Make $12 per hour listening to songs online
Listen to songs on Music XRay here and earn $12 per hour from home or $0.10 for every song that you listen to for just 30 seconds. You can also sign up for Slicethepie and earn money listening to songs and writing short reviews here For more ways to earn money at home, click here

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Brandyn Smith says:

Alicia how long have you been signed up at Music Xray?

Yasir Arafat says:

iv signed up for a long time almost 3-5 monts, but in these months i have just received only 4 songs to review…please show us a way to increase the incoming music.please please please…that would be a great help…thanx

Dominic Santos says:

When you create an account, do you log on as fan or industry pro?

Norma Hill says:

Thanks, Alicia…You’re the best and have the best work at home jobs on the internet….
N.HIll..Orlando, FL

YuRi daRbY says:

when I signed up, i was not asked to enter my paypal account.

Delora B. says:

Do they have Christian  music also? or do you know a site where you can listen to Christian music and get paid?

Olga S says:

songs will come your emal right?

Safrena23 says:

Thank you…I love music! This will be easy and fun!

James Doss says:

I signed up for this and it never gave me any music to review? Been a week

Workersonboard says:
Melanin Goddessy says:


Mardo Wavy says:

well I register 3 days ago and I still don’t have any math I live in Virginia what artist do you think I should put on my list.


You can make a dollar!. I mean you will become 1 dollar richer. Cool!

tomy crouz says:


gay bay says:

how long does it usally take for songs to come to listen to?

TheSpot says:

love ur videos

Crafto says:

Hi Alicia, waited days to see what will happen but nothing. I used your list of music as you mention. Thanks anyway.

Zachjd 64 says:

How old do you have to be

Ervin Jay Romano says:

how to find fan match ? thank you

Roushan Giri says:

hey it is showing that currently there are no songs to be listened though i m cicking on refresh

Alexander Acevedo says:

somebody earn somwthing with this???

Melanin Goddessy says:

Does this still exit?

What's a good display name? says:

is this through paypal

Sijuade Sotola says:

Does this work in other countries

zayn closer says:

thank you but I could not see ur step how to process plz help me up

KingdomOriginators says:

Thank you so much for this information. You are a blessing.

Ursula Asberry says:

Alicia, I just signed up, thanks for the tip

AnimalLover says:

Can anyone tell me if it worked or not?

Dellyte GazeRock says:

Hey please can you explain something, I get 0 songs to listen to you made this video based on songs being permanently available to listen to, what are your preferences ?

Williemae Greenwood says:

Hi Alicia I have been trying to sign in a as fan on Music XRay but with no success. Are they still accepting Paid Listens. I signed up put don’t have a dashboard and don’t receive music. Can you help me.

Aurelius Del Toro says:

what type of account do i create?

Gloria S says:

Thank you Alicia for all your help and patience

Jeany Shane says:

How to use that?

Sanjay Das says:

I never get any songs list in my fan match inbox. Always its say, “Currently, there are no more new songs for you to listen to. Please check back again some time in the near future.” Can you please help me out?

Jeffrey Reyes says:

I also try his other making online like for example the survey i haven’t received yet even a single survey so i were you report this

BDW Chop&Screw says:

sorry alicia but you will not make $12 and hour with music x-ray because they do not give out music for you to listen that much and yes i did follow your method on how to get more but still you won’t make 12 bucks an hour with music x-ray!!!.

YuRi daRbY says:

Hi Alicia, i’m from philippines, can I do that from here?

SKY-911☆CS:GO☆ says:

Thx lady!! BTW I love ya hair

Kris Zelisko says:

Didn’t get any songs for about 4 weeks now.. I did follow your instructions from other video but it didn’t help.. Any advice ??

Olga S says:

Hi, can I have your skype that you will show me step by step because something does not work here, thnk you. 


Thank you Alicia… is this site also works in other countries like india???

VaxTheDragon says:

Hi, could you do another review for Bubblews because they just updated their site A LOT and was wondering if they got their payment methods straighten out yet and everyone is getting paid now. 🙂

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