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RX PLUG says:

when are you making a routine vid

virgoflower says:

Funny how you forgot to mention that 100 RP’s equals 1 cent…
Not worth the time and definitely not possible to make 1 dollar a day!!

Amelia Morales says:

In the beginning I got my concerns, but once I began using this new and distinct program, I’ve been creating over $122 each day. Trust me, I’ve tried out other sites that assured survey jobs and assured lots of money, but I got small achievements. This website is much better by a vast margin! Just go to the search engine and type “sutu good plan” on Google and you will understand important aspects of this program. I wish you like it.

jesse ray says:

Is it one dollar a day per device or u can not earn any more

Ronald Pregano says:

Make a vid on btw, you can pop the adscend videos out as a separate window and it allows you to tab between different sites while keeping the videos running.

TheTechSlugs says:

RewardsPlaza is pretty good for making money!
I wish we could earn more with this, but I can’t complain when it is incredibly consistent.

NikoInc says:

Will this work on an HP Stream?

jose msander says:

Great video man! Very informative. Keep it up. I have also found a free way to make $300 daily from Online Search “Sizu Make Money System info” on Google.

Travis Gulley says:

The way I make money online now is through the use of fliiby I don’t use rewards plaza

Jim Farnsworth says:

Where is it? It’s not in Google Play

NikoInc says:

love the bitcoin option!

Binary Reviews says:

If you want to quickly earn over 90 dollars/day online without doing any work at all then go here: HootCash. com

Unohana Yachiru says:

If you want to quickly earn over 90 dollars/day online without doing any work at all then go here: HootCash. com

Eric Abneri says:

Joe daily vids look at this hell yes

lad bac says:


Outer Cast says:

Another day another dollar

Frost Scope says:

What are the best passive video amazon giftcard sites/apps? That Quee thing with search won’t work without a verified paypal.

Nik Schutterop says:

Yess it works in The Netherlands

kyle627_ says:

please do a viseo on applike

Luukie dat ben ik! says:

I don’t have any video’s at the video’s tab…


1 dollar using 1 device or using multiple devices?

eduardo acosta says:

this page is.avaiable to my country venezuela?

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