Follow these tips, and you’ll be making money left and right. SAVE DAT MONEY!
1. Use the products that you are selling
2. Sell to your friends at discounts
3. Begin to be known as the kid that sells stuff
4. Take Risks, you will buy stuff that does not work out
5. Residual income, sell stuff that get’s used up and they need more
6. Customer Satisfaction, provide great products at great prices and amazing customer service

Good luck!

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American Boi says:

You should be a professional marketer

owlcity fan says:

whats good item to sell if you are in office? like any ideas? how to make quick bucks apart from salary?

Justin says:

Man these are some great tips. I can see you being a great entrepreneur in the future.

Ahiratha Ramakrishnan says:

*_What a facilitating system. This four percent program is quite a treasure to be desired by any online marketer who wish to make it big >>> _**_**_ . This is what I’ve been looking for all these years. Thank God I came across this._*

Bounty Gaming says:

Hi man wondering if it’s worth hiring someone to sell with u to make more money or is it better selling your self

2DWN JONAH says:

good job bro thanks for the tips. it comes in handy cause im selling stuff

Ted Rush says:

What’s a good item to sell if your in highschool


Are you still trading stocks?

andy shampoo says:

woahhh you’re back to youtubing?

Ethan Myos says:

hey aaron. i’m in high school now but a lot of people in my city are stingy and they don’t want to buy many things besides phones and cars and expensive items. what items could i sell knowing this?

Tyler Long says: check this out if you want to make some money

Siraj Ahmed says:

Thanks bro

Walter Benavidez-Martinez says:

Thanks for tips Aaron! I’m trying to save up for an Xbox One at the moment, and what was the item that you sold most at school?

rybob7 says:

So what are you doing now in life, it’s been a while since a video?

JT Smith says:

Great Tips once again man!

Sam Caruso says:

Smart kid.

cx skateboarding says:

I made 500 bucks last year of selling gum for 1.50 for 2 packs

JoshReyes TV says:

Made $140 In one day selling weed as a senior in hs

Michael Morgan says:

how do you get the money shipped to you on ebay? is a paypal account needed?

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