffic to your reviews

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Here is a brief outline of what you will learn in the video:

In total, I’ve made over $145k USD on JVZoo as an affiliate (proof in the video).

A big portion of it came from the exact techniques I’m sharing – namely launch jacking and reviews.

First, you will need to find great JVZoo products to promote as an affiliate. In the video, I am showing how to pick best-performing offers, how to get your affiliate link, and how to get review access.

Next, I show the power of publishing short affiliate reviews. It’s free, requires no investment whatsoever, and no paid traffic. That’s the power of JVZoo affiliate marketing if you do it right.

You have an option of publishing your written review on your blog (if you have a website) or on Medium (if you want to be an affiliate without a website).

And if you’re more of a video person, then you can easily make money with JVZoo by uploading your reviews to YouTube.

Thank you so much for watching, take care, see you in the next video!

👉 Get my free traffic course: http://caffeinatedblogger.com/pinterest/

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hamza yunusa says:

Nice video, but i still don’t understand ….how can someone give a review on a particular product when he/she haven’t used or tested the product…..
and how i do i know the reviews to write when i haven’t even used it?

Financial Freedom [F.F] says:

Jvzoo is very affiliate friendly Network a newbie can start from their

Prahallad Sahu says:

Sir I have Created a jvzoo account but when i Click on find products section it redirect to my dashboard. I have not linked my PayPal account there so i want to know what is the problem.. please Help By the way LOVE FROM INDIA

Ramesh Raju says:

Thank you dude.

amad sumbhania says:

I m new how it take to earn from jvzoo to me as a beginner ?

Naresh Kumar says:

Great job explain beautifully because i have wasted lot of money on advertisement but all waist specially for a person who is starting out. thanks

Doris Calloway says:

thank u so much i have been looking for a video that just ex planes marking and jvzoo site im new with the whole marking thing so anything that can help me make money please please help me thank u for the video and your time

joyce kwao says:

How and where do I get digital products to give out as my bonus package?

Varun Kwatra says:

I created one review for groovekart a week before it launched. but nothing happened. any suggestions?

Max Centanni says:

Hello Greg, another great video, thanks for all the gold value you post everyday. You look very genuine person and are one of the few people I trust here on youtube and believe anything you suggest. That’s why I want to ask you if you could make a video about how to setup a CPA/AFFILIATE MARKETING case study from A to Z with real exanples and results (4-5 days) or if you can suggest me a video or course where they show that. Thank you very much in advance

Gaming Portal says:

Hi Greg. Thanks a lot for your informative and helpful videos. I have subbed to you and watching your videos makes it seem earning online so possible! Anyways I am implementing this method and wanted to ask you something. Today is the 5th of February and I a product which I applied and was approved as an affiliate will release on the 9th of February. Now do I publish the review of the product before the product gets launched(meaning I publish the review on medium.com today, tomorrow or any date before the 9th) or the same day as the product gets launched? Thank you and looking forward to your answer 🙂

Orion says:

Thanks Greg for this great and short tutorial – very focused and to the point.
Now I have a clearer path to $ucce$$ 🙂

Vincent Chan says:

How to get the vendor to approve your request faster? I tried to request for a few vendors but already a week I still have not receive any approval from them. Any advice? Thanks

Iam Sash says:

Thank you! I’m just starting out doing affiliate marketing and found this helpful

kulio ku says:

Can you explain to us more on how to ensure the product is valid, can make money, valid vendor who pays out before we promote it?

thomas choplin says:

I really enjoy your vids, very helpful. I do have just one complaint though. As a complete noob, there is one false statement you make. That there is no upfront costs. The medium platform has a membership fee, so you will need to pay to become a member of that before you can post a blog. Unless I completely missed something and there is a way to get it free, then I’m all for that lol. anyways, other than that, love the content and keep it up.

Appk pro says:

I watched many videos about jvzoo but this is the first time someone explain with such a smooth way even i am newbie thank you so much
I have 1 issue about bonus i cabt undrstand it can someone explain please
Sorry for mistakes

myimtips says:

Very good video about reviewing products and launch jacking. Medium was something i forgot totally so it was a good reminder, Thanks for sharing!

bbc says:

Is it allowed to give as a bonus other’s books?

Read And Grow says:

Very good video I have watch it until the end, I really really love number 3 because what we are trying to do is basically make a small but very good summary of a book and if the people who are watching our videos also can buy the book from our links. We are putting a lot of hard work on this scripts and we have some of the best summaries. But the video is so good I learned a lot from it thanks.

Mahmoud says:

Awesome, thanks man!!!

Zim Flame says:

How do I make a review on a product I haven’t used or bought

SN Trap says:

Thanks for your video, I am working in peerfly but I don’t get much sells, please suggest me

Let's Talk About It! says:

Great as usual, Greg. Thanks so much and continued success. Michelle

uttamk Das says:

Hi Greg, thanks for your nice videos. You are the people who make changes and love to do it.

online guider says:

can you please give me your watsapp number or mail id

C.O Kings says:

Really a great video. You are one of the best person who like to share knowledge that’s why i really like your channel. Thumbs Up Bro keep up the good work 🙂

Joshua R. says:

Hey Mr. Greg, I just emailed you through the Contact Us form on your site so respond back whenever you have the time.


Dave Tete says:

Nice one thanks a lot

Perfact Medical says:

You are amazing and great video

Lifestyle Design With Affiliate Marketing says:

Great video not a single step left out. This is exactly how I got started online and it still makes money 10 years later. Bonuses do help but I have done so many without and still made money. One thing I would add is that if you can email the product creator and get a review it will work better because you can show behind scenes. If you like the product forward traffic to the affiliate link, if not forward to another product or a landing page and start building your own list 😀 Hope this helps

Jon H says:

So basically you write a review about a product you have not used and know nothing about. Seems legit. That’s why I don’t buy through reviews sites

SimoPlays says:

Hi greg, Thank you for your amazing videos, I subscribed and liked your video! very insightful information about affilate work. I have a little question: what’s the name of the app/extension that you are using that shows you the current position of your website for the query you entered in google search? Thank you Mr greg.

Bauss says:

so.. launch hacking..

Ariel Harris says:

Thank you for doing this, it is so thorough and helpful. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

Loretta Jones says:

Thank you for taking us by the hand and showing us how to get started on JV zoo with out spending lots of money on expensive advertisements. Which most people dont have when there just getting started. Lorey J.

Al ø në •_• says:

Why you don’t have 1M subs :(?

kulio ku says:

do you get rejected often by advertisers, as a newbie?

Shantanu Varun says:

Your video are the best

Excali BirB says:

eyy 20m 18s

EdgeofDavid says:

Nice sales page. Really well designed.

Luke R says:

Be careful, people sometimes release the same products but different editions on muncheye, it caught me out the first time I started, great video again Greg!

Erez Davidov says:

newbie here: where should I start. JVzoo or lick bank? thanks

77videoman says:

which is the best method to get payments from jvzoo , i mean the affiliate commissions. shoul di use paypal, stripe or other . as far as fees are concerned. also when there are customer refunds , paypal might be charging their fees. so do i get charged that at the end of day if any customer wants refund. thanks

Brandon Santangelo says:


I’m a bit late to commenting on this but I had a question. Is there a benefit to posting the review on your website and using Medium to import it? Or is it more beneficial to simply write it on Medium and skip your blog?

lovely people says:

Great video dude.dude i am from india if i put review earlier in my site is that will be visible in other countries or only in india.for example does my review visible in other countries

ekah india says:

Greg! Great training video. this is very helpful to all. Can you provide more videos about JVzoo later?

Muscle Car Appraisal says:

Interesting! I will try at least 3 of your tips..Thank you!

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